Chapter 676 Returning To Donghai!

Everyone was astounded after hearing Commander Hong’s words.
The higher authorities found the nest of the Zhenli Clan?!

Zhenli Clan had committed all sorts of wicked crimes.
Everyone wanted to annihilate them, but they were extremely sly and secretive.
The clansmen were brainwashed, so they would commit suicide the instant they got caught.
It was hard to dig useful information out of their mouths.

Yet, the higher authorities had managed to find the base of the clan.
This was an amazing piece of news.

However, when they remembered that the three great commanders wanted Wang Teng to capture them, they felt their heads hurting.

Could he do it?

If he succeeded, it would be a huge glory.
If he failed, he would be condemned by everyone.
Honestly, passing this task to an inexperienced young man felt a little unreliable.

Also, they had their eyes on this contribution too.
Even at their position, they wanted to take their share of the loot.

At their stage, it was difficult for them to climb higher in rank.
They needed to make a huge contribution, and this extermination operation was the right opportunity.

Everyone stared at Wang Teng.
This time, they hoped that he would reject it voluntarily.
However, they saw Wang Teng touching his chin.
A look of interest look appeared on his face.

Crushing the Zhenli Clan? That sounded interesting!

There must be many formidable martial warriors in the Zhenli Clan, right?

If he killed all of them, he would get another round of attribute bubbles.
Also, in the past, the Zhenli Clan wanted to hurt his family and kill him.

He hadn’t forgotten that grudge.

There were signs of the Zhenli Clan during the sea beasts’ riot too.
He had reported this matter to the higher authorities.
They might have found some clues using this information, which helped them in their search for the Zhenli base.

After thinking for some time, Wang Teng decided.
“I’ll be the chief commander.”

The three great commanders heaved a sigh of relief.
They were afraid that this young man would continue being stubborn.

The other people frowned.
Would this great opportunity be given to him so easily?

“But…” Wang Teng opened his mouth again.

“But what?” Commander Hong frowned and asked.

“I’ll only be the chief commander for half a year.
I don’t want to be dragged down by materialistic things.
Raising my ability is the most important thing to me.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard his reply.

Wang Teng’s words struck a chord in them.
A higher position would give them better resources, but they would also need more time and energy to handle their responsibilities.

There weren’t many people who could remain true to their original intention of pursuing the martial arts path.

The officers in the room were stunned.

Dan Taixuan glanced at Wang Teng.
No wonder he possessed such ability at this age.

It didn’t come free and easy.
With his resolution, it was hard for him not to succeed.

Dan Taixuan’s gaze also turned firm.
She must shorten the distance between them.

The three great commanders looked at one another.
Finally, Commander Hong said, “It’s good that you think this way.
In that case, you will take the position for half a year.
After that, you can decide if you want to leave or stay.”

In the end, the position of chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop still landed in Wang Teng’s hands.
Hence, the youngest chief commander of Country Xia was born.

As Wang Teng walked out of the building, the people around him congratulated him with smiles on their faces.
They were extremely polite.

To them, Wang Teng was all set to earn more glory.
He was appointed the chief commander of Black Sparrow Troop, and there was a huge contribution waiting for him to accomplish.

How lucky could he get?

They would be lying if they said they weren’t envious.

But the matter was already set.
Since they couldn’t say much, they would rather make friends than foes.

Wang Teng didn’t spend much time interacting with them.
He nodded as a reply.
Then, he left with Dan Taixuan.

“The three great commanders have high hopes for him.
His future is bright,” someone said enviously.

“I heard that the Leader of Martial Arts thinks highly of him too.
He even met him personally.”

“It’s understandable.
He has such powerful ability at this young age.
They will definitely put more resources on him.”

“Chief Commander Wang will be the pillar of Country Xia in the future.”

The officers lamented as they left.

The news that Wang Teng was appointed as the new chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop spread.
It wasn’t a secret.
Anyone who spent some effort could get this news.

What happened in Mount Saint spread too.

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Wang Teng was a formidable martial warrior powerful enough to protect his country.

The different factions started to follow Wang Teng closely.
Their assessment of his potential rose by ten times.

As for the party responsible, he was preparing to go back to Donghai with Dan Taixuan and head to Black Sparrow City to take over the Black Sparrow Troop.

They came to the hangar where the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft was parked and boarded the battlecraft.

After the cabin door closed, the lights in the battlecraft lit up.

Dan Taixuan glanced around in envy.
“How long has it been and you’re already receiving this treatment? I’ve been working for so many years, but I still don’t have the right to own a Queen Phoenix Battlecraft.
Comparisons are infuriating!”

“Well, I’m a genius after all.” Wang Teng smiled shamelessly.
He opened the fridge at the side and took out a bottle of red wine, throwing it towards Dan Taixuan.
“Drink?” “Let’s have some.” Dan Taixuan sat down comfortably on a sofa and took the wine glasses.
She poured two cups of wine.

Wang Teng sat down and said, “Little Black, activate the smart control system.
Our destination is Donghai!”

“Yes, master!” The hologram flickered, and the little girl appeared.
“Huh?” Dan Taixuan’s expression turned weird.
“Is this your taste?”.

“Don’t be stupid.
This is the work of the designers of the battlecraft.
It’s got nothing to do with me.” Wang Teng rolled his eyes.
“You don’t have to explain.
I understand.” Dan Taixuan didn’t believe him.

The designers of this battlecraft were all 30 years old and above.
Who would have the time to design this little girl’s hologram? Wang Teng must have chosen it himself.

Wang Teng was speechless.
It looked like he had to take the blame for this.

The battlecraft drove out of the hangar and flew into the sky under the influence of the runes.

The lieutenant in charge of the hangar walked out of the hangar beside it and looked at the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft.
He was envious.


“It’s finally gone.
My heart gets stabbed every day when it’s here.
Damn it, that’s a Queen Phoenix Battlecraft!”

The jets behind the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft spewed flames.
It turned into a ray of light and soared into the sky, disappearing on the horizon.


While Wang Teng was away, many buildings had been built in Donghai with the help of people from all walks of life.

The resources during the martial arts era were unimaginable.
If everyone put in the effort to complete a task, they could finish it exceptionally quickly.

The more important structures had already been erected.
The airport, train stations, and factories needed to produce daily necessities had started operations.
Administrative buildings and martial arts academies were half-completed too.
The basic machinery of the city wasn’t an issue.

However, there were still large machines at work and signs of construction were everywhere.
The whole city was noisy.

The planning of Donghai was simple and concise.
There were three circles and nine districts in total.

In Wang family’s new home.

Wang Teng had passed the treasures he had snatched from the Darkland to the Leader of Martial Arts before he went overseas for the exchange.
They were changed into cash and sent to the governor.

Thus, the Wang family enjoyed a great treatment.
Their new base was already being built.
Of course, only a part of it was finished.
Most of their territory was still under construction.

This was Grandpa Wang’s decision.
Everyone should be treated fairly.
Many ordinary people in Donghai had nowhere to go and were still staying in temporary lodgings.
The Wang family mustn’t take up too many resources.

They could plan their lands properly once everything got back on track.

The Wang family had become an up-and-coming star due to Wang Teng’s influence.
Grandpa Wang, the three Wang brothers, and everyone else viewed the matter with high importance.
At this crucial moment, they mustn’t ruin the reputation of the Wang family.

Currently, the Wang family was gathered in a building somewhere in the middle circle.

They received Wang Teng’s call and knew that he was coming back.
Hence, they came to welcome him.

Outside this small villa, there was a vast piece of empty land.
The area was still in the planning stage, so no buildings had been constructed.

They chose this place as their base because the land was big, and they could do what they wanted here.
They didn’t need to feel constrained.

The Wang family members looked out of the door and waited for Wang Teng’s return.

“Why isn’t he back yet? Didn’t he say that he’s coming soon?” Li Xiumei muttered agitatedly.
“This fellow has left for half a month.
I’m worried.”

“It’s alright, our son is a formidable martial warrior.
There’s a greater world for him out there.
It’s normal for him to leave for a few days.
What’s more, he’s in Capital Xia.
That’s the place with the best defense in the nation.
There’s nothing to worry about,” Wang Shengguo consoled her.

“What do you mean by don’t worry? That’s a piece of meat from my heart.” Li Xiumei glared at him.

“Yes, yes, you should be worried.” Wang Shengguo admitted his mistake immediately.

Li Xiumei patted Lin Chuhan’s hand and said, “Chuhan, you must help me watch over Wang Teng in the future.
He’s getting wilder.”

Lin Chuhan’s home was quite close to the Wang family’s base, so Li Xiumei often called her over.
Lin Chuhan couldn’t reject her and was forced to come.
After a few times, she got used to it.

She was at the Wang family today too.

Zhou Baiyun was sitting beside them.
However, she wasn’t as close to the Wang family as Lin Chuhan.
A strange glint flashed past her eyes when she noticed how close Li Xiumei and Lin Chuhan were.

Lin Chuhan blushed when Li Xiumei talked to her as if she were her daughter-in-law.
She felt even more awkward upon seeing the other Wang family members smiling at her.

It was all Wang Teng’s fault!

Lin Chuhan didn’t know what to say.
She could only smile in reply, but in her heart, she had cursed Wang Teng multiple times.

Li Xiumei still wanted to speak, but suddenly, a rumble came from the sky.
It wasn’t shrill, but it landed in everyone’s ear clearly.

The crowd looked up and saw a huge battlecraft gradually landing on the ground, flying clouds of dust everywhere.

The cabin door opened and a familiar person walked out amidst everyone’s astounded gaze.

“Hey! Everyone’s here!”

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