Chapter 675 The Chief Commander Of Black Sparrow Troop

Wind Force: 3280/10000 (10-star)

Blank Attribute: 8960

Wang Teng smiled when he saw the changes in his attributes panel.

His wind Force had finally reached the 10-star brigadier general stage, catching up with his other Forces.
At the same time, he collected 8960 points of blank attributes.
This was a huge gain.

He looked ahead and saw the corpses of all the wind-element eagles below the cliff.
Fresh blood stained the entire cliff red.
It was a gruesome sight.

Wang Teng frowned.
He released his wind Force and gathered all the corpses in one location.
Then, he smashed a huge hole in the ground and buried them.

Very good.
A family should stay together!

He clapped his hands and left in peace, feeling that he had done a good deed.

A few days later, Wang Teng climbed out of the virtual reality cabin.
He had spent all his contribution points, but the results were satisfying

His overall ability had risen tremendously.
All his Forces increased, and he had 27850 points of blank attributes now.
It would be enough for him in case of any accidents.
He took the lift to the ground.
The instant he walked out of the building, he saw Dan Taixuan waiting for him.

“You’ve finally come out!” Dan Taixuan pulled him away at first sight.

“Where are we going?” Wang Teng was stunned.

“Your appointment has arrived.
We need to meet the three great commanders,” Dan Taixuan replied.

“Appointment?” Wang Teng was puzzled.
“Why do I have an appointment? I want to cultivate.
I’m not free.”

“Don’t ask me; ask the three great commanders.” Dan Taixuan seemed to be gloating in his misfortune.
She smiled and continued, “Also, if you want a general star, you need to make some contributions.
If not, you won’t be able to convince the crowd.”

“I don’t need to rise in rank.
A major general’s already enough.
It looks good,” Wang Teng replied indifferently.

Did she think he would be attracted by a mere rank in the military?

A general star wasn’t as useful as his own strength.
Once he rose to the 13-star high-tier general stage, they would be clamoring to give him a general star.

Trying to fool him? No way!

“Are you saying that a major general rank just looks good? Do you think it’s merely a piece of cloth?” Dan Taixuan glared at him.

“I don’t care.
I don’t have the time to get appointed for anything,” Wang Teng said.

Dan Taixuan brought him to the command building in the center and went straight up to a meeting room on the top floor.
She pushed him


“We’re here.
You can talk to the commanders yourself.”

“Damn it!” Before Wang Teng could react, he fell in.

He noticed that Dan Taixuan seemed impatient, even more impatient than him.

The three great commanders were sitting in the front seats with crimson star generals around them.
There were more than ten of them, and they were all staring at Wang Teng.

Dan Taixuan sat down on an empty seat behind him.

“Have a seat.” Commander Hong signaled Wang Teng to sit beside Dan Taixuan.

“We have called everyone here today to talk about Dan Taixuan stepping down as the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop.” The crowd looked at one another.

Wang Teng reacted immediately.
Dan Taixuan was stepping down, and he was taking over her position?

No wonder she was so impatient.
She was eager to pass the burden to him.

Wang Teng glanced at Dan Taixuan with resentment.

Dan Taixuan didn’t look at him, though.
She stared straight ahead with a serious expression on her face.

To hell with being serious.

Continue acting!

Wang Teng was speechless, but he couldn’t do anything

“After our discussion, we have decided to let Wang Teng take over the position,” Commander Hong continued.


There was a commotion in the meeting room.

Let Wang Teng be the chief commander?!


No one knew what to say.
Wang Teng was a major general, true, but he was very young.
He probably hadn’t even reached 20.
Was it alright to allow someone so young to be a chief commander?

Military rank and a military position were two different things.

Youth meant lack of experience.

“Commander Hong, I don’t have any other intentions, but I’m worried that Major General Wang might be lacking in experience and can’t hold this position,” one of the lieutenant generals glanced at Wang Teng before saying.
“That’s right, he’s too young.” “Why don’t we wait a few more years? He can gain some experience before taking over this position, just like Lieutenant General Dan did in the past.”

“The chief commander is an important position.
It will be better to have someone more mature holding down the fort.”

Many people gave their opinion.
They weren’t doing it for their own interests, though.
They had their doubts about Wang Teng, feeling that he was too young.
Waiting a few more years would be better.

“His age isn’t an issue.
One can slowly gain experience.
We’re in a special era where strength is everything.
Wang Teng is powerful.
He has the ability to be a chief commander,” Commander Hong replied calmly.

“I’ve already discussed it with Commander Hong and Commander Yong.
We all feel that Wang Teng is qualified,” Commander Long said.


Everyone turned quiet when they realized that the three great commanders were all supporting Wang Teng.
They were surprised.
“Erm, everyone, may I say something?” A voice was suddenly heard from the side.

They all turned and noticed that it was Wang


“Yes, you may speak,” Commander Hong smiled and replied.

The men in the room thought that he wanted to defend himself.
Young men didn’t like others looking down on them, especially so for a genius like Wang Teng.
He must be an extremely proud person.

However, Dan Taixuan had a bad feeling.
She understood Wang Teng too well.
This fellow would definitely create trouble.
He wouldn’t defend himself.

Dan Taixuan was sure about this.

Wang Teng coughed before saying, “Actually, I think that everyone is right.
I’m just too young.
I’m not competent enough.”

Commander Hong: …

Commander Yong: …

Commander Long: …

Everyone: …

The whole room turned quiet.
They didn’t expect Wang Teng to reject the offer.

This feels weird.

Could it be that young people don’t like holding high positions and bathing in glory? Are we so outdated?

Dan Taixuan’s fears came true.
She was familiar with Wang Teng, so she knew that he would never go by the book.

If he wanted this position, he would think of a way to get it even if no one gave it to him.
No one could stop him with his strength.
However, if he didn’t want it, no one could persuade him either.

Of course, if he did it willingly, she had nothing to say.

Let’s see how the three great commanders will convince him.
She thought.

The three great commanders glanced at one another.
Then, Commander Hong said, “Wang Teng, do you know why we want you to be the chief commander of the Black Sparrow Troop?”

“Is there a reason?” Wang Teng was astounded.

“We have located the nest of the Zhenli Clan and want you to exterminate them.” Commander Hong didn’t beat around the bush.

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