Chapter 674: A Family Should Stay Together

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Wang Teng didn’t care about the commotion he had caused in the outside world.
He entered virtual reality bright and early in the morning.
He was rewarded 30 thousand contribution points and decided to use them in virtual reality.

These contribution points weren’t very useful to him.
The only thing that could perk up his interest was virtual reality.

After Wang Teng laid down, the virtual reality cabin closed slowly.

‘When he opened his eyes again, he had arrived at the familiar yet unfamiliar empty city.
Wang Teng didn’t stop in the city.
He went straight for the wilderness.

The main aim of this trip was to increase his wind Force and get more blank attributes along the way.
His wind Force was still at the 9-star soldier level.
It was holding him back.

Blank attributes were extremely useful.
His reserves were runing low since he had spent them on his Ancient God’s Body.
They were never enough.

Although there weren’t many wind-element star beasts, it wasn’t hard to find them.

Star beasts normally chose to live at a place where the Force was the thickest.
If he wanted to find a wind-clement star beast, he just had to go to places with the wind Force.

So, where was wind Force the thickest?

Wang Teng chose the dumbest method.

He went to the areas where the wind was the strongest!

A few days later, Wang Teng stood below a cliff.
He looked at the convocation of wind-element eagles in front of him.
Their home was on the cliff, and they lived in groups.

Wang Teng wasn’t afraid.
Instead, he was elated.
Since they lived in groups, they would be many of them.
To him, they were all attribute bubbles.

He had killed many star beasts in these last few days, and there were a number of wind-element star beasts among them.
However, they were all alone, and the majority of them were at the 5-star or 6-star level.
The attributes they dropped were limited.

This family is enough for me to rise to the 10-star brigadier general stage!

Wang Teng smiled.
He didn’t waste any time and released his poison Force.

Boom! The Emerald Glazed Flame burned furiously.
The poison Force turned into a poison mist under the searing temperature.
When the wind blew, it brought the mist to the cliff with it.

He had accidentally come up with this method on Mount Saint.
It was best for sneak-attacking someone.

The poison Force from the Demon Lotus Poison Body was extraordinary.
As the poison mist spread, the eagles on the cliff got affected immediately and screeched in anger.




Their shrill cries echoed around the cliff, resulting in a gale that blew the poison mist away.

A few giant figures rose into the air and flapped their wings in the sky.
A large amount of wind Force congregated in this area.

Looks like the poison mist can only poison them but can’t kill these powerful star beasts.

Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.
Spiritual power surged out from his forehead, and multiple flying daggers flew out from his body.
They danced around him.

He had bought these flying daggers in the city using his contribution points.
He could only use them in virtual reality.

His sole purpose in coming to virtual reality was to kill star beasts.
With these flying daggers, his efficiency would increase, and he wouldn’t need to waste too much time.

“Go!” With his yell, the flying daggers shot into the sky like shooting stars.

Sensing the danger, these wind-element eagles screeched.
They flapped their wings and turned into lingering shadows.
Their speed was astonishing.

Wind-element star beasts were known for their speed!

‘Wang Teng squinted his eyes into narrow slits.
He controlled the flying daggers using his spiritual power and increased their speed.

The greatest advantages of spiritual power were its speed, accuracy, and power.

‘The numerous flying daggers cut through the clouds, forming a beautiful arc as they chased after the three wind-element eagles in front.

These three wind-element eagles had reached the 10-star lord-level.
Their ability couldn’t be underestimated.

‘The eagles knew that they couldn’t dodge the flying daggers.
Their gazes turned sharp, and they spurted a few green glows from their beaks.
These light rays collided with the flying daggers.

‘The green light rays were green wind blades!

Boom, boom, boom!

Some flying daggers were blocked by the wind blades while others went around the blades and slit the eagles like a flash of lightning.


A flying dagger cut the abdomen of an eagle.
Fresh blood spurted out, and bits and pieces of its organs fell out.

‘The eagle screeched in pain, plummeting towards the ground.

Clang! Clang!

Another two flying daggers landed on another eagle.
This eagle’s feathers were made of metal.
When the daggers rubbed against them, bright sparks like fireworks blossomed in the sky.
However, the explosive force of the flying daggers was powerful, so they still created two wounds on its body.

The eagle screeched in anger.

At this moment, the other wind-element eagles around them reacted and started screeching too.
Wind Force ran wild and swept through the sky.

The flying daggers’ speed was affected.

‘Wang Teng didn’t waste any time when he saw this scene.
He stepped on the ground and soared into the sky, leaving a large hole behind.
At the same time, the ice Force swarmed out violently.

Absolute Zero!

The outline of an empty bottle emerged above his head.
The ice Force gathered into a frightening ice river.
The gale seemed to have frozen over as ice crystals appeared in the sky.

‘The ice river swept across the sky, creating a layer of ice on the bodies of the wind-element eagles.
Their speed decreased as a result.

“Have a taste of fire and ice!” Wang Teng sniggered.
He released his Emerald Glazed Flame and filled the sky with it.
It bore down on the eagles.




The eagles screeched in fear.
The feeling of ice and fire at once wasn’t good.
Besides, both of them were at the extremes.

As they were soaked in the chilling heat, blood lines started appearing on their bodies.
Their hard metal feathers couldn’t resist the onslaught of two different elements.

Wang Teng controlled the flying daggers again and turned them into sharp rays of light.
They ground the air around them like a meat mincer.

‘The eagled cried in agony.
Fresh red blood shot out of their bodies, and they slammed onto the ground.

Only the lord-level eagles continued flying toward Wang Teng.
They flapped their wings, forming wind blades as they charged towards him.

In an instant, numerous green blades filled up the sky.
It was a magnificent sight.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted.
Lightning Force shimmered on his fist, and the shadow of a lion materialized in the air.

Lightning Lion Fist!

The lightning Force exploded.
The giant lion shadow pounced on its prey along with the fist glow and crashed into the green wind blades.

Boom, boom, boom

Frightening blasts shook the air while the residual impact whipped the surroundings.

The eagles bore the brunt of the force and smacked into the cliff behind them.
Huge rocks rolled down, laying waste to many eagle nests.


‘Wang Teng pursued his victory.
Taking out Mo Bing, he slashed it out.
The glaring blade glow parted the sky into two and engulfed the lord-level star beasts.

The poor birds didn’t even have the time to screech before their bodies got chopped into two.
Their remains fell on the ground from high up, further reducing to mush.


The lord-level eagles were dead!

There was dead silence.
The lucky eagles that were still alive scattered and flew away for their lives.

“A family should stay together.
How can you run away alone?”

‘Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
His spiritual power surged out, and the flying daggers turned into light rays, catching up with the eagles and claiming their lives mercilessly.

Bang, bang, bang!

Countless eagles dropped to the ground, along with numerous attribute bubbles.

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