Chapter 672: Country Xia Has An Unparalleled Genius!

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The three great commanders exchanged glances with one another and smiled when they saw how much Wang Teng liked the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft.
He might be a little cheeky, but he was undeniably powerful and had great potential.
Thus, they hoped that they could keep Wang Teng in the military

for as long as possible.

‘There were many factions that wanted to pull Wang Teng over.
Once the result of the Global Exchange Conference came out, there would definitely be many people attempting to convince him to their side.

Even though they knew that the military had already gotten hold of him, they still wanted to give it a shot.
After all, the military only managed to pull him over first because Wang Teng had signed up for a military academy.
They had the first movers’ advantage.

If the military wanted to keep him to their side, they must show some sincerity.
Other factions wouldn’t be stingy.
All of them belonged to Country Xia, so Wang Teng could go anywhere.

They spent a large sum of money and effort to reward Wang Teng.

“Have a look,” Commander Hong laughed and suggested.

The lieutenant got up and said, “Major General Wang, come with me.”

He led Wang Teng to the hatch door.

“This Queen Phoenix Battlecraft is not activated yet.
You will need to fill in your particulars.
You can complete the process on your own.” He signaled Wang Teng to step forward.

Awhite light shone on Wang Teng and scanned his body.
There was a beep, and the hatch door opened.

“The AI system of the battlecraft will guide you after you get in.
You just have to follow the instructions,” the lieutenant explained.

‘Wang Teng nodded.
He stepped into the battlecraft under everyone’s envious gazes.


‘The lights in the cabin lit up instantly.

‘The internal structure of this Queen Phoenix Battlecraft was different from the one they took to Mount Saint.
The only things same were its comfort and luxury.

‘Wang Teng stood within the cabin and felt proud of himself.
This battlecraft belonged to him!

He was quite familiar with the interior of the battlecraft, so he walked directly to the control cabin.

‘Once he entered the control cabin, a robotic voice was heard.
“Hello, master.”

‘Wang Teng’s expression turned strange.

The AI system sounded like a young girl.
It was a little cute.

What kind of evil thoughts did the person who designed this aircraft have?

Wang Teng shook his head.

“Scanning start.
Binding your identity.” A red light shot out and scanned Wang Teng’s face and pupils to collect iris information.

“Information input and binding of identity are completed.
Hello, master.” The AI voice sounded again.

‘At the same time, a hologram appeared in front of him.
A young girl wearing a white princess dress with her hair in two pigtails came into his vision.

She bowed at Wang Teng immediately after she appeared.

F**k, which idiot designed this? Is he trying to make me a pedophile? Wang Teng cursed.
His expression turned strange.

“Master, please give me a name.”

“You can be called… Little Black,” Wang Teng thought for a moment before answering.

“2” The little girl turned silent for a moment.

Why did he give her such an uncute name when she was so adorable?

She was wearing a white dress.
Even if he had to call her little something, she should be Little White, right? Why was it Little Black?

She couldn’t understand her master’s thoughts.

“Silence means consent.” Wang Teng nodded.
“I knew you’d like this name.”

The little girl:

Wang Teng alighted the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft.
Commander Hong smiled and asked, “How is it? Are you satisfied?”

“Everything is good except…” Wang Teng glanced at the three commanders curiously.

Did these three old men arrange the little girl design?

The three great commanders frowned when they heard that he was unsatisfied with something.

They had constructed this Queen Phoenix Battlecraft using the newest design concept.
The professionals who took part in its manufacturing were all top-class designers in the world.
Yet, they still couldn’t satisfy Wang Teng.

How picky was he?

“Besides the design of the AI hologram,” Wang Teng continued.

The three great commanders were shocked.

This was the problem?

‘Wasn’t this what the young people liked nowadays?

Were the designers lying to them?

“if you don’t like it, we can change it.” Commander Long coughed.
“The designers made it.
We only learned about it after it was built.”

He immediately washed his hands off the matter.

“That’s right.
The designers love to make things flamboyant.
It looks like we have to look into this,” Commander Hong said sternly.

‘Wang Teng glanced at them curiously.
Finally, he said, “Nevermind, my identity is already bound with it.
You don’t have to change it.”

The three great commanders glanced at him weirdly.
He said that he didn’t want it, but his actions said otherwise.
Indeed, young people liked this style.

They glanced at one another, and a sharp glint flashed in their eyes.

“Come on, let’s go back.
You can bring it with you when you leave,” Commander Yong said.

‘Wang Teng nodded.

Everyone left the hangar.

‘The other martial warriors were jealous.
They wished that this Queen Phoenix Battlecraft could be theirs.
However, they had their own rewards.
The military gave them contribution points.

The group drove into the dormitory district.
Mu Zhiguo, Zhu Yushao, and the others alighted and bade farewell to Wang Teng.
“We need to go back for reporting, so we will leave first.”

“Hope to see you again!” Wang Teng nodded and watched them leave.
He felt a little sentimental.
Everyone had their own path.
When would they meet again?

But he wasn’t an emotional person.
Departures were common between martial warriors.

With the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft and the contribution points, Wang Teng wasn’t in a hurry to leave Capital Xia.
He prepared to go into virtual reality to raise his ability.

At the same time, the martial warriors from other countries returned home too.

Ina military camp in the White Eagle Nation.

A muscular officer with short white hair stood in front of Shuen, Yoke, and the other martial warriors, staring at them sternly.

A tall and slender golden-haired lady wearing a white coat and black-rimmed glasses stood beside him.
She was operating a machine.

Kune, who had turned into a beast during the exchange, was lying inside the machine.

He was in a miserable state.
He looked half-human and half-beast.
There were many tubes injected into his body, transporting liquids of all colors into it.

“You have disappointed me!” the officer said coldly.

The martial warriors felt a frightening aura erupting from the old officer’s body and pushing down on them.
Their faces tumed pale.
They gritted their teeth and resisted the force with difficulty.

“Commander Cromwell!” Yoke strained to open his mouth.
“We didn’t lose because we’re useless.
Country Xia has an unparalleled genius.”

“An unparalleled genius!” The old officer called Cromwell repeated…

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