Chapter 671: Getting The Queen Phoenix Battlecraft!

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Wang Teng obviously received the best treatment.
The three great commanders and more than ten general-rank officers came to welcome him, attracting countless eyes along the way.

Not only were there military personnel near the airport, but there were also martial warriors from other factions too.
These martial warriors had accepted missions from the military, so they needed to use military transport.
Hence, they had the right to be here.

All of them looked towards Wang Teng and his companions.
Many people were unfamiliar with Wang Teng and didn’t recognize him right away.

However, they couldn’t be more familiar with the three great commanders.
The officers were also wearing general-rank military uniforms with a noticeable crimson star on their shoulders.
The martial warriors were astounded.

Who could make the three great commanders and these officers welcome him personally?

“It’s him!”

Soon, someone recognized Wang Teng.
They were shocked.

“Who is it?” another martial warrior who didn’t know Wang Teng asked.

“Wang Teng, a rising star from Donghai.
However, with his capability, he can be considered a formidable martial warrior!” another person explained.

“Wang Teng? The one who saved Donghai from the sea beasts riot?” The people around him exclaimed in surprise.

“He’s so… young!”

“I’s hard to believe that he’s a general-stage martial warrior!”

“Indeed, we can’t use ‘rising star’ to describe him anymore.
He’s already at the peak of the pyramid.”

‘There was a commotion in the crowd.
Everyone sized up Wang Teng curiously and in awe.

“Where are they going? Did they just come back from somewhere?” someone asked again.

“Tdon’t know.”

“There hasn’t been any news!”

“Oh right, there was a Global Exchange Conference in the past few days.
Did Wang Teng represent our country?”

“Oh my god, the time seems just right.”

“It must be.
With his ability, he would definitely perform amazingly in the exchange.
There’s no better candidate.”

“There’s no need to guess.
You can tell what the result is from the three great commanders’ expressions!”

“That’s right.
I need to ask someone about this.
This is a huge matter.
All factions will probably view this with high importance.”

“That’s right, let’s go.

Everyone got excited all of a sudden.
The Global Exchange Conference represented great glory and influence.

Country Xia hadn’t been the champion for many years!

It would be great if Wang Teng had defeated the young talents from the other countries.
The influence of Country Xia’s martial warriors would rise.
No one would dare to look down on them anymore!

‘Wang Teng didn’t notice their reaction, though.
He boarded a vehicle with the three great commanders and drove off in the distance.

These military vehicles were made using sturdy metal.
Moreover, a large number of runes were carved below its paint.
Its defense ability was so strong that it could block an attack from a general-stage martial warrior.

Even the glass windows were ultra-powerful rune glass.
Normal attacks couldn’t break it.

All in all, this vehicle was an ultimate defense shield, and only boss-level people could use this vehicle.

In the car, Wang Teng stared at the scenery flashing by outside the window and felt emotional.

When he was reborn, he was sitting in his family’s car and looking out at this familiar but unfamiliar world.

At that time, he was as weak as an ant.
But look at him now.
He was one of the most powerful martial warriors on Earth and had the three great commanders sitting beside him.

The future was unpredictable.
Who could have guessed his life would turn out like this?

“Wang Teng, you have made a great contribution to the country,” Commander Hong opened his mouth and said.

“It’s my responsibility as a citizen of the country,” Wang Teng smiled and replied in neither humble nor arrogant tone.

The three great commanders felt proud of him.
It was rare that he was able to remain modest and sensible despite possessing such power at his young age.

Country Xia had a qualified successor!

“The martial warriors from the other countries were too weak.
I defeated them without using any strength.
Honestly, I didn’t spend much effort.
I’ll just consider this trip as a paid holiday,” Wang Teng continued.

The three great commanders:

Their proud smiles froze instantly.
They felt that they could throw away their thoughts just now.

Modest and sensible?

Do you call this modest and sensible?

His arrogance was almost spilling out.

“Is my reward still valid?” Wang Teng asked.

“Cough, don’t worry.
Since we promised you, we won’t go back on our words.
Besides the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft, you will also get a sizable sum of contribution points,” Commander Yong coughed awkwardly and replied.

“That’s good.” Wang Teng nodded his head in relief.


The three great commanders were speechless, the corners of their lips twitching a little.

Was he afraid that they would renege on their promise?

What happened to the trust between them?

“When will I get it?” Wang Teng continued testing the bottom line of the three great commanders fearlessly.

“Are you afraid we will drag out the delivery needlessly?” Commander Long had a fiery temper.
He glared at Wang Teng and said, “We’ll send you the contribution points later.
As for the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft, you can take a look at it now if you want.”

“That’s good.
I can’t wait.” Excitement flashed past Wang Teng’s eyes.
He rubbed his hands and smiled gleefully.

The three great commanders were at a loss.
In the end, they asked the driver to turn around and head in another direction.

They were already deep inside the military district.
After changing directions, they soon arrived at the hangar used for housing aircraft.
Naturally, a battlecraft like the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft deserved good treatment.

After the vehicle was parked, Wang Teng and the three great commanders came down.
Behind them, Dan Taixuan, Mu Zhiguo, and the others got out of their vehicles too.
They walked over.

‘They were astounded when saw the hangar in front.

What was going on?

“Open J-Q003!” Commander Hong called over the officer in charge and said.

“Yes!” The officer was a lieutenant.
He glanced at Wang Teng involuntarily in astonishment.

He knew that this Queen Phoenix Battlecraft had an owner, but he didn’t know who it was.
When he saw Wang Teng, he immediately realized that this young man was probably the mysterious owner.

He turned around and did some operations at the door.
Soon, amid loud clangs, the giant hangar door rose slowly.

A black triangular battlecraft lay prone in the hangar like a black phoenix in hibernation.
Its sleek body and sharp wings were things of beauty.
It was like a piece of art.

Only a man could understand its beauty.

‘The appearance of the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft attracted everyone’s attention.

‘Mu Zhiguo, Qu Fei, and the others finally knew why they had come here.
They were envious.

“Take a look,” Commander Long smiled and said.

Wang Teng nodded.
He took a deep breath and stepped forward, circling the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft.
The more he looked at it, the more he liked it.
He caressed its sleek body as if it was an exceptional beauty..

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