Chapter 670: Welcome Back, Our Heroes!

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Clouds hung high in the sky.
Vast mountain ranges and lush forests covered the land below.
Under the azure sky, everything felt surreal.

suddenly, a black dot flew over from the distance at high speed.
It arrived in the blink of an eye, leaving its lingering shadows in the air.

A huge hole was formed within the dense clouds.

It was hard to detect this object using normal technology because it traveled at high speed and could conceal itself in the sky.

This was the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft that Wang Teng and his companions were taking.
Their destination was Country Xia.
They left Northen Country Star after dealing with the matters there.

‘There was no grand ceremony when Wang Teng became the God of the Holy Temple.
However, this piece of news spread to all parts of Mount Saint and caused quite a sensation.

This matter might not have been accepted so easily if Wang Teng hadn’t done Mount Saint a huge favor.
Besides, the martial warriors had witnessed him executing light Force, so no one objected.

They were shocked.
Some found it hard to accept, but their protests weren’t that strong, After this battle, Alais’s position was strengthened.
No one could challenge her authority as the Goddess.

Hence, many people chose to accept her decision since the Goddess and Great Sage Fara had brought up this idea.

As for Alif and Frose, they didn’t have a good ending.
Wang Teng gave them the full set of death service.
That scene… the other martial warriors standing at the side felt their hairs standing on ends as they watched.

Ina resting room within the aircraft, Wang Teng sat cross-legged on the sofa with an object in his hand.

It was the crystal skull.

‘Wang Teng sized up the crystal skull with interest.
There was an ambiguous smile on his face.
He recalled the scene when Alais passed him the crystal skull in the Holy Temple.

I wonder why she gave this to me?” Wang Teng muttered to himself.
There was a sharp glint in his eyes.
“As for the prophecy… why does it sound like bullshit to me?”

Replaying the words Alais said before he left, he was caught between laughter and tears.
He had always scoffed at prophecies.

‘The whole thing was so mysterious and profound.
So what if someone could predict the future?

Any small changes could trigger unexpected results and change the future.

To him, the future was vague.

However, he could sense some emotions in her words.
She didn’t state it explicitly, but Wang Teng detected a hint of worry in her voice.
It looked like the future she saw wasn’t happy.

But Wang Teng believed that men could conquer nature.
Even if the future was bleak, he wasn’t afraid.
As long as he was strong enough, he didn’t have to worry.

Instead of thinking too much, he would rather treasure the present and raise his own abilities.
Anyway, he had a huge harvest during this trip.

Metal Force: 12320/20000 (11-star)

Wood Force: 8760/20000 (11-star)

Water Force: 9270/20000 (11-star)

Fire Force: 11300/20000 (11-star)

Earth Force: 8650/20000 (11-star)

Poison Force: 7320/10000 (10-star)

Ice Force: 8160/10000 (10-star)

Lightning Force: 9380/10000 (10-star)

Dark Force: 15600/20000 (11-star)

All his five basic elements had reached the 11-star general stage.

His poison, ice, lightning, and dark Force rose tremendously too.
His dark Force had reached the 11-star low-tier general stage while the other three mutated forces were at the 10-star brigadier general stage.

‘Wang Teng glanced at his attributes panel.
Watching the tags of 10-star and 11-star was extremely satisfying.

Look at how beautiful and tidy the data is!

Finally, there was the wind Force and the light Force.

Wind Force: 1600/9000 (9-star)

Light Force: 1030/5000 (7-star)

‘These two Forces were lagging behind slightly.
However, he had just received the light Force, so he was lucky enough to be able to reach the 7-star soldier level.

His wind Force was catching up too.
It had reached the 9-star soldier level.
Soon, he would be able to advance to the brigadier general stage.

The improvements in his spirit, enlightenment, scriptures, and battle techniques were huge too.
He had gained a pile of sky-rank scriptures and battle techniques from the 12 holy knights.

He wondered what Alais’s expression would be if she knew he had all the skills of the 12 holy knights.

She might fight with him!

He also had the dark flame and the holy flame.
These were rare divine fires.

Anormal person would require heaven-defying luck to obtain one divine fire.
Yet, Wang Teng had three.
Other people might turn green in envy if they learned of this cheat.

Even so, Wang Teng felt that his greatest gain wasn’t them.
It was the Space Fragment he received from Margus.

This was a genuine rare treasure.

A space with endless possibilities was more valuable than everything else.

The space fragment floated quietly in Wang Teng’s mind.

‘When he instilled spiritual power into it, he could sense the grey space inside.
There was nothing and the space was limited, but he loved it.

Finally, Wang Teng’s gaze landed on a flame shield.
Devil Lord Chi Yan was locked inside it.

‘Wang Teng glanced at him and ignored him.
He decided to educate him properly after he went back.

Devil Lord Chi Yan shuddered abruptly.
He could sense Wang Teng’s evil intention.
It was frightening.

Damn it, what bad idea does he have now? Devil Lord Chi Yan cursed.
He wanted to vomit blood in frustration.

He stopped cursing after some time.
He lay weakly in the flame shield, feeling hopeless about his life.
There was no light at the end of the tunnel.

The battlecraft flew past mountains ranges and forests, cutting across continents before finally entering Country Xia’s territory.

“We’re home!”

As they looked out of the window and stared at the familiar land below, there were smiles on everyone’s faces.
It felt good to be home!

One could only understand the joy of returning home once they went overseas.

The battlecraft soared through the sky and arrived in Capital Xia.
It slowly landed in the airport inside Capital Xia’s military zone.

Wang Teng and his companions got off the battlecraft.
Many people were already at the airport, ready to welcome them.

“Welcome back, our heroes!”

The three great commanders stood at the front.
They were over the moon when they saw the martial warriors and laughed loudly.

They had already received the result of the exchange.
Wang Teng had defeated all the talents from the other countries and became the greatest winner of the exchange.
He brought honor to their country.

How many years had it been?

How many years had it been since their country received such glory!

Wang Teng had realized their dreams, even exceeding their expectation.

The three great commanders were elated, so they came to welcome them personally.

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