Chapter 66: A Wolf Among A Pack Of Huskies

When the time was up, the blockade line was removed.
The students taking part in the normal university entrance exam entered the high school for their exam.

Before they left, they glanced longingly at the students going for the martial arts exam.
Their expressions were complex.

The university entrance exam was a turning point in life.

Right at this moment, it felt as though they had reached a crossroads in life.

Some people headed to an ordinary path.
They might become outstanding in their respective fields, but if they didn’t become a martial warrior, they would just be ordinary people.

On the other hand, some people were about to embark on an extraordinary path.
Great strength, long lifespan, all these weren’t dreams anymore.

Even though the martial arts path wasn’t easy, even though many people collapsed halfway through and died earlier than an ordinary person, even though the peak was hard to climb and most martial warriors remained at the bottom of the mountain, there were still waves and waves of people advancing in this direction…

After the ordinary students entered their exam venues, the plaza finally wasn’t so squeezy.
However, vehicles from other schools arrived continuously and gathered in front of Donghai No.
1 High School.

There weren’t many martial arts examinees.
Still, gathering all the examinees from the various schools in this region, there were around 800 of them.

The number was high since the requirements for the martial arts exam were lowered this year.
Intermediate stage martial disciples could take part now, so it was understandable that the numbers were higher compared to last year.

The leaders of the school and the headteachers of the year three classes were all present too.

The headteachers were taking attendance for the martial arts examinees.

The school leaders, on the other hand, were conversing with the leaders of the other schools as well as a few officials from the Ministry of Education.

Fan Weiming finished taking attendance for class eight.
Everyone was present.

He noticed that there was still time, so he spoke to his students.

“Since all of you have decided to apply for the martial arts exam, do your best.
Don’t leave any regrets.
I hope that you can win glory for the school and gain honor for our class eight one last time.

“But, no matter what, please remember that the safety of your life is still the number one thing!

The students were touched by Fan Weiming’s words.
Many of them couldn’t control themselves and opened their mouths.

“Teacher, don’t worry.
Although there are no advanced stage martial disciples in our class, we have many classmates taking part in the exam.
We will try our best to become the class that has the most number of passes for the martial arts exam!”

“That’s right, that’s right.
We will win by numbers and beat those classes that have advanced stage martial disciples.”

What the students didn’t know was that they didn’t have an advanced stage martial disciple but a martial warrior in their class!

At this moment, Wang Teng’s expression suddenly turned strange.

He looked at his classmates talking in front of him and felt that they seemed like a bunch of huskies barking.

On the other hand, he was hiding among them like a wolf pretending to know nothing.
He felt that he was a little despicable…

“What’s wrong?” Lin Chuhan noticed his weird expression and asked with a puzzled tone.

“Erm, nothing.” Wang Teng shook his head hurriedly.
Lin Chuhan gave him a weirder and even more puzzled gaze as her reply.

Fan Weiming felt comforted when he saw his students in high spirits and full of vigor.
He couldn’t help but open the water bottle he had brought along with him…

And took a gulp of Goji berry tea. This feels good!

The other headteachers had also finished taking the attendance of their classes.

At that moment, the principal walked over and clapped to attract everyone’s attention.
“Has everyone finished taking attendance? Are all the students here?”

A middle-aged lady took a step forward and said, “One of our students didn’t come.”

“It’s the headteacher of class thirteen.”

“Someone from their class didn’t come? Who’s so daring to apply for the exam and not turn up?” The students immediately started discussing among themselves in hushed voices.

“What happened?” The principal frowned and asked.

“Erm…” The headteacher of class thirteen had a strange expression on her face.
She hesitated before replying, “He trained too hard yesterday night and broke the bone on his arm.
His mother called me this morning and told me that he won’t be participating in the martial arts exam this year.”


The students burst out laughing when they heard the excuse.

“This is really amazing.
How hard must he have trained to break his arm?”

“Impressive, impressive.
He’s the role model for our generation.
If I was as hardworking as him, I’d have become an advanced stage martial disciple already!”

“I feel that same way too! This person is amazing!”

At first, the principal put on a stern face, but now, he almost couldn’t control his expression.
He really wanted to cover his face.
This was the Donghai No.
1 High School.
Yet, there was such a brainless student who did something stupid at such an important moment.
He felt so embarrassed!

Do you see the unbearable looks on the faces of the officials from the Ministry of Education?

Even the leaders from the other schools were laughing secretly.
They were laughing at his school!

The principal was furious!

“In the future, we must work on the psychological education of our students.
What on earth is this?” the principal reprimanded with a black face.

“Alright, we don’t have much time left.
Since everyone is here, we will make a move.”

“I will be the one leading all of you for the martial arts exam this time.
My name is Liu Wenshi.
You can call me Mr.
Let’s stop wasting time and get into the buses.” An official from the Ministry of Education stepped forward and addressed the students.

All the students started boarding the buses.
Wang Teng shamelessly sat beside Lin Chuhan, while Yang Jian sat on the seat to his left.

Yang Jian turned his head and said, “That person just now is my uncle who works at the Ministry of Education.”

“So that’s your uncle.” Wang Teng was surprised.

That was such a coincidence.
Yang Jian’s uncle was actually in charge of leading the examinees from their region.

The male student sitting beside Yang Jian was from class eight too.
When he heard that the middle-aged man, whom the principal had to treat with respect, was actually Yang Jian’s uncle, he said excitedly, “Yang Jian, your uncle is actually a leader in the Ministry of Education? With you around, he will definitely take care of all of us.”

A few other classmates around them agreed with his words.

Yang Jian’s face was glowing when he heard them flattering him.
He said proudly, “Of course.
However, don’t display it too obviously and create trouble for my uncle.
This is an unspoken mutual understanding, an unspoken mutual understanding.”


The students hurriedly lowered their voices as though they were sharing a common secret.

The bus drove towards the sea.

When he saw the familiar road, Wang Teng couldn’t help but exclaim at how lucky he was.
He was familiar with the exam venue.

Jixin Martial House had cleared away all their martial disciples.
The entire martial arts academy was quiet.

When the examinees arrived, the guards let them in without asking any questions.

The bus stopped at the parking lot of the martial arts academy.
The students alighted the buses.
Many of them had never come to Jixin Martial House before, so they looked at the surroundings curiously.

“So this is Jixin Martial House, one of the top three martial arts academies of China!”

“As expected, it’s extraordinary!”

“Heh, those three buildings look strange.
They look a little like… (Refer to chapter 2 for the exact description)”

Everyone’s attention was immediately attracted by the buildings.
The male students laughed ambiguously while the ladies turned red in embarrassment.

“The principal has a poor sense of humor!” Liu Wenshi came down from his car and saw this scene.
He couldn’t help but give a bitter smile.

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