Chapter 668: Ancient Relief

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Devil Lord Chi Yan thought that he would never give in.
He thought that his tough character would never be challenged.

However, the truth proved otherwise.

If your tortures were cruel enough, everyone would give up at some point.

He… admitted defeat!

This brat wasn’t a human.
He was a devil!

Devil Lord Chi Yan hid in a corner of the flame shield and shivered in fear.
He felt that he was too naive.

This torture method was worse than dying!

Even though he had been through many sufferings, he couldn’t take it.
One could imagine how cruel it was.

“Don’t worry, let’s play slowly.” Wang Teng knew what he was thinking and smiled.

“Again!” Devil Lord Chi Yan’s face turned green.

Knock, knock, knock.

Right at that moment, someone knocked on the door and interrupted him.
Wang Teng felt a little helpless.
This person came at the wrong time.

Devil Lord Chi Yan heaved a sigh of relief.
He was thankful.

“You can’t run away.” Wang Teng scoffed.
He kept Devil Lord Chi Yan and got up to open the door.

Great Sage Fara was outside the door.

“What’s the matter?” Wang Teng was in a bad mood.
This old fellow had interrupted his plan.
Why did he have such bad timing?

Great Sage Fara was stunned.

What was this?

‘Was he really so unpopular?

Great Sage Fara was puzzled and felt wronged.

“Her Highness wants to meet you,” he took a deep breath and said.

“Meet me? What does Alais want? Can’t she say everything at once?” Wang Teng replied impatiently.

“You’ll know when you see her.”

“What if I don’t?”

“Her Highness said that you will regret if you don’t go,” Great Sage Fara smiled and replied.

‘Wang Teng was rendered speechless.

Damn it, she was playing cat and mouse with him.
Didn’t she know that he was an expert at this game?

However, he was indeed curious.
What did Alais have up her sleeve?

“Lead the way.” Wang Teng walked out of the room and closed the door.

With a smile, Great Sage Fara started leading the way.
As they walked, Wang Teng realized that this was the route to the hall where the Goddess sculpture and holy flame were.

What a coincidence!

This was exactly where he wanted to go.
He could see if there were any attribute bubbles he could pick up.

After some time, they arrived at the hall.

The roof above them had been repaired.
Fortunately, there were no signs of damage in the hall.
Everything was the same as the previous time he came.

The goddess statue was enshrined in the hall with the white holy flame burning on the stone platform in the middle.

Alais was sitting cross-legged below the goddess statue.

Wang Teng glanced around the hall and was delighted.
As expected, there were attribute bubbles.

Get it!

Light Force*80

Light Force*70

Holy Flame*13

Light Force*120

Holy Flame*10

He received 680 points of light Force in total, improving his level.

Light Force: 1030/5000 (7-star)

However, there were no more Light Physique attributes.
Wang Teng felt a little disappointed.

Instead, there was a holy flame attribute bubble, netting him 130 points in total.
Wang Teng was puzzled.
He sized up the holy flame and understood what had happened.

The holy flame spirit!

He heard that the holy flame spirit had been hibernating for many years.
This was why it didn’t drop any attributes in the past.

After it woke up, it fought with the devil lord and had spent much Force.
It was normal for it to drop some attribute bubbles.

The holy flame spirit had already dropped some holy flame attributes in its battle with Devil Lord Chi Yan.

Consumption resulted in the dropping of attributes.

This made sense.

Great Sage Fara bowed at Alais and said in a soft voice, “Your Highness, Mister Wang Teng is here.”

“Yes, you can leave first,” Alais replied calmly without opening her eyes.

Great Sage Fara glanced at Wang Teng silently.
Then, he bowed and left.

‘Wang Teng noticed that Alais was recuperating, so he didn’t interrupt her.
He sized up the hall curiously.

He hadn’t carefully studied it on his last visit.
After walking one round, he saw many reliefs carved on the walls.
They were ancient, and their content was interesting.

There was a tall mountain with a village and some humans carved below it.
Suddenly, one day, a circular object landed from the sky, and a glaring light appeared on the peak of the mountain.

The little humans below the mountain were astounded.
But many of them didn’t dare to check what had happened.

One of the small humans went up the mountain.
Looking at his appearance and attire, he seemed like a young man.

He sawa lady holding a scepter and wearing armor on the mountain.

An idea flashed in Wang Teng’s mind.
If he was right, this mountain was Mount Saint and that lady was the goddess.

In the relief, the goddess was glowing.
She looked holy and divine.
The young man kneeled before the goddess, praying.

The goddess was touched by his sincerity, so she tapped her scepter lightly on the young man’s forehead.
Light blossomed.
The person fell asleep.
When he woke up, the goddess had left.

He received some legacy and went back down the mountain to meet his fellow villagers.
Then, he climbed up the mountain again.

This was followed by many images of him cultivating up in the mountain, day after day and year after year until he became very powerful.

Suddenly, a terrifying beast appeared below the mountain.
Many humans were eaten by it.

The young man heard this piece of news and went down to kill that terrifying beast.
The crowd cheered and surrounded the young man, acknowledging him as their leader.

The young man started teaching everyone his cultivation methods and fought with different fierce beasts.
There was nothing interesting after that.

‘Wang Teng was amazed by what he saw.

‘What he cared about the most was the circular flying object that appeared and the goddess that came from the sky.

This was interesting.

In his past life, he had seen many similar reliefs on the Internet.
They were relics found in different parts of the world.
Many people guessed that their ancestors had witnessed the arrival of aliens on Earth.

However, no one could verify the rumors.
Everyone’s opinion varied, and no conclusion was reached.

Yet, similar reliefs were found on the walls within the Holy Temple.
Wang Teng started viewing them with high importance.
He felt that these reliefs weren’t carved by their ancestors for fun.

Did the legacy of the Holy Temple come from aliens?

As he thought about this, he suddenly heard footsteps behind him.

“Are you surprised?” Alais’s voice came into his ears.

‘Wang Teng turned his head and saw Alais walking over.
She stood beside him and looked at the reliefs on the wall.

“A little.” Wang Teng nodded.
“How long have they been here?”

“These reliefs were carved on the mountain walls.
People chiseled them and brought them here.
We’re not sure how long they have been here,” Alais replied.

“Do you think it’s true?” Wang Teng probed.

“What do you think?” Alais looked at him intently as an object appeared in her hand.
Wang Teng squinted when he saw what it was.

“Crystal skull!”

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