Chapter 667: A Real Barbecued Devil Lord!

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Devil Lord Chi Yan was overweening when he escaped.
In the end, he became a prisoner again, and the situation was worse than before.

He felt bitter.

He had tried so hard to escape.
He bewitched Kipling and pushed him into the darkness before he was released.

It wasn’t easy.
Kipling was a devoted great sage.
He had to spend a long time trying to lure him to his side.

Devil Lord Chi Yan felt depressed as he recalled the great lengths he took to convince Kipling.

It was… insanely tough!

He got tired of shouting, especially after he saw Wang Teng looking at him mockingly as if he were a clown.
He fumed and wanted to bite Wang Teng to death.

This was a humiliation!

He had never received such a treatment before.

“Why aren’t you shouting anymore?” Wang Teng leaned towards the light shield and smiled.

“Young brat, don’t gloat.
You can’t kill me.” Only a small part of Devil Lord Chi Yan was left now.
He glared at Wang Teng furiously.

Wang Teng continued smiling, but his actions were ruthless.

The holy flame and the Emerald Glazed Flame soared towards Devil Lord Chi Yan.

“Ah!” Devil Lord Chi Yan screamed in pain.

The two flames wrapped around the dark flame, obliterating the last slivers of his soul.

Devil Lord Chi Yan thought that Wang Teng wouldn’t be able to find the origin of his soul, but it was a piece of cake for Wang Teng.
After all, his spiritual power was at the Imperial Realm.

Hiss, hiss, hiss!

The sound of something burning kept coming from the shield.

Although the Emerald Glazed Flame didn’t counter the dark flame as well the holy flame did, it was still a divine fire.
It inflicted great damage to dark apparitions.

This was why Devil Lord Chi Yan still suffered even though Wang Teng only had a small bud of holy flame.
He had the Emerald Glazed Flame as the foundation.

Besides, Devil Lord Chi Yan was nearing his death.
He couldn’t withstand the scorching flame.


“Stop it!”

A fearful voice came from his throat.

“Didn’t you say that I can’t kill you?” Wang Teng mocked with a sneer.
“You got scared quite quickly.”

He didn’t stop, though.
He continued releasing the two flames to barbecue Devil Lord Chi Yan.

This was a real barbecued devil lord!

“We can sit down and have a proper chat.
I admit defeat.
Stop it!” Devil Lord Chi Yan didn’t care about his dignity anymore.

Wang Teng snorted.
He kept the flame and said, “You could have done this earlier.
I wouldn’t have to waste so much time.”


Devil Lord Chi Yan was at his wits’ end.
He kept cursing Wang Teng silently.

This was infuriating!

He had never felt so frustrated.

However, he didn’t dare to refute.
He mustn’t offend Wang Teng.

Devil Lord Chi Yan looked at the two flames in Wang Teng’s hand in fear.

He had never been this near to death.
Even when he was imprisoned under Mount Saint and getting burned by the holy flame day and night with his soul slowly obliterating, he didn’t feel a strong sense of helplessness and despair.

This fellow was more dangerous than the idiots on Mount Saint!

Devil Lord Chi Yan had to admit that he was scared of Wang Teng.

“What do you want?” Devil Lord Chi Yan took a deep breath and asked Wang Teng.

“Hand over your origin of soul, and I’ll spare you.” Wang Teng restrained his smile and put on an emotionless expression.
His voice was cold.

He could destroy this mysterious origin of soul, but he couldn’t control it if the other party was unwilling to give it to him.

He did receive the Abyss Burial from Margus, but it had many limitations.
He could only use it on people who were weaker than him.
There was no threat.

However, this was Devil Lord Chi Yan.
His realm was higher, and he was a high-level being, so he didn’t dare to use it recklessly.

Devil Lord Chi Yan’s expression changed.

‘Wang Teng wanted to control his origin of soul and make him his servant.
This was unexpected.

“Impossible!” Devil Lord Chi Yan replied without any hesitation.
“I’m a devil lord.
I’d rather die than pass my origin of soul to you!”

“Like tough fellows.” Wang Teng smiled in anger, his eyes lighting up brightly.

Hiss, hiss, hiss!

The holy flame and the Emerald Glazed Flame flew out again, sandwiching Devil Lord Chi Yan in between.

“ah…” Devil Lord Chi Yan howled in agony.

“The tougher you are, the more challenging it is.
The harder it is, the more fun I will have,” Wang Teng smiled and said.


Devil Lord Chi Yan gritted his teeth.
He bore the pain of the burning flames, unwilling to succumb.

This would affect his future freedom.
If he handed over his origin of soul, he could forget about roaming the world freely.

Wasn’t it the same as dying?

Hence… he would never give it up!

“Indeed, you’re a tough nut.” Wang Teng nodded in approval.
He gradually increased the intensity of the flame.

Devil Lord Chi Yan had lived through many years of getting burned by the holy flame, so his endurance was impressive.
Even though the combination of the two flames gave him excruciating pain, he could still bear with it.

As expected, he was just acting when he admitted defeat just now!

‘Wang Teng felt that this Devil Lord Chi Yan was a sly fellow.
He released the flames little by little and pushed them into Devil Lord Chi Yan’s body.
He was in no hurry.

He incrassated these two flames to raise their temperature, making it even more unbearable for Devil Lord Chi Yan.

He would increase the temperature a little every time, giving him hope that he would be able to endure it.

At the same time, the high temperature pushed the devil lord into despair.
This happened again and again, playing with his mentality.

‘Well, Wang Teng was an expert in torture!

Half an hour passed just like that.
Wang Teng was surprised.

“You’re really tough!”

“Hahaha… I’m a devil lord.
How can I lose to a human like you?” Devil Lord Chi Yan panted heavily.
He was extremely weak, but he didn’t give in.

“Not bad, your courage is commendable.” Wang Teng didn’t get angry.
He nodded in approval and continued his game of torture.

He would never show mercy to dark apparitions.

“Oh right, let me add some seasoning for you.” Wang Teng remembered something.
The lightning Force in his body was activated.
It formed bolts of lightning and struck the devil lord.

Slash! Boom!

Devil Lord Chi Yan got struck by lightning the instant he sensed something amiss.
He shuddered.

“Don’t think that you can—”

Slash! Boom!

Devil Lord Chi Yan remained unyielding, but he was struck by lightning again before he could finish his words.

‘Wang Teng didn’t want to hear his bullshit.

Devil Lord Chi Yan was stunned.

Who am I?

Where am I?

Why am I getting struck by lightning?

Devil Lord Chi Yan started questioning his life.
Getting hit by lightning was indescribable.
This was a double torment of flame and lightning!

However, this wasn’t enough.
Wang Teng released his ice Force and poison Force too.
He burned the devil lord, froze it, struck it with lightning, then poisoned it

Devil Lord Chi Yan… wanted to cry!

He looked at Wang Teng in fear, tears of regret and sorrow flowing down his eyes.


This fellow was a devil!

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