Chapter 662: Revival Of The Holy Flame Spirit!

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The death of a 12-star general-stage martial warrior came so easily.

The eyes of Great Sage Fara and the other martial warriors of the Holy Temple around him turned red.
They didn’t have many 12-star general-stage martial warriors in the Holy Temple.
This was a huge loss for them.

They had lost many formidable warriors in this battle.

Devil Lord Chi Yan laughed wildly.
With crimson light shining in his eyes, he dashed toward another martial warrior from the Holy Temple.

“Issac, run!” Great Sage Fara’s expression changed.
He reminded the martial warrior hurriedly.

The martial warrior called Issac was shocked and terrified.

The other martial warriors were frightened after witnessing their comrade getting twisted to death.
They had no courage to resist Devil Lord Chi Yan anymore.

Hence, Issac turned and sprinted away.
He didn’t need Great Sage Fara to remind him.
He ran like a mouse that saw a cat.

Yet, it was all in vain.
His body froze abruptly halfway through.
He lowered his head.

Ahand had penetrated his chest.
It was clutching a fresh… heart!

The heart was still pumping.
Fresh blood flowed down.

“My heart!” The martial warrior’s face turned pale.
Fear and disbelief were laced in his eyes.


The next instant, Devil Lord Chi Yan squeezed the heart.
Fresh blood splattered everywhere.


“You’re a devil!”

Great Sage Fara shivered in anger.
However, one could still see the uncontrollable fear flashing in the depth of his eyes.

Devil Lord Chi Yan was too scary!

Within a short moment, two martial warriors from the Holy Temple had died.
If this continued, he would kill all the people here.

This place was a slaughterhouse!

Devil Lord Chi Yan didn’t bother about Great Sage Fara.
After killing these two martial warriors, he had torn a hole in their encirclement.
He charged out and dashed toward the peak of the mountain.

The martial warriors knew that his target was the Goddess.
Their expressions changed, but they didn’t dare to stop him.

By the time they reacted, Devil Lord Chi Yan had reached the peak.

Alais was sitting in the middle of the array and trying her best to activate it.
When she saw Devil Lord Chi Yan, her expression changed.

“Die!” Devil Lord Chi Yan frowned in contempt when he felt the light Force emitting out of the array.
His gaze turned cold, and he released his dark flame.
It swarmed towards Alais.

At this moment, the white flame in the hall felt the danger and merged into the array.


The array glowed brightly.
White flames swept through the surroundings and covered the entire array.

Alais was protected by the circle of white flame.
She looked even more holy and pure.


The white flame rose into the air and collided with the dark flame directly.

The two flames were distinctively different—one white, one black.
They corroded each other and split the sky into two.
It was terrifying and majestic.

“This is great!”

“Her Highness has activated the array!”

The people below finally heaved a sigh of relief.
They were elated.

Although Dan Taixuan and the others had managed to survive this ordeal, they were injured.
They felt relieved when they saw this scene.

“This is great.
We will die if the array doesn’t work, though.” Dan Taixuan still had lingering fears.

“Looks like she succeeded.
I wonder if she can stop Devil Lord Chi Yan,” Darwan said worriedly.

“Thope so.”

Everyone’s attention was on the peak of the mountain.
The battle there would affect their survival.
They were all concerned.

At the peak of the mountain, the two flames kept intertwining and hissing.

Alais’s face was pale.
Activating the array had used up too much of her energy.
Her light Force reserves were already running low due to the fight with Kipling, so she was currently forcing herself.
She didn’t know how long she could last.

Noticing that Alais was getting weak, Devil Lord Chi Yan sneered.
Dark flames surged out from his body continuously.

Boom, boom, boom!

The dark flame crashed into the holy flame and the array, wave after wave.

The holy flame kept retreating into the array.
No matter how much Alais struggled, she couldn’t strengthen it.

The people below noticed this too.
They were appalled.

“What is happening?”

‘The holy flame can’t defeat Devil Lord Chi Yan either?”

“Are we going to die here?”

‘Many martial warriors started howling in despair.
Some had a mental breakdown and wanted to escape.
However, the mountain was surrounded by the dark flame.
if they wanted to run away, they had to pass through it.

A few people didn’t want to wait for death, so they covered themselves with layers of Force and rushed into the dark flame.

The instant they entered the flame, within two breaths, they started screaming in pain.

After the failure of a few stubborn martial warriors, the others accepted their fate.
Their expressions turned ugly, and they felt despair wash over them.

Devil Lord Chi Yan looked at the scene in front of him from the peak of the mountain and cackled.
“Mount Saint used the holy flame to destroy my body and obliterate my soul.
Today, I will use my dark flame to return the favor and catch you, my little goddess.
I’ll use the dark flame to torture your soul as my

An eye for an eye!”

There was endless hatred in his voice.
It echoed in the mountain and sent chills down everyone’s spine.

Alais’s face turned pale.
She shuddered in fear when she thought of the consequences.

She had seen how Devil Lord Chi Yan’s soul was obliterated by the holy flame.
The torment was inhumane.
Honestly, if it wasn’t a devil lord dark apparition that they couldn’t kill easily, they would never use this method.

Nonetheless, the grudge was already formed.
It was too late to say anything now.

Moreover, the dark apparitions were the greatest enemy of humans.
As long as they could kill the other party, no matter how cruel the method was, they would do it.

“Based on the power of your soul, you won’t last for long.
Don’t worry.
I’ll control the flame and make sure you experience hell.”

Devil Lord Chi Yan sniggered.
Then, he turned serious.
The dark flame dashed forward without any warning, sweeping towards Alais.

“Your Highness!” Great Sage Fara howled in despair.

The other martial warriors of the Holy Temple were dead silent.
Their eyes were red as they stared intently at the sky above the Holy Temple.

Alais’s gaze remained firm as she sat inside the array.
She was resolute.
She took out every iota of Force in her body and released it.


The dark Flame still engulfed Alais in the end…

Devil Lord Chi Yan was laughing like a maniac.
There was pleasure and joy on his face.
He felt delighted that he had taken his revenge.

The people below were in silence and total despair.


At this moment, an explosion occurred in the array.
The dark flame that had swallowed Alais was forcefully pushed out.

Aglaring green flame burned within the dark flame, lighting up the entire sky with its ghostly brightness.

A figure stood erect in front of Alais, behind the green flame.
His back was ramrod straight, and he had one hand stretched out.
A large green flame abided by its king’s order and resisted the dark flame.

Devil Lord Chi Yan choked.

“Wang Teng!”

Everyone was shocked and elated when they saw this scene.

‘Wang Teng had managed to block Devil Lord Chi Yan!

Hope was ignited in their hearts once again.

“It’s you!” Devil Lord Chi Yan glared at Wang Teng with killing intent in his eyes.

“It’s too early to be happy!” Wang Teng said.

“How dare you spoil my plan.”

“Why not? You’re just a loser whose body was destroyed.
How dare you wreak havoc in the human world!”

“Loser!?” Devil Lord Chi Yan was infuriated.
“Good, good, you’re bold!”

“Thad the guts to stand up against Black Incubus Devil Lord in her prime.
Why won’t I dare to fight a loser who snatched another human’s body?” Wang Teng continued.

“Black Incubus!” Devil Lord Chi Yan was dumbfounded.
He smiled hideously and said, “You’re lying.
How can you survive in front of her?”

“I don’t need you to believe me.”

‘Wang Teng scoffed.
He turned and said to Alais.
“Let me take over from here.”

Alais’s aura was weak.
She looked at him for a few moments before finally nodding.

‘Wang Teng sat down cross-legged in the middle of the array with numerous green flames surrounding his body.
After some time, they went back into his body.

Devil Lord Chi Yan had a bad feeling when he saw Wang Teng taking over the array.

“What is Wang Teng planning to do?”

“Only the Goddess, who possesses light Force, is able to activate the array.
How can he control it?” Great Sage Fara frowned, feeling confused.

Under everyone’s astounded gaze, a dazzling white light suddenly blossomed from Wang Teng’s body.
It looked sacred and godly.

That was… light Force!

The members of the Holy Temple were flabbergasted and in disbelief.

“He, he… he has light Force!” Great Sage Fara shouted as if he had seen a ghost.

He wasn’t the only one.
Even Wang Teng’s close companions like Dan Taixuan were bewildered.

They had no idea that Wang Teng had light Force!

Did this fellow possess all the elements?

Appalled, they stared at him with their mouths agape.

Even Alais had a strange glimmer in her eyes.
Her expression was complicated.
There was surprise, astonishment, and a hint of..

No one knew what she was thinking.

At this moment, as light Force flowed out of Wang Teng’s body, the array below him started working again.
It glowed brightly, even brighter than when Alais was controlling it.

The Light Physique attributes in the Holy Temple were left by the past generations of goddesses.
Due to the special nature of the Holy Temple, they didn’t disappear.
Hence, after Wang Teng collected them, his physique became stronger than Alais’s.

Once his Light Physique was activated, the light Force around him surged over and merged into the array through his body.


The array started spinning again, connecting with the holy flame in the hall.

Countless strands of light Force merged into the array, feeding the little beast inside the holy flame.
It woke up gradually.


The little beast opened its eyes and gave an ear-shattering loud roar.

Devil Lord Chi Yan’s expression underwent a huge change..

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