Chapter 660: Light Physique!

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Dark Flame*5

Dark Force*300

Dark Flame*3

Wood Force*520

Earth Force*450

Dark Force*680

Before Wang Teng left, he released his spiritual power and picked up the attribute bubbles around him.
Without counting, he already felt that it was a huge gain.

Especially the dark Force.
When he defeated Kipling, the guy had dropped a huge number of dark Force attribute bubbles.
The appearance of Devil Lord Chi Yan and his possession of Kipling’s body would similarly give him many dark Force attributes.

Thinking about it, Wang Teng felt that he must thank Kipling.
Without that old fellow, he wouldn’t be able to gain so many dark Force attribute bubbles.

What a kind man!

He would forgive him for calling him a bitch.
After all, that old man might be dead.

Of course, besides dark Force, there were many other elements too.
They were dropped by the martial warriors who got killed by the Devil Shadow Flame.

‘Wang Teng was earning from the dead!

Then, there was the dark flame.

As the dark flame attributes merged into his body, he felt a scorching heat climbing his forehead.

The small little black flame shuddered a little and grew slightly bigger.

The feeling he had this time was a little different.
It was quite mysterious.
The attribute points were changed into a flame.
This was different from the way he obtained the Emerald Glazed Flame the other time.

He didn’t think that he could use this method to obtain a divine fire.

Without a doubt, this dark flame was a kind of divine fire.
The relevant information had appeared in his mind not long after he received it.

This flame originated in the Darkland.
It could only be born in places with the thickest and purest dark Force.

But that wasn’t the only criterion.
There were other requirements, such as the location had to maintain the thick and pure dark Force for thousands or even millions of years.
If there was a gap, the efforts would all be in vain.
Hence, the chances of birthing this dark flame were extremely low.

This requirement alone was enough to bring the possibility down to almost zero.

Coincidently, the birthplace of Devil Lord Chi Yan was a treasured location with such qualities.
Hence the rumors that he came into this world along with the dark flame.

This made Wang Teng extremely curious about the holy flame of the Holy Temple.
He wondered what kind of flame it was.

If it was another divine fire, this would be a great harvest for him.

He had two reasons for following Alais.
One was to use the holy flame to defeat Devil Lord Chi Yan and the other was to see what treasures were hidden in the Holy Temple.

He had picked up an enormous number of attribute bubbles in the 12 zodiac palaces.
The Holy Temple wouldn’t be worse, right?

Great Sage Fara was right.
Letting Wang Teng into the Holy Temple was inviting a wolf into the house!

When Devil Lord Chi Yan saw Wang Teng and Alais dashing towards the Holy Temple, he immediately understood their intention.
He waved his hand, and the black flames turned into two hideous giant pythons.
They slithered after the two martial warriors.


The giant pythons hissed madly.
They seemed exactly like real pythons and were covered with black flames, looking majestic.

“Be careful!” Dan Taixuan and Great Sage Fara’s expression changed.
They shouted in a hurry.

Alais’s face was pale.
She was seriously injured.
If she used her light Force again, she would receive a backlash from the rampant dark Force in her body.
At that time, all hope would be lost.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted and fired two flaming blade glows with his Mo Que.

The two giant pythons hissed in anger and got destroyed in an instant.

The dark flame had special effects against Force attacks, but it had no advantages in front of another divine fire.

Asharp glint flashed passed Devil Lord Chi Yan’s eyes.
“Divine fire!”

“Hahaha, I have been searching for another divine fire for many years but couldn’t find it.
Yet, I found it on the first day of my resurrection.
Heaven is helping me!”

Devil Lord Chi Yan laughed.
He was elated.
Greediness and yearning were apparent on his face.

‘Wang Teng turned around and flipped him a birdie.


Then, he left with Alais.

Dan Taixuan, Great Sage Fara, and the others rushed forward and cut between them.
They stopped Devil Lord Chi Yan from attacking again.

“Irritating!” Devil Lord Chi Yan’s face turned black.
He gathered his dark flame and hurled attacks at them.

The martial warriors remained vigilant.
Not daring to put down their guards in front of this devil lord, they executed their most powerful attacks to welcome the opponent.

The other formidable warriors from the Holy Temple joined in too.
They scattered around the devil lord and threw their attacks at him continuously.

Alais and Wang Teng arrived outside the Holy Temple.

Alais didn’t stop.
She strode straight into the Holy Temple.

‘Wang Teng followed behind her hurriedly while sighing in his heart.
He was supposed to come here as a guest but look at everything that had happened.

Fortunately, he was still able to walk in with no one stopping him.

He was trying to save everyone.
Who dared to stop him!

If the people in the Holy Temple were insensible again, he would turn and leave.

He might not be able to defeat Devil Lord Chi Yan, but he could help his companions escape safely.

Entering the Holy Temple, a long corridor welcomed them.
Tall pillars lined the sides of the corridor.
There were many carvings on the pillars, but Wang Teng didn’t have the time to look at them carefully.

They walked past the corridor and into the temple.

‘Wang Teng followed behind Alais and finally arrived at a large hall after taking many turns.

An enormous statue of a goddess stood erect right in the middle of the hall.
She was holding a scepter in one hand and a shield in another.

The scepter was the same as Alais’s.
The only difference was the size.

Below the goddess status, a white flame was blooming and burning quietly on a stone platform.

Wang Teng looked at it strangely.
He saw a virtual image of a unicorn within the flame.
It was lying in the flame, hibernating.

But soon, his attention was attracted by the large number of attribute bubbles scattered in the hall.

He was overjoyed.
There were so many of them!

The entire hall was filled with attribute bubbles shimmering in white light.
They were of different sizes and they floated around the goddess statue.
It was a magnificent sight.

Get it!

Light Force*50

Light Force*45

Light Physique*s

Light Force*80

Light Physique*10

Light Force*90

Light Force*68

Wang Teng suppressed the joy in his heart and collected all the attribute bubbles around him with a sweep of his spiritual power.
However, very soon, he couldn’t contain his excitement anymore.

Light Physique!

Light Force!

Wang Teng wanted to laugh.
This was good stuff.
He received a special physique and a large number of Force attributes..
Who said there weren’t any free lunches in the world?

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