Chapter 65: Heading To The Martial Arts Exam

Who knew what kind of fear Wang Teng went through the night before the university entrance exam?

There was a lesson for everyone in this incident: ‘Don’t anger your parents.
When they get angry, they’re not human.’

The next day, Wang Teng woke up very early.
He wanted to sneak out of the house before his parents awoke to prevent them from breaking his leg.

Unfortunately, he could never be earlier than his mom!

Li Xiumei was wearing an apron as she came out of the kitchen with breakfast in her hands.
She was shocked when she saw Wang Teng.
“Son, why are there eye bags under your eyes? You didn’t have a good rest yesterday?”

“…” Wang Teng expressed his unwillingness to respond.

“Did you really think your father and I would break your leg?” Li Xiumei asked in astonishment.


“How can your father and I be so cruel?” Li Xiumei shamelessly ignored the words she had said last night.


“Hurry up and eat your breakfast, little brat!” Li Xiumei said helplessly.

After finishing breakfast, Wang Shengguo planned to send Wang Teng to the examination venue personally.
He didn’t have any hope, but Mr.
Wang still viewed the examination with high importance.

“Son, did you bring your identification card and your exam identity card?” Before they left, Li Xiumei asked again worriedly.

“Yes,” Wang Teng replied.

“Let me check for you,” Li Xiumei inspected Wang Teng’s identification cards personally before she felt at ease.
She then sent the father and son off.

Donghai No.
1 High School.

Wang Teng’s standard exam was held at Donghai No.
1 High School.

At this moment, there were many small cars parked outside the high school gates.
Beyond the blockade line set up by the school, students were gathered in small groups, and discussions could be heard everywhere.
The scene seemed exceptionally noisy.

A few buses were parked on the other side.

Many students gathered below the buses too.
They were whispering to one another and seemed more reserved as compared to the others.

These students had come from the nearby regions to take part in the university entrance exam.

Wang Teng got down from his car and scanned his surroundings.
He wanted to see if there was anyone familiar.

A voice came from behind him.

“Young Master Wang, over here!” Wang Teng turned his head and saw Yang Jian waving at him while shouting.

Lin Chuhan and a few other students from his class were also beside him.

“Dad, my classmates are calling me.
I’ll go over first,” Wang Teng said to Wang Shengguo.

“Go ahead.
I’ll come and fetch you after your exam.” Wang Shengguo nodded.

“There’s no need for that.
I can go home by myself in the afternoon.
You can focus on your work,” replied Wang Teng.

“It’s alright.
One day won’t hurt.
It’s decided then.
I’ll come and fetch you later.” Wang Shengguo drove his car away after he finished speaking.

Wang Teng went over and joined Lin Chuhan and his classmates.

“How’s your preparation?” Wang Teng asked Lin Chuhan and Yang Jian casually.

“Not bad.
The normal exam shouldn’t be a problem for me,” Yang Jian said.

“We are taking the language, math, and English test today.
There’s nothing much to worry about.
The real headache is the martial arts exam later on,” said Lin Chuhan.

The martial arts paper examinations and the actual combat assessment!

All the students would take the language, math, and English papers first.
Then, the ordinary students would continue with their science papers while those participating in the martial arts exam would start their martial arts papers.

This was the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ that they normally studied.

Wang Teng nodded.
He noticed that Lin Chuhan was alone, so he asked in surprise, “Didn’t Auntie send you to school?”

“I didn’t want her to come,” said Lin Chuhan.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything in reply.
Lin Chuhan’s family condition was quite special.
Her mother was taking care of the entire family, so she was busy as a bee.
It was normal that she didn’t come.

“Will your language, math, and English papers be alright?” Lin Chuhan changed the topic and asked.

Wang Teng had never taken a single lesson properly in the past and his test results were always a single digit.
With his score, how was he supposed to pass the exam?

But, Lin Chuhan had her doubts when she saw Wang Teng’s confidence.
He looked as though getting results wasn’t a difficult thing for him.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.” As expected, Wang Teng acted the same way.

“Alright, as long as you’re confident,” said Lin Chuhan.

“Little Jian, are they your classmates?” A middle-aged man beside Yang Jian jumped into the conversation.

“Yes, Dad, they sit behind me.
They are participating in the martial arts exam too,” Yang Jian nodded and replied.

“Class monitor, Young Master Wang, this is my father…”

Yang Jian introduced his father to Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan.

“Uncle Yang, nice to meet you!” Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan quickly greeted the man.

Yang Jian’s father smiled and said, “Nice to meet you, too.
All of you are taking the martial arts exam, so you might end up going to the same university.
You can interact with each other more in the future.”

“Alright, Dad, we are going into the exam venue soon.
You can go back now,” said Yang Jian.

“Okay, okay.
I will come and pick you up in the afternoon.
Have a good exam.” Yang Jian’s father bade farewell to Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan and drove his car away.

The three students stood there and chatted with one another.

The other students slowly arrived at the venue.
More and more people were standing outside the school gates.

“Oh no, I forgot to bring my examination identity card!”

Suddenly, a wail was heard among the crowd.
All the students and their parents shifted their gaze over.

It was a slightly plump female student.
She was so agitated that she was like an ant on a hot pan.
Tears fell down her eyes, and she kept rummaging in her school bag.
All the things inside were in a mess.

However, the more she panicked, the more anxious she got.

Her parents started feeling uneasy too.
At the same time, they kept complaining and scolding her.

“Before we left, I reminded you over and over again to check your items to ensure that you’ve prepared everything.
Why didn’t you listen to me? What should we do now?”

The student’s mother was a middle-aged lady.
At this time, she didn’t know what to do either.

All the students present looked at the female student with pity.
The exam was about to start.
She wouldn’t be able to make it if she went back to take her identity card now.

At the same time, they also started inspecting their possessions.
They were afraid that they might have forgotten to bring something and would become a part of this tragedy.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but inspect his belongings too.

The atmosphere would affect a person.
The atmosphere at the scene was nervous and fearful, so even though Wang Teng appeared calm and composed, he was also afraid.

Fortunately, this kind of thing rarely happened.
He wasn’t that unlucky.

Speaking of being unlucky, a person not far away from him suddenly sneezed.

“Damn it, I accidentally caught a cold yesterday night and got sick today!”

This was quite tragic too.
This student got sick during the university entrance exam.
It might affect his performance.
If he accidentally scored a few points less, he might not be able to enter his desired university.

Similar things always happened during the university entrance exam.
It wasn’t anything special.

All these scenes were the different sides of the university entrance exam.

The time was almost here.

The blockade line was removed, and the students immediately flooded into the exam venue.

Wang Teng split up with Lin Chuhan and Yang Jian.
They went to their individual exam venue.

He was very familiar with Donghai No.
1 High School.
Wang Teng quickly navigated his way around and found the classroom where his exam would be held.

He handed over his cell phone and other electronics.
Then, he verified his identification card and exam identity card.
After that, Wang Teng could finally enter the room.

He found his seat and sat down, patiently waiting for the exam to start.

After some time, a voice appeared on the school’s broadcasting system.
It explained the rules of the exam venue as well as the things to take note of.

The students listened to the announcement carefully, afraid of missing a single point.

A difference of one point might be enough to rise above an entire classroom of students during the university entrance exam.
No mistakes were allowed.

When the broadcast ended, the university entrance exam officially started.

First up was the language exam.

The teacher distributed the papers one by one.
Wang Teng smiled when he saw the questions on the paper.

The language paper lasted for two and a half hours.
Wang Teng only used one and a half hours to finish it.
For the remaining one hour, he did nothing.

However, he didn’t choose to leave the exam venue.
Instead, he waited for the bell to ring before leaving the room with the other students.

A crowd of agitated parents was anxiously waiting outside the gates of the high school.

The second the students came out and saw their parents, before they could say anything, all the parents asked them directly in the face, “How was your exam?”

Some were happy, while others were sad.

After all, this was the university entrance exam.
It was the scene of ‘If you are unhappy, I’m naturally happy!’

Wang Shengguo was much calmer as compared to them.
He didn’t even ask Wang Teng.
He just drove him home.

When they returned, Li Xiumei acted in a similar manner.
She was so composed that it felt as if she didn’t have a child taking part in the university entrance exam.

Wang Teng felt helpless.
Weren’t they thinking of breaking his leg yesterday? Why were they acting like nothing had happened now? What could he do when he had such strange parents?

The math exam was in the afternoon, and he would be taking his English exam the following day.

Wang Teng aced everything without any hiccups.

Next, it was the martial arts exam!

Wang Teng didn’t need to take part in the exam in the afternoon on the second day.
Hence, he went back home early.
The martial arts exam was on the third day at another venue.

Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei were shocked.
“You applied for the martial arts exam?”

Wang Teng hadn’t told them about this.
Thus, when they heard that Wang Teng was going to participate in the martial arts exam, they were caught off guard.

“That’s right.
If not, why am I practicing martial arts?” Wang Teng said righteously.

“But you’ve just started learning martial arts and haven’t reached the requirements for an intermediate stage martial disciple.
Won’t it be a waste of time if you take the exam now? Also, I’ve heard that the actual combat assessment of the martial arts exam is very dangerous.
You will be asking for a beating if you go tomorrow,” Wang Shengguo said with a stern expression.

“Son, you mustn’t fool around with your life!” Li Xiumei got nervous when she heard this.

“Don’t worry.
If I can’t even pass the intermediate stage martial disciple examination tomorrow, I won’t have to take part in the actual combat assessment.” Wang Teng waved his hand.

“Oh, that’s right.” Wang Shengguo regained his senses.
He asked curiously, “In that case, why did you apply for the exam when you have no hope?”

“I want to experience it,” Wang Teng spouted nonsense, just like his father.

“Okay, experiencing it beforehand is good.
You will know what to do next year,” Wang Shengguo nodded and replied.

7th July, the third day of the university entrance exam.

In the morning, Wang Teng arrived at Donghai No.
1 High School.
The school gates were filled with people as usual.

This was the first round of the martial disciple exam, the martial disciple level inspection.

This phase wouldn’t be held at the high school.
Instead, the various famous martial arts academies would hold the event.

At this moment, not far away from the high school entrance, a few buses were parked there.
Lin Chuhan and the other students taking part in the martial arts exam were already gathered together.

The other ordinary students would occasionally look in that direction and whisper among themselves.
There were looks of envy in their eyes.

“They’re the high school students who are taking part in the martial arts exam!”

“There’s a reform this year, so intermediate stage martial disciples had the chance to apply for the exam too.
There are obviously more people compared to last year.
Unfortunately, we still don’t have the chance.”


Martial warriors had already become an icon of the upper-class society.
Society and times were changing.
In the current era, many high-ranking positions could only be held by martial warriors.
They were indispensable and important people in society.

Normal people didn’t understand the reason behind this, but it didn’t stop them from wanting to climb to the top.

Upon becoming a martial warrior, it meant that they had extricated themselves from the average working-class.

Who wanted to live in the lower class forever?

Wang Teng got out of his car and bid farewell to Wang Shengguo.
He was holding his luggage in one hand and carrying a black rectangular item that looked like the case of a cello on his back.
He walked towards the buses.

If a student passed the martial disciple level inspection, he would head to the military district afterward to continue the rest of the examination.

Thus, all the students must bring along a change of clothes and their daily necessities.

Wang Shengguo found it a little funny when he saw Wang Teng, who was just going for the experience, bringing along his luggage and looking as though he was all serious about the exam.
But, he didn’t say anything.
He allowed his son to do whatever he wanted.

However, he was a little curious about the long black box that looked like a cello case.
What did he put inside?

But, since Wang Teng didn’t want to tell him, he couldn’t do anything either!

He looked at Wang Teng’s back view as he walked towards the buses.
Suddenly, Wang Shengguo realized that his son had become different from the person in the past.

His back was straight and firm.
He looked like a treasured blade waiting to be pulled out of its sheath!

He even had the illusion that his son would cause a tempestuous storm during his trip.

Wang Shengguo chuckled and shook his head…

On the other side, Wang Teng joined Lin Chuhan and his friends.
They stood under the bus and chatted casually.

“Young Master Wang, what’s that behind your back?” Yang Jian sized up the weapon carrier casket on his back curiously.

Lin Chuhan looked over too.
She scanned the weapon carrier casket with her gaze, but unfortunately, Wang Teng had covered it with a bag.
They couldn’t see what was inside.

They were itching with curiosity.

“Secret weapon!” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Tsk, don’t tell us if you don’t want to,” Yang Jian complained.

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