Chapter 659: Mount Saint Calamity

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The atmosphere turned tense at the sudden release of Devil Lord Chi Yan’s aura.
However, Dan Taixuan and the others just felt speechless.

What do you mean by just fight with him!

You make it sound so simple.
Hello? That’s a devil lord.
Why don’t you fight with him?

‘They decided to ignore Wang Teng.
This fellow’s thinking couldn’t be understood with common logic.

“Everyone, we need to work together to defeat Devil Lord Chi Yan,” Alais took a deep breath before speaking.

“Your Highness, Mount Saint has managed to seal Devil Lord Chi Yan for many years.
You must have a way of suppressing him, right?” Dan Taixuan asked.


“That’s right.
We enshrine the ‘holy flame’ in our Holy Temple.
This flame of light is the natural enemy of the darkness.
In the past, the formidable warriors on Mount Saint used this holy flame to suppress Devil Lord Chi Yan’s ‘Devil Shadow Flame’ and destroyed his physical body,” Alais explained.

“The holy flame!” Everyone got excited when they heard this.

‘They had no confidence in dealing with Devil Lord Chi Yan, but when they heard that there was a way of bringing him down, they became hopeful again.

‘They weren’t afraid of losing the battle; they were afraid of losing hope.

“Your Highness, can you take him down?” Dan Taixuan asked hurriedly.

“The holy flame is extremely powerful.
None of the past Goddesses of the Holy Temple could control it.
You can only use it if you pass the arrays in the Holy Temple.
So I must go back to the temple.
But.” Alais hesitated.

“But what?” Darwan asked anxiously.

“During the fight with Kipling, some dark Force entered my body, and I have to use light Force to suppress it.
I might not have enough energy to activate the array.” Alais felt helpless and bitter.

“Erm… The crowd’s expression changed.

This was exasperating!

She gave them hope and then took it away instantly.

Could you finish your statement all at once?

Everyone looked at Alais with resentment.

Alais was startled.
Despite having a composed personality, she felt a little helpless.
The situation was critical, but she couldn’t do her part.
She felt guilty.

“Let me accompany her.” Wang Teng opened his mouth at this moment.

“Oh right, Wang Teng is a highly skilled runemaster.
He might find a way around it,” Dan Taixuan said.
Her eyes lit up.

“Runemaster?” Everyone was shocked.
They looked at Wang Teng in disbelief.

Arunemaster at such a young age?

Are you kidding?

“Trust me.
I don’t know how this fellow’s brain works either, but he learns many things, and his mastery in all of them is quite high.
It is astonishing,” Dan Taixuan explained.

‘The crowd finally accepted this fact after seeing how firm she was.
But they were still dumbfounded.

Darwan, Valeria, Great Sage Fara, and many others looked at Wang Teng as if he were a monster.

The holy knights had also come over by now and heard their conversation.
They were a little dejected.

Not only were his martial arts powerful, but he was also able to achieve mastery in a career that required intelligence and talent.

‘They seemed pretty useless compared to him.

How did he do it?

The three holy knights didn’t understand how a talent like him could exist in this world.

“A runemaster might not be enough.
We also have runemasters on Mount Saint, but they couldnt do anything to the array in the Holy Temple.
Although they have tried multiple times over the years, the result is the same.
You need to have light Force.
If not, you can’t activate the array,” Great Sage Fara

doused a bucket of cold water over everyone.

‘There was silence once again.
This was frustrating.

‘They didn’t know that the Holy Temple’s array had so many requirements.
To them, it was a white elephant.

‘What was the point of fighting? They should just wait and die!


An explosion came from the sky.

Their conversation lasted for a few minutes, but Devil Lord Chi Yan wouldn’t wait for them to finish.
He was finished with his transformation and had complete control of his new body.

Dark Force churned in his body like raging waves.

Devil Lord Chi Yan clenched his fist and savored the taste of regaining his strength.
He laughed uncontrollably.
Suddenly, a black flame shot out of his body.

Ablack light flashed in his eyes, and the black flame started growing in size.
Soon, it covered the entire sky.

Roaring black flames swept over, blocking all hope and pushing everyone into the abyss of despair.

“Die!” With a wave of Devil Lord Chi Yan’s hand, the back flames plummeted down.

Alais’s expression changed entirely.
“Dodge! Don’t let it touch you!”

However, the black flames had already fallen on the ground before she finished speaking.
They burned everything in their path like a forest fire.

Some people were quite unlucky.
They got hit by the flames and started burning, howling in pain.
The screams were filled with agony and despair!

In the blink of an eye, these torched humans were reduced to ashes.
Nothing was left.

“Suang, Sharjah, Mu Long, gather all the martial warriors on Mount Saint to resist the Devil Shadow Flame.
Remember, don’t come into contact with it.
Only use your Force to stop it,” Alais ordered sternly.

“Yes!” the three holy knights replied in unison.

They turned into three rays of light and shot into the crowd.
Thick Force swarmed out of their bodies and formed a protective shield, blocking the black flames outside.

“Don’t panic.
Release your Forces.
We shall resist the Devil Shadow Flame together!” Suang shouted.

The martial warriors were alarmed at the start, but they had calmed down now.
Though still frightened, under the command of the holy knights, they released their Forces and pushed back the black flames.

‘The other powerful martial warriors of the Holy Temple were on guard.
They were prepared to fight with Devil Lord Chi Yan once he attacked.

They were at a standstill.

“Thave to go to the Holy Temple to give it a try,” Alais said agitatedly.
She knew that they couldn’t resist for long.

Before anyone could reply, she rushed towards the Holy Temple.
Wang Teng kept quiet and turned into a ray of light, following her closely.

Great Sage Fara hesitated when he saw this.

The Holy Temple was an extremely important place on Mount Saint.
No one could enter it easily, and there were restricted areas for guests.

But all the powerful martial warriors of the Holy Temple had come out.
If Wang Teng entered the restricted areas, he would see all their secrets.

Great Sage Fara felt helpless when he remembered the current situation.
Never mind, if we can’t overcome this ordeal, the Holy Temple will be destroyed anyway.

Her Highness has high hopes for him.
I hope she isn’t wrong.

Great Sage Fara sighed.
Then, his pupils constricted, and he looked at Devil Lord Chi Yan in the sky.
He was worried.

“This is Mount Saint’s calamity!”

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