Chapter 657: You Aren’t Sincere In Thanking Me…

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Boom, boom, boom!

A terrifying explosion erupted in the sky.
The sword and blade consciouses caused a catastrophe in the sky, almost cutting the sky into numerous segments.

The clouds hanging in the sky split into multiple fragments, breaking into pieces as if a child was fiddling with them.


Kipling smashed into the ground.
His skin was covered with wounds, and he kept vomiting blood.
He was in a miserable state.

In the sky, Wang Teng stopped after being pushed back a few meters by the residual force.

Great Sage Kipling… lost!


There was a huge commotion.
No one could believe this result.

“Your Highness, we won?” asked Great Sage Fara in disbelief.

Alais took a deep breath and muttered to herself, “No wonder he was in the Holy Temple’s prophecy.”

“The Holy Temple’s prophecy!” Great Sage Fara’s eyes widened in shock as if he had heard something unbelievable.
He was stunned.

He looked at Wang Teng, but this time, there was a different emotion in his gaze—respect.

‘Whether he was the man in the Holy Temple’s prophecy or not, the ability he had displayed was worth his respect.

Great Sage Fara sighed loudly.
He didn’t probe further.
This wasn’t the time to discuss such matters as there were many people around them.

On the other side, Suang, Sharjah, and Mu Long were mindblown.
They forced a smile on their faces.

‘Wang Teng was many times stronger than them.
There was no point in comparing.

In the past, they weren’t convinced and felt that the Goddess placed too much importance on Wang Teng.
They felt that she had made a mistake.

From the looks of it now, the Goddess was wiser than them.
She might have already realized how extraordinary this young man was.

If they knew that Her Highness was surprised by Wang Teng too, how would their expressions change?

Humans had such strange thoughts in their minds.

Some distance away, Zhu Yushao and her companions glanced at one another.
It felt like a dream.

Did Wang Teng manage to defeat the formidable great sage from Mount Saint? Was this the happy-go-lucky Wang Teng they knew?

The difference was a little vast!

“Miss Dan Taixuan, congratulations.
In these troubled times, your country has groomed another indomitable martial warrior who’s able to stand at the peak of the world.
His ability alone is enough to protect half your nation,” Darwan said with a complicated expression.

‘There was envy in his voice.

‘The envy was real.
They knew clearly what the presence of an indomitable martial warrior meant to a country.
These martial warriors were the foundation of a country’s stability!

Dan Taixuan glanced at Wang Teng with complex emotions.
She was a genius too, and her cultivation speed exceeded most martial warriors.
The three great commanders took special care of her and groomed her to be the next generation of commanders.

In the end, Wang Teng still caught up with her and even surpassed her.

However, as his master, she felt happy at his growth.
He was like a child to her.
The edge of her lips lifted up and formed a perfect smile.

Despite feeling delighted, she waved her hands nonchalantly and replied, “He still has a long way to go.
He needs to improve.”

Darwan felt a few knives stabbing his heart.
He was exasperated.

Still needs to improve? How high do you want him to climb?

If he continued on this path, no one in the world might be Wang Teng’s match!

However, Dan Taixuan wasn’t wrong.

‘Wang Teng was still young.
He still had many opportunities and possibilities in the future.
Who knew? He might be able to reach a level no one dared to think about.

He might break the boundaries of Earth’s martial warriors and lead them to higher realms.

Darwan got shocked by his own thoughts.

If he could do this, he would be the pioneer of the world, the forerunner of all human martial warriors on Earth, just like the people who went to the Xingwu Continent and led Earth into the martial arts era.

Darwan didn’t dare to think deeper.

However, he knew one thing.
He would report this to higher authorities the instant he reached his country.
Country Xia could only be a friend, never a foe.

He felt fortunate that they chose to stand beside Country Xia this time and didn’t back down even when surrounded by the martial warriors from Mount Saint.
They had formed a tighter relationship with Country Xia.

“Cough, cough!”

Kipling climbed up from the ground and coughed out blood continuously.
His hair was in a mess, and his eyes had turned entirely red.
He had gone mad.

“Ah! I planned for so long and kept a low profile for so many years.
Why is this my ending?


How can I lose to a little bitch like you!”

Kipling yelled.
His confidence and indifference were gone.
He was depressed and seemed to have lost his mind.
The unexpected result made him lose himself.

“Little bitch?!” Wang Teng was furious.

This idiot was scolding him!

Where did this old codger who borrowed the power of darkness get the courage to curse him? Did he know that he had killed many pure dark apparitions?

Wang Teng was infuriated.
He wanted to fly down and teach him a good lesson.

At this moment, a sudden change occurred.

The giant black outline of a wild beast above Kipling’s head suddenly tumed red in the eye.
It gave a few sinister howls before leaping into Kipling’s body without any warning.


Kipling shuddered.
He raised his head and screamed in pain.

Two crimson glows shot out from his eyes.
They were the same color as the beast’s.


‘Mo Bing started ringing in his hand.
The sound was jarring and pierced right into the listener’s brain.

Many people clutched their heads uncontrollably.

At the same time, wisps of dark Force surged out of Kipling’s body like waves.
They swept all around him.

Some people didn’t manage to evade in time and got swallowed by the dark Force.
Crying in agony, they started changing.

Numerous black patterns crawled up their bodies like tiny snakes.
Their hands, legs, faces… everywhere that was visible got covered with black patterns.

“Move!” Alais’s expression changed when she saw this scene.
She shouted in a hurry.

Everyone shot back and released their Forces to resist the invasion of the dark Force.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered when he saw this unexpected change.
He looked down at Kipling who had lost his consciousness.

“Hahaha…” A peal of eerie laughter came from Kipling’s mouth.
He raised his head slightly and stared at Wang Teng with his crimson eyes.

“Imust thank you…” A hoarse voice rose from his throat.

“All words but no actions.
Why don’t you give me that weapon you’re holding?” Wang Teng asked.

‘The assimilated Kipling turned silent.

“No? Seems like you aren’t sincere in thanking me.
So hypocritic.” Wang Teng scoffed.

The assimilated Kipling:


They were in a daze.
The atmosphere turned strange suddenly as everyone’s gaze landed on Wang Teng.

How did this fellow manage to grow up smoothly?

Why hadn’t anyone beat him to death?

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