Chapter 655: Attack!

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Palm of Buddha!

Kipling raised his head and looked at the gigantic palm falling on him.
A sharp glint appeared in his eyes.

“Lknow all your skills!

“The Goddess didn’t let you guys fight because she was afraid I’d target you.
However, you have no choice now.
You can only fight.

“Unfortunately, it’s all in vain!” Kipling clutched Mo Bing and said calmly.

The holy knights had a bad premonition when they heard his words.

‘Asa great sage of the Holy Temple, as someone whose power was just below the Goddess, Kipling had a profound understanding of the legacy of the Holy Temple.
He knew the moves of the holy knights like the back of his hand.

However, at this stage, there was no turning back.
Talk was useless.


The different layers of space on the giant palm seemed to have formed a world of its own.
It shrouded over Kipling.

Kipling stabbed Mo Bing out.
A thick black glow sparkled on his sword, giving out a sword aura that pierced through the sky.

The sword glow was pitch-black, but the black light was glaring.
It lit up the entire sky.

The sword ruthlessly stabbed towards the gigantic palm in the sky.
Sword aura flashed past, releasing a shrill sonic boom.


An earth-shaking explosion occurred.

The world on the giant palm shook violently.
Cracks appeared on its outer space.
Then, the world collapsed as if it was unable to handle the frightening energy.


The instant the Palm of Buddha was destroyed, Sharjah trembled as though he was struck by lightning and vomited a mouth of blood.

He was thrown back by the powerful impact.
His face was white, and one of his palms was drenched in blood.
It trembled continuously.
He was unable to raise his hand anymore.

“What a pity!” Wang Teng shook his head sadly.

He was surprised.
He didn’t expect to see this kind of attack in a foreign land.

However, it wasn’t strange.
Buddhism didn’t just exist in Country Xia; it existed in many other countries.
The holy knight might have leamed this skill from his country of origin.

However, there seemed to be some space theory in the Palm of Buddha.
It looked like Sharjah possessed space talent too.

He still had his fist in front of him, but his body was frozen on the spot.
A black glow flickered on his face.
Clearly, the dark Force had invaded his body.

Suddenly, blood dripped down his forehead and eyes before flowing down his nose, ears, and mouth.

His vitality was leaving him like water flooding out of a broken dam.

Suang and Mu Long bellowed in anger.
They were in grief.

Sharjah squinted.
There was sorrow on his face too.

“arudis!” Some distance away, Alais and Great Sage Fara gasped in anguish.

Another holy knight had died!

“He’s dead!” Wang Teng was astounded.
He didn’t think that Arudis would be so unyielding and fight with his life on the line.
This was out of his expectation.

“It’s your turn!” Kipling suddenly turned and looked at Wang Teng.
Hatred blinked in his eyes as he released his sword.

Ablack sword glow slashed through the sky, aiming straight for Wang Teng’s head.


Calm and composed, Wang Teng hurled his fist out.
Powerful energy swept through the sky, and the black sword light shattered.

Then, he stepped on the ground and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
A split second later, he reappeared in front of Kipling.
He punched at him again.

“Fast!” Kipling squinted.
He was flabbergasted.

‘Wang Teng’s physique was astonishing!

A talent like him must die!

Killing intent boiled in his heart.
He raised his palm and welcomed Wang Teng’s fist head-on.
Their hands collided.


An eruption followed the collision of the fist and the palm.
Invisible waves blew against their hair and clothes, which flapped loudly against the wind.

Kipling’s expression changed slightly.
He felt a terrifying strength pouring towards him from the opponent.
His arm trembled, and he took three steps back involuntarily before he stopped himself.

Wang Teng took three steps back too.
His pupils constricted as he stomped in the air and dashed out.


His fists danced wildly in the air as he rained his punches down on Kipling…

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