Chapter 654: Palm Of Buddha!

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Inthe sky.

A black sword glow cut through the sky, arriving in front of Alais in a split second.
Kipling didn’t show any mercy this time.
He attacked in rage.
Anyone that dared to prevent him from killing Wang Teng should die!

Alais was useful but not that important.
He could still kill her.
Since she wanted to help Wang Teng, she could follow him to hell!

No one expected his hatred towards Wang Teng to be so many times greater than his hatred towards Alais.

Wang Teng was indeed outstanding.
He had managed to anger Kipling to this stage.

“Your Highness!” Great Sage Fara and the other holy knights were thunderstruck when they saw this scene.

The holy knights tumed into rays of light and dashed towards Alais.
They wanted to save her.
However, they were too far away.
They couldn’t arrive in time.

The sword glow reached Alais in a split second.
Fara and the holy knights stared at Alais with bloodshot eyes, which almost jumped out of their sockets.


In the end, the black sword glow still hit Alais.
Amid a loud explosion, the terrifying sword glow swallowed Alais.

“No!” Numerous martial warriors from Mount Saint howled in sorrow.
They couldn’t restrain their emotions.
Their belief had collapsed.

“Kipling!” Great Sage Fara bellowed in anger.
His face was filled with grief and indignation as he glared at Kipling with red eyes.

“Hmph!” Kipling didn’t back down.
He snorted and said, “Anyone that dares to stop me will go to hell, including the Goddess.”

“Devil!” Great Sage Fara raged.

“Me? A devil?” Kipling burst out laughing as if he had heard an amazing joke.
“Hahaha, you’re right, I’m a devil!

“In the past, a great angel welcomed the darkness and fell to the underworld.
Why can’t I do the same?”

“You, you…” Great Sage Fara choked.
He was in disbelief.

Kipling was comparing himself to that taboo.
How could he be so conceited and crazy?

Where did he get the courage from?

“Hello? She’s not dead yet.
Why are y’all wailing?” Suddenly, they heard a voice at the side.

The sorrowful atmosphere froze for a second.

Then, there was an eerie silence.

Great Sage Fara and the holy knights turned their necks stiffly and looked in the direction of the voice.
They saw Wang Teng as well as the lady lying in his arms.
It was Alais!

The Goddess wasn’t dead!

Fara and the holy knights were overjoyed and surprised.

Yet Wang Teng took them as nothing.
How infuriating!

“Don’t be impulsive.
Kipling possesses dark Force, so normal Forces can’t hurt him.
They are the holy knights of Mount Saint and have some methods to deal with the dark Force.
There will be a higher chance of success if you attack together,” Alais explained to him patiently.

“Up to you.
If you’re not afraid of them getting killed, you can ask them to fight,” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.

The holy knights were speechless again.

This fellow was getting on their nerves.
He was cursing them before the fight started.
How could he be so evil?

Alais felt the corners of her lips twitching, She took a deep breath and said to the holy knights quickly, “Help Wang Teng catch Kipling.
If there’s a need, you can kill him!”

“Are you all done talking?” Kipling’s voice echoed over.
“If you are, come receive your deaths!”


He turned into a ray of black light and shot towards his opponents.

Only four holy knights were left by now.
They were Arudis from the Taurus Palace, Suang from the Aries Palace, Sharjah from the Virgo Palace, and Mu Long from the Libra Palace.

They turned into four golden rays of light and dashed towards Kipling.

Boom, boom, boom!

The four golden balls of light and the black ball of light clashed in the air, generating loud explosions.
Powerful impact waves swept through the mountain.

‘Mu Long released his Force and turned into a green dragon, gliding through the sky.
He moved his dragon body and roared into the sky as he attacked.

suang had a serious expression on his face.
He threw back his arms, and the space behind him started distorting.

Numerous giant rocks flew over at high speed from afar.
They gathered above his head and started spinning around him.
They possessed a strong destructive force similar to a meteorite.
The area around Suang turned into a frightening death zone.

“Go!” Suang yelled and threw the rocks violently over at Kipling.
The giant rocks went forward like shooting stars.

On the other side, Sharjah sat cross-legged in mid-air and raised his palm.
An appalling scene appeared behind him.

The outline of an enormous Buddha was formed.

‘When the giant Buddha raised his palm, there seemed to be a world supported on it.
Different layers of space were constructed and developed out of nowhere.
They expanded and merged with the outside world.
There was no difference in the space inside and outside.

Each flower supports a world.
Each palm supports a Shakyamuni Buddha world.

This was Sharjah’s unique and ultimate technique—Palm of Buddha!

Buddha is compassionate.
Curling the fingers in one hand and forming a palm with another, Buddha descends from heaven to suppress all evil.


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