Chapter 653: Let Me Kill This Talent From Country Xia Today!

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“Your Highness!” Great Sage Fara and the other holy knights exclaimed in worry.

The martial warriors from Mount Saint were astounded too.
They stared at Kipling in disbelief.
No one expected him to defeat the Goddess!

“Things just got worse!” Dan Taixuan whispered, her gaze flickering.

Zhu Yushao, Mu Zhiguo, and the others turned serious too.
They were ready for any sudden changes.

Darwan and Valeria glanced at each other and clutched their weapons.
Their gazes turned vicious.
Worst case, they would have to fight for their lives.

“I think we should run away,” Dan Taixuan suddenly said with a strict face.

“… Run away?!” The teammates turned and glanced at Dan Taixuan in bewilderment.
They were stunned.

They even suspected their hearing.
Did they hear wrong?

“What? Is there a problem?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“Aren’t we going all out?” Zhu Yushao asked cautiously.

“Do we have to? Even the Goddess isn’t Kipling’s match.
He’s so powerful that he might have reached the peak of perfection.
He can kill us with a hook of his fingers,” Dan Taixuan snapped back.

Although she was exaggerating a little, this was the truth.
Even if they attacked together, they couldn’t beat Kipling.

Zhu Yushao and the others looked at Dan Taixuan as if they were meeting her for the first time.
They didn’t think that an arrogant person like her could say this.

“So we’re… running away?” Zhu Yushao asked with a strange gaze.

“Run!” Mu Zhiguo, Qu Fei, and the others nodded firmly.

They had seen Kipling’s combat prowess first-hand and knew that they were far from being his match.
If they stayed here, they would just be waiting for death.

They weren’t that stupid!

“Do you think Wang Teng can stop him?” Zhu Yushao was unwilling to give up.
She hesitated before asking everyone in a soft voice.

The team was stunned.
They immediately glanced at Wang Teng curiously.

They didn’t know what his true ability was, but he could solo six holy knights.
This was something they couldn’t do.

Could he fight with Kipling?

Alais’s face was pale.
She tried to control her injury, but blood still dripped down the edge of her mouth.

“Your Highness!” Great Sage Fara and the others shouted in worry.
They wanted to go forward and help her.

“Don’t come over!” Alais raised her hand and stopped them.

Great Sage Fara and the holy knights stopped in their tracks.
They hesitated.
“Your Highness, you…”

“Tm fine.” Alais shook her head.
She stared intently at Kipling opposite her.
“I didn’t think you could cultivate the dark Force to this stage.
You hid well!”

“Haha, if I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have fought with you.” Kipling’s black hair scattered down his shoulders.
He said in an evil tone, “Stop struggling.
Dark Force has invaded your body.
If you use your light Force again, you will receive a backlash and ruin your foundation.”

The moment he finished speaking, Alais, who wanted to use her light Force to suppress the violent dark Force in her body, vomited blood.
Her face tuned whiter.

“If you don’t believe me, you can continue trying,” Kipling continued in disdain.
He soared past Alais and rushed towards Wang Teng.
“I’ll take care of our internal conflict after getting rid of the outsiders.”

“Stop right there!” Alais’s expression changed.
She had witnessed Kipling’s strength herself, so she knew how powerful he was.
If he attacked Wang Teng and his companions, they might not be able to resist.

She knew that Wang Teng was powerful, but Kipling wasn’t weak either.
Even she wasn’t his match after using her ‘divine power.’ How could Wang Teng defeat him?

Kipling ignored Alais’s shouts and strode towards Wang Teng.
There was killing intent in his eyes.

He couldn’t wait any longer.
Wang Teng had provoked him so many times.
If he didn’t kill him, he wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly.

Dan Taixuan and the others also noticed Kipling’s intention.
They were shocked.

“Oh no, he’s coming for us.” Qu Fei and Yan Bo panicked.
They glanced at Dan Taixuan.
Once she gave the order, they would run away.

“Can you grow some balls? What’s so frightening about dying?” Zhu Yushao was also scared, but she commented uncontrollably when she saw their reaction.

“Young miss, why are you making it sound so simple? That is a top-tier general-stage martial warrior.
We can’t do anything in front of him,” Qu Fei said speechlessly.

They weren’t cowards, but they were nobodies in front of Kipling.
There was no chance of stopping him.

Wang Teng stood still and looked at Kipling as he walked over.
There was no change in his expression.

“Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?” Kipling stopped a hundred meters away from Wang Teng and asked calmly.

“Don’t be so overconfident.
You can’t kill me.” Wang Teng smiled gently.

“Tadmit that you’re a genius and possess frightening ability at your young age.
It is indeed impressive.
However, you’re not my match.
I’l kill you today.
If the Leader of Martial Arts is unhappy, he can come and look for me.” Kipling was extremely conceited, not hiding the malicious intent in his voice one


‘Wang Teng shook his head.
He wanted to say something.

“Wang Teng, leave now.
I’ll stop him!” Alais’s voice came from the distance.
She flew over with her injured body and wanted to stop Kipling for Wang Teng.

‘Wang Teng glanced at her in surprise.
What is this?

Despite being injured, she still wanted to help him stop Kipling.

Does she like me?

The thought suddenly popped into his mind.

Wang Teng got a fright.
Am I being too narcissistic? This isn’t good, not good!

Alais didn’t know what Wang Teng was thinking.
She was filled with guilt.

If she hadn’t invited him up, these things wouldn’t have happened.
If it wasn’t because of her, Kipling wouldn’t have targeted Wang Teng.

She felt that she had caused everything and was extremely guilty.

If Wang Teng died because of her, she wouldn’t be able to live with her conscience.

This was why she wanted to stop Kipling for him even though she was seriously injured.
She wanted to buy some time for him to escape.

“Goddess, move.
I don’t want to kill you for now.” Kipling looked at Alais and scoffed.

He would have killed her already if she wasn’t useful.
As someone who had stepped into the darkness, kindness had been thrown out of his dictionary.

Alais kept quiet.
Instead, light Force exploded from her body and shot towards Kipling.
At the same time, she shouted to Wang Teng behind her.


“You’re tempting fate!” Kipling was furious.
He swung his Mo Bing, and a black sword glow shot towards Alais, cutting through her light Force..

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