Chapter 652: It Feels Amazing To Become Stronger!

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Some distance away, the black and white lights kept colliding and releasing loud explosions.
The dazzling light was enough to light up the entire sky!

‘The other martial warriors stopped fighting and retreated to two sides in unplanned unison.
They watched the battle in the sky.

Ever since the six holy knights got killed by Wang Teng’s punch, both sides were at a strange equilibrium.
Whether Kipling could defeat the Goddess would tip the scales to one side.

Kipling knew this too, so he released all his Force as he fought with Alais.

‘Wang Teng felt bored.
While watching their battle, he picked up the attribute bubbles around them.

Light Force*135

Light Force*148

Light Force*185

Dark Force*150

Dark Force*200

Dark Force*115

‘Wang Teng smiled in joy when he saw his dark and light Forces rising quickly on his attributes panel.

He just obtained the light Force, so it was still at the 1-star soldier level.
However, the combat prowess of a high-tier general-stage martial warrior was extraordinary.
Hence, the attribute bubbles they dropped were sizable too.

Within a few seconds, Wang Teng’s light Force stage rose exponentially.

‘The same went for his dark Force.
Kipling was a high-tier general-stage martial warrior who was entirely plagued with dark Force.
Thus, when he was fighting, dark Force oozed out of him like a spring.

Wang Teng happily enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

Many dark Force attributes also fell from the six holy knights he had killed.

The two sources allowed Wang Teng’s dark Force to cross the hurdle and enter the 11-star low-tier general stage.

Dark Force: 260/20000 (11-star)

Dark Force tossed and turned in his body before gradually calming down.
Sensing the difference in his body, Wang Teng was elated.
It felt amazing to become stronger!

His smile became brighter when he glanced at his attributes panel.

‘The six holy knights had dropped many good attributes.
Not only did they possess dark Force, but they also had their own Force attributes.

Edward had lightning Force, Blofled and Demia had poison Force, and Yafel had ice Force.
These were all uncommon mutated attributes.

These Forces were lagging at the start, but they had all caught up now.

Lightning Force: 7450/10000 (10-star)

His lightning Force rose from a few hundred to a few thousand points.
This was a great increase.

Ice Force: 3210/10000 (10-star)

His ice Force used to be at the 9-star level, but it had entered the 10-star brigadier general stage now.
He had achieved a qualitative change.

Poison Force: 210/10000 (10-star)

Since he had killed two holy knights who possessed poison Force, the rise in his poison Force was the most prominent.
He climbed multiple levels and successfully entered the 10-star brigadier general stage.

Although still a little behind the other Forces, the distance was shortened considerably.

The common five elements Forces had seen some improvements too.

Killing the holy knights meant that he could collect all their attributes once and for all.

Hence, he received a huge number of attribute bubbles, and his ability skyrocketed.

Metal Force: 8650/20000 (11-star)

Wood Force: 2960/20000 (11-star)

Water Force: 2770/20000 (11-star)

Fire Force: 7170/10000 (10-star)

Earth Force: 650/20000 (11-star)

Except for his fire Force, the other four elements had reached the 11-star low-tier general stage.

‘Wang Teng didn’t expect his fire Force, one of his first Forces, to be the one at the end now.

But it was understandable.
Without any holy knights with fire Force, how could he collect more attributes?

He looked at the remaining holy knights.
There was a fire-element martial warrior among them, but they weren’t his enemies, so he couldn’t kill him.

What a pity!

‘Wang Teng found it regretful.
He felt that he lost a few billion!

The holy knights in the distance suddenly shivered.
By the time they glanced around them, Wang Teng had already retracted his gaze, so they didn’t discover anything.

They exchanged glances with one another and felt puzzled.

Besides Force attributes, Wang Teng also received talent attributes.

Ultimate Stage Ice Talent*320

Ultimate Stage Metal Talent*280

Ultimate Stage Poison Talent*560.

Ultimate Stage Earth Talent*210

Ultimate Stage Lightning Talent*330

Ultimate Stage Arrow Talent*270

Ultimate Stage Sword Talent*340

Seven ultimate stage talents in total.
What a huge gain!

Any ultimate stage talent was enough to make a martial warrior stand out from his peers, yet Wang Teng had all of them.
This was unbelievable.

These ultimate stage talents were extremely useful for Wang Teng.
Only the ultimate stage poison talent was overshadowed by the Demon Lotus Poison Body, which, as a special physique, had higher potential.

The ultimate stage ice talent merged with the Ice Cocoon Physique and increased the potential of this physique.

Ice Cocoon Physique: 348/5000

Next were the scriptures and battle techniques.

Wang Teng had seen many high-rank scriptures and battle techniques, but even he was astounded when he counted his spoils of war.

Crimson Roses (sky-rank)*1

Blood Red Venom (sky-rank)*1

Lightning Lion Fist (sky-rank)*1

Lightning Stike Scripture (sky-rank)*1

Absolute Zero (sky-rank)*!

Holy Frost Scripture (sky-rank)*1

Blood Moon Thorns (sky-rank)*1

Holy Sword Slash (sky-rank)*1

Gold Ingot Scripture (sky-rank)*1

Aurora Holy Arrow*1

The list of sky-rank scriptures and battle techniques dazzled his eyes.
He had to admit that the foundation of Mount Saint was extremely strong.

These skills were the legacy of the holy knights, but Wang Teng got hold of them easily and kept them in his pocket.

If the holy knights knew this, they might rise from the dead in anger and duel with Wang Teng again.

now have offensive attacks for all my attributes.
Wang Teng touched his chin in deep thought.

Adding the space attribute bubbles and space fragments he had received from Margus, he had struck the lottery.
He had obtained offensive skills for all his attributes.

‘Wang Teng felt that he had walked further on the path of becoming an all-rounded martial warrior.

This wasn’t good!

He was becoming more and more heaven-defying.
What if he got struck by lightning?

‘Wang Teng looked up at the sky, finding it more of a possibility as his awesome talents bedazzled even himself.

Geniuses were always envied.
Heaven might strike him to death because it couldn’t stand him anymore.


While Wang Teng was letting his imagination run wild, he heard a sudden explosion.
The black and white ball of lights finally separated.

“Hahaha, Goddess, you’ve lost!” A peal of delighted and savage laughter sounded in everyone’s ears.
It was from Kipling.

Alais held her scepter as she stood in the sky.
The light Force around her was blinking crazily.
She seemed a little weak.

“Has she hit her limits?” Wang Teng glanced at them and squinted.

He thought that Alais had a big chance of winning, but Kipling was a level higher than her.
It looked like there was a limit to the amount of power Alais could receive

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