Chapter 651: Mo Bing, Goddess Scepter!

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The muscles on Kipling’s face trembled violently without his control.
His face was as black as the bottom of a pot as he stared at Wang Teng eerily.
He had never been so angry at a person.

‘Wang Teng was the first one!

The expressions of Great Sage Fara and the other holy knights were strange.
They felt that this young man from Country Xia was revengeful and stubbom.
He had managed to infuriate Kipling to this stage.

At the same time, they were astounded.
Looking at the huge trench on the ground ané the lifeless holy knights, they sighed at his ruthlessness but were amazed at this strength.

This young man was terrifying!

Not only was he powerful, but he was also narrowminded.
Who would dare to provoke him in the future?

If anyone wanted to become his enemy, they needed to see if they could withstand his punch first.

‘The punch was a standard.

Everyone regained their senses.
They stared dumbfounded at the trench below them and felt a chill shooting down their spines.
Their heads turned numb.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Everyone took a few steps back as if Wang Teng was some terrifying monster.

‘The mutiny had just started, but many people were already starting to regret it.

One person was enough to kill the most powerful holy knights under Great Sage Kipling’s wing.
How were they supposed to continue fighting? Did they have any chance of winning?

Many traitors became suspicious.

‘They were marching aggressively, thinking that success was within their grasp after accepting the power of the dark.
But a few seconds later, they suffered a huge blow.

This felt constipated.
If someone frightened you during the process.

You would never be able to get it out again!


Alais and Great Sage Fara were dumbstruck.
No one would ever expect such a comical scene to appear during a rebellion that endangered the entire Mount Saint.

Kipling’s expression turned uglier.
He didn’t think that the nobody who he thought he could pinch with his fingers was actually a terrifying monster who managed to cut off his left and right arms.

“Damn it!” Kipling cursed uncontrollably.
He was furious.

“Lunderestimated you,” he stared viciously at Wang Teng and said in an emotionless voice.

“Thank you for your compliment!”

The thick vein on Kipling’s forehead throbbed furiously.
Why are you thanking me!

Am I complimenting you? Huh? Am I complimenting you?!

What the hell are you thinking!

This simple reply almost caused Kipling to lose control of himself.
He nearly exploded in anger.

He felt that Wang Teng was his arch-enemy.
He could anger him to death with a single reply.

Dan Taixuan and the others were speechless, especially Zhu Yushao, Mu Zhiguo, and the other students.
They looked at Wang Teng’s back in bewilderment.

This fellow was amazing!

He could refute anyone!

He even dared to argue with the great sage of Mount Saint and almost angered him to death.
An ordinary person wouldn’t even be able to open his mouth.

Kipling took a deep breath to control his emotions.
He said coldly, “Don’t be arrogant.
I’ll take care of you after I kill the Goddess.”

“Alais, he says that he will kill me after you.
I’m so scared,” Wang Teng shouted at Alais.
He even pretended to shiver in fear like a child getting bullied.




Dan Taixuan:


‘The whole crowd was speechless.
They looked at Wang Teng as if he were a weirdo.


Do you think we will believe that you’re scared?

Kipling had was at his limit.
He panted heavily, and his blood boiled.
His blood pressure was shooting through the roof.

He decided not to speak anymore.
He would kill them first.


‘An extremely thick dark Force surged out of Kipling’s body.
It formed wisps of black smoke and circled around him.
Black patterns emerged on his face, making him look evil and hideous.

A black battle sword also appeared in his hand.
He pointed it at Alais.

There were complicated runes carved on the entire body of the sword, including the hilt, and it gave off a forbidding vibe.
There even seemed to be cries and wails coming from it.
They echoed in the air, affecting everyone’s mind.

“Mo Bing!” Alais’s expression changed.
“You took the weapon subdued by Mount Saint without permissio

“I’s a waste to let it collect dust under Mount Saint.
Why not let me use it instead?” Kipling’s gaze was evil and his smile unruly.

“Mo Bing?” Wang Teng sized up the sword.
Somehow, he thought of the Mo Que he had snatched from the Eight Arms Devil General.
In terms of looks, this Mo Bing was better than his Mo Que!

Moreover, he could sense something strange about this Mo Bing.
It had something an ordinary weapon didn’t have.

However, he couldn’t pinpoint what it was.


At this moment, Kipling stepped on the ground and disappeared on the spot with a loud explosion.

Alais turned serious and took out her weapon.
It was a scepter that was as tall as a human.

The scepter gave off a glaring glow the moment it appeared.

Alais pushed it forward.


The next instant, the scepter collided with a pitch-black sword.

Kipling reappeared in everyone’s vision.
“The Goddess Scepter!”

His gaze shimmered, and he laughed hysterically.
“So what? You can only release one-fifth of its power.”

“I’s enough to deal with you.” Alais remained calm.
She wasn’t afraid.

Kipling’s expression turned cold.
A frightening black sword glow shot out from his sword and slashed towards Alais.

The black sword was extremely powerful.
It cut through the air, bringing along eerie cries and wails as it soared through the sky.
It was a terrifying scene.

However, Alais, who was bathed in golden light, wasn’t affected.
She held her scepter and stood there like a real goddess.
Gold light sprinkled down and crashed into the black sword glow.

Boom, boom, boom

The battle attracted everyone’s attention.

Dan Taixuan and the others were amazed.
“They are so powerful.
Mount Saint is indeed filled with formidable martial warriors.”

They seem to be standing at the peak of the pyramid on Earth,” Darwan said seriously.

“But most of their ability doesn’t belong to them,” Wang Teng suddenly opened his mouth and said.

“Even so, there are only a few people who can reach this stage.
No matter what methods they use, we mustn’t underestimate them,” Dan Taixuan glanced at him and replied.

If anyone else had said this, she would think that they were conceited.
They were in no position to comment on high-tier general-stage martial warriors.

However, Wang Teng had every right to say such words..

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