Chapter 650: Look, I Dare!

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The appearance of the rune seemed slow, but it happened within a split second.
In an instant, the second rune was formed!

This stroke was short but firm.
It made the rune on Wang Teng’s forehead even more mysterious.
It was hard to imagine the difference two strokes could make.
The enhanced rune on his forehead was now even more magical.


‘An explosion was heard in Wang Teng’s body.
It sounded like the eruption of the universe, the creation of the world itself.

Different waves of energy swarmed through his body, allowing him to undergo astonishing changes in an instant.
He clenched his fist and felt the restless and terrifying power waiting to be released in his body.

Wang Teng smirked.
Then, he raised his head slowly.

The holy knights were less than three meters away from him and the frightening attacks were just inches away.
His black hair danced wildly in the gale.

Sharp gusts of wind brushed past his cheeks like small blades.
Unfortunately, no matter how strong the wind was, it couldn’t harm his skin.
Initial signs of the power of the Ancient God’s Body were already visible from this.

For some reason, when the holy knights saw the smirk at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips, their hearts dropped.

‘Wang Teng raised his fist and punched the air in front of him nonchalantly.


At that moment, all sounds seemed to have disappeared.
Everything paused, and that lone, casual punch overshadowed everything.

Then came a thunderous roar.
Soundwaves originating from the punch and circles of impact waves swept over the mountain.

The six holy knights froze for an instant when they came in touch with the impact waves.


The purple-black outline of the lightning lion howled in agony and shattered into numerous bolts of lightning, wreaking havoc in the sky.

Edward was appalled and in disbelief.
He had no idea what was happening.

The crimson-red petal whirlpool stopped spinning abruptly after the forceful invasion of the formidable power.
It swelled like a cancerous mass before exploding.

The ice Force started cracking too, unable to bear the energy from the punch.
The lake cracked and collapsed in the end.

The huge black light glow got stuck in the air less than three meters above Wang Teng’s forehead.
It couldn’t move further down.

Suddenly, cracks appeared on the light glow.
They spread until they covered the entire body of the sword.


Along with a loud explosion, the sword glow disintegrated into numerous light fragments and dispersed.

‘At the same time, rays of dark red lights and countless light arrows froze in front of Wang Teng.
They couldn’t get a single inch closer.

Amidst the ongoing explosions, all the attacks became non-existent.

That one punch had destroyed everything in its path!

“Impossible!” The holy knights were flabbergasted.
They stared at Wang Teng in bewilderment.


Suddenly, the residual impact of the fist surged out and slammed violently onto them.
The frightening energy crashed into their bodies like speeding trucks.




The holy knights started vomiting blood.
The sound of crisp cracks from their bodies was like a pleasant symphony for their foes.
They turned into shooting stars and smashed onto the ground.

The ground split apart.
Broken rocks flew everywhere, and a few deep holes were formed.

The six holy knights lay in the holes, one person in one hole, horizontally.


Dead silence!

The atmosphere had turned eerily silent.

Everyone stared at this scene with their mouths agape.
There was disbelief flashing in their eyes.

Dan Taixuan and the others were anxious and furious when they saw the multiple attacks directed at Wang Teng, but right now, they were only left with astonishment.

Everything happened too quickly.
They had no time to reinforce him.
They thought that Wang Teng would be in trouble, but the result was out of their wildest imaginations.

‘Wang Teng had defeated six holy knights with one punch!

What were they even doing here?

Dan Taixuan and the others felt a little redundant.
They were here as extras, right?

At first, Kipling was smiling confidently as if he had everything under control.
However, the sudden reversal caught him off guard.
Wang Teng had messed up his plans again.

He defeated the holy knights who had accepted dark Force with a single punch.
What kind of monster was he?

He wasn’t so strong a moment ago.
How did he suddenly gain so much strength?

This didn’t make sense!

Even Alais, who was extremely confident in Wang Teng, was shocked.
She didn’t expect him to release such a domineering and indomitable power.

Great Sage Fara, Suang, Sharjah, and the other holy knights on Alais’s side were in a similar state as others.
They looked at the young man as if he were a devil.
At the same time, they felt extremely fortunate.

They felt lucky that they were on Alais’s side.
Hence, they didn’t need to be this devil’s opponent.

Alif hid some distance away.
He was shivering in fear.
Why was this young man so powerful?

He wasn’t even 20, yet he already possessed such extraordinary abilities.
This was unbelievable.
He was like a bug.

He looked at Wang Teng in panic and started retreating again.
He wanted to be as far away from Wang Teng as possible.

“Kipling, your holy knights have been defeated.” Alais’s voice floated in the air.
Surprisingly, there was a hint of emotion in her tone.
She seemed to be gloating in Kipling’s misfortune.

The edge of Kipling’s lips trembled.
He was roaring in his heart, but on the surface, he kept a stern face and snorted.
“A bunch of useless idiots!”

The holy knights heard his comment when they climbed out from the deep holes.
They felt depressed and forlorn.

They had lost to Wang Teng again.
This time, it was a complete defeat.

This was a huge stimulation for them.

“So what if you have accepted the invasion of the dark Force? You still can’t receive my punch!” Wang Teng looked down at them and said indifferently.

“You!” The holy knights were furious.
Anger boiled in their hearts, and they vomited blood again.

Even Kipling’s expression turned ugly.
Wang Teng’s words were the greatest taunt to them.
The power of the dark, which they viewed as their pride, was nothing in front of a single punch from him.
How sarcastic!

“There’s nothing more to say.
It’s time to send you to your deaths.”

‘Wang Teng’s voice sounded once again.
But this time, the holy knights’ expressions changed tremendously.
Fear and astonishment filled their eyes as they climbed up hastily and tried to escape.

“Wang Teng, you dare!” Kipling shouted indignantly.

Wang Teng ignored him.
He raised his fist and hurled it down.

One punch.

Another punch!

It smashed onto the ground like a pillar supporting the sky.


The holy knights screamed in fear.

“I don’t want to die!” Yafel shrieked.
She was scared and unwilling.


Ahuge explosion drowned their agonized cries.
The ground trembled violently, and a deep trench more than ten meters wide appeared in everyone’s vision.

The six holy knights were all pressed against the ground.
Their bones were deformed, and blood flowed down their eyes, noses, mouths, and ears.
They were very much dead.

“Look, I dare.” Wang Teng turned and smiled at Kipling..

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