Chapter 649: Let Me Fulfil Your Wishes!

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Multiple holy knights shot into the sky and charged towards Wang Teng.

Dan Taixuan’s expression changed slightly.
Everyone knew how powerful the

holy knights of Mount Saint were.
Even Dan Taixuan didn’t dare to

underestimate them.

They were on their guards as they faced these formidable opponents, clutching

their weapons tightly and preparing for a huge battle.

Darwan, Valeria, and a few other martial warriors from Country Boar stood

beside them.
They took out their weapons with a serious expression.

“Haha, I’ve long heard of the power of the holy knights and their mysterious

battle techniques.
However, I’ve never seen them.
This is a good chance for me

to experience it.” Darwan laughed.

“I’m sorry for dragging you into this,” Dan Taixuan said.

“No problem.
If we hadn’t followed you, we wouldn’t have witnessed such a

good show,” Darwan replied with a smile

“Wang Teng, after this match, you will have to treat me to a good meal,”

Valeria shouted at Wang Teng suddenly.

No reply.

Everyone was speechless.

Why are you still thinking about food at a time like this?This Valeria was a

fearless person too.

Wang Teng was stunned for a moment.
Then, he smiled and replied, “No

You can choose any food you want.”


“Talk about it after you escape from Mount Saint!”

The holy knights had arrived.
They threw their Forces violently at the people in


Edward was wearing black armor with a devilish aura around him.
The bright

and handsome Edward from before was gone.
He rushed towards Wang Teng,

unwilling to accept his one-punch defeat.

“Lightning Lion Fist!” A purple-black outline of a lion appeared above him.

Edward’s devilish aura was raging everywhere.
A malicious glow appeared in

his eyes as he looked down at Wang Teng.


With an angry roar, the purple-black devil lion followed Edward’s fist and

leaped down.
At the same time, a chill came from behind him.
It covered the

entire space as if trying to freeze everything in its path.

Even the air seemed to have turned into ice crystals.
Snowflakes appeared and floated down the air.

The snowflakes weren’t white.
They were pitch-black.
They had been stained

with dark Force and carried dark attributes on them.
There seemed to be

emotions hidden in the back snovwflakes.
Evil, chaotic, violent..

“Absolute Zero!” Another icy voice resounded.

It was Yafel from the Aquarius Palace!

She got beaten up badly by Wang Teng and felt extremely humiliated.

hatred towards Wang Teng was on par with Edward’s.
She didn’t hold back in

her attack.

As her voice landed, a pitch-black outline of a bottle appeared above her head.

Dark Force poured out of the bottle, forming a black lake of ice.
It plummeted

down at Wang Teng like a waterfall.

Everything in the ice lake’s path was frozen.
The bone-chilling coldness caused

the martial warriors to shudder.

“Die!” Blofled smiled.
Poison and dark Forces swarmed out of his body,

merging together and soaring into the sky.

“Blood-red Roses!” Crimson flower petals floated down.
There were black

patterns covering the petals, making them strange and evil.

Blofled lifted his finger, and the petals started spinning at high speed.

formed a crimson-black whirlpool, eerie and frightening to the extreme.
It was

much more powerful than his earlier attack.

The poison gas floating around it was enough to corrode the air.

sounds were heard constantly.

“Blood Moon Thorns!” The holy knight of the Scorpio Palace, Demia, executed

his ultimate move too.
Rays of crimson lights shot out, cutting through the air

at the speed of lightning They seemed to have pierced countless holes in the


“Holy Sword Slash!” Yarrow from the Capricorn Palace placed his palms

together and raised them above his head.
A black sword glow a few hundred

meters long shot into the sky.
He swung it down.

Some distance away, Fleta had already taken out his longbow, which was

covered with black patterns.
His gaze was cold.
A pitch-black arrow formed on

the bow.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh..

His shooting speed was extremely fast.
His hands turned into lingering

shadows as pitch-black arrows shot out continuously.
They seemed to be

released at the same time.

Sonic booms resounded in the sky.
Some weaker martial warriors got affected

by the impact and started bleeding from their noses.

All six holy knights released their ultimate moves at once.
They ignored the

others and only focused on Wang Teng.
All the attacks were directed at him.

“Be careful!”

Darwan, Dan Taixuan, and the others were flabbergasted.

These frightening attacks were all targeted at one person.
Even a high-tier

general-stage martial warrior wouldn’t be able to handle such an

overwhelming onslaught.

These six holy knights wanted to kill Wang Teng once and for all!

What grudges did they have?

They didn’t understand.

On the other side, Kipling and Alais, who were fighting, also noticed the

situation here.

Alais frowned uncontrollably.

“It looks like your friend is going to die.” Kipling placed his hands behind his

back and sneered.

“He won’t die!” Alais’s eyes shimmered.
It was hard to tell what she was


“The holy knights have become more powerful after receiving the purification

of the dark Force.
Do you think he has a chance of survival under the combined

attacks of all six of them?” Kipling scoffed.

“We will know about that soon enough,” Alais replied calmly.
“I’m extremely disappointed that those holy knights accepted your invitation and became

slaves of the dark.”

“Dark and light Forces are just a kind of power.
I don’t care what methods I use

as long as I can become strong.” Kipling smirked.

“But you can’t control the power of darkness.” Alais shook her head.

“Hmph!” This sentence seemed to have stabbed Kipling’s heart.
He snorted and

turned serious.
“After I catch you and control Mount Saint, Pll show you how I

control this power.

“Now, you can witness the holy knights killing Wang Teng.”


At this moment, even with all the powerful attacks shooting at him from all

corners, Wang Teng remained calm.
He didn’t show any signs of fear or


“Since you want death, let me fulfill your wishes!” His words came out of his

mouth in a calm tone and echoed in the mountain.

The holy knights were furious.
“Such stubbornness even before death!”

The holy knights released their Force to maximum and attacked Wang Teng



Angry voices roared, bringing along intense killing intent.

They could only pacify their anger and the humiliation they received after

killing Wang Teng.

Ancient Gods Body! Gold light shimnmered brightly in Wang Teng’s eyes as he

bellowed in his heart.

He poured a large number of blank attributes on the Ancient God’s Body

In an instant, his physical body started changing.
Mysterious energy

flowed into his limbs and cleansed his entire body.
He was undergoing a


An occult golden rune appeared on his forehead.
It stretched out and slowly

formed the outline of a second rune…

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