When no one replied to him, Wang Teng answered himself.
“I wonder if your body became younger too.
If your stamina is bad, being a gigolo will exhaust you.
Rich ladies have a special taste.
They know what they are doing.
They can play for three days and three nights.”

Kipling’s tace turned black.

What do you mean by rich ladies?

What do you mean by play for three days and three nights?

What kind of phrases are these?

Everyone was speechless.
They were filled with respect for Wang Teng

He managed to change the entire vibe of the situation all alone.
This wasn’t

something an ordinary person could do.

Great Sage Fara similarly had a strange expression on his face.
There was

compassion in his gaze as he looked at Kipling.
For some reason, he felt bad for


This Wang Teng’s tongue was a little too sharp!

Kipling was unlucky to have offended him!

“Enough!” Kipling felt angrier when he sensed everyone’s attention on him.

voice was stern.
“Such stubbornness even when you’re about to die!

“Even if you’re an outstanding talent, even if you’re the genius of Country Xia,

you must die here today.” He stared at Wang Teng maliciously as if he was

looking at a dead person.

“What an arrogant tone.” Wang Teng chuckled.

“Great Sage Kipling, you still have a chance to stop.
In view of all your

contributions to Mount Saint over the past decades, I will only lock youu upin

the Holy Temple and allow you to repent.
I will not take your life,” Alais said.

“Lock me up in the Holy Temple to repent? Hahaha..” Kipling burst out

laughing as if he had heard a joke.
He said in disdain, “Your Highness, you’re

still so naive.

“But you gave me this chance because you’re naive!

“Unfortunately, my plan was spoiled by this young man.
If not, I wouldn’t have

acted in sucha hurry today.

“You were planning for this thing for a long time!” Great Sage Fara said grimly.

“Rather than passing the Holy Temple to mediocre people like y’all, why don’t I

take over it? I can bring the Holy Temple to the top of the world and make all

the countries bow down to us,” Kipling said.

He didn’t plan to waste any more time.
He bellowed loudly, “The ones that are

willing to follow me, please step out!”

Boom, boom, boom!

After he finished speaking, multiple dark Forces exploded.
They were all

extremely strong.

Some of these dark Forces came from the holy knights who had attacked Wang

Teng before.
Their changes were extremely eerie.
The dark Force surged out of

their bodies and intertwined around them, creating black pattems on their


Even the divine constellation armors on their bodies seemed to have been

They turned from gold to black.


Great Sage Fara and the other holy knights protecting Alais were shocked.

looked at them in disbelief.

At the same time, numerous figures flew over from all directions.

Within a short moment, countless figures had appeared on the ground.

stood on huge rocks or jumped on the 12 zodiac palaces.
Some of them just

stood in the air and blocked all paths of escape.

Fara was flabbergasted and appalled.
He didn’t expect Kipling to be able to

draw so many people over to his side.
They were willing to follow him and

chose treason.

How was that possible!

Wasn’t they suppose to follow Her Highness?

She was the representation of the gods.
She was a god walking on Earth.

Where did they get their guts from?

“Hahaha, do you see this?” Kipling laughed.
“T’m not the only one who thinks

this wav, The Holy Temple needs someone ambitious leading it, not a

bystander who lives on Mount Saint in seclusion.”

This isn’t the right time to enter the world,” Alais shook her head calmly.

in this situation, her expression didn’t change.

“Hmph, stop being mysterious.
When is the right time?” Kipling snorted.


“All words and no action.” Kipling shook his head.
He didn’t want to talk to her

He ordered, “Everyone, catch the Goddess and kill the martial

warriors from Country Boar and Country Xia.
Any member of Mount Saint who

decides to follow me will be spared”

“Yes” the martial warriors around him shouted in unison.

Boom, boom, boom!

Many figures shot into the sky.
Force erupted as they flew down.

“Your Highness, please leave quickly”

“Sharjah, Suang, protect Her Highness”

Great Sage Fara’s expression turned grim.
He blocked in front of Alais.

Great Sage Fara, I can’t stay behind everyone at a time like this.” Alais pushed

her protectors away and walked in front of Fara.
She stared at Kipling.

“Your Highness, are you planning to fight with me?” Kipling laughed.

“I will catch you personallyl” Alais said.

“Catch me? Do you have the ability to do that?” Kipling scoffed.

Alais didn’t reply to him.
Instead, a holy and divine aura rose from her body.

the same time, in the Holy Temple at the peak of the mountain, a golden ray

shot out from the goddess status deep inside the temple and soared into the

sky before connecting with Alais.


The bright ray of light flew over from afar and merged into Alais’ body.

power of her aura climbed continuously.

She broke through the doors of the general stage and climbed from the 9-star

soldier level to 10-star, 11-star..
all the way to the 13-star high-tier general


“The legacy of the Holy Temple!” Kipling turned serious.
He could sense a tinge

of fear from Alais.

Some distance away, Wang Teng and his companions also noticed the situation

on that side.
They were astounded.

Mount Saint was indeed mysterious.
They were able to push a person’s stage

forcefully from the 9-star soldier level to the 13-star high-tier general stage.

This method was heaven-defying!

“Kill” The martial warriors from Mount Saint rushed to the front.
Their shouts

were deafening as they charged towards Wang ‘Teng and his companions.

Wang Teng exchanged glances with his teammates.
The Force in their bodies

surged out, and they started fighting with the martial warriors of Mount Saint,

each executing their battle techniques.

“Wang Teng, look at what you did.
You’ve turned a simple exchange event intop

an all-out battle,” Dan Taixuan shouted as she fought with the enemies.

“How is it my fault? Kipling already had an ambitious and cruel plan.
I just

happened to come at the wrong time.” Wang Teng felt wronged.

It wasn’t his fault!

“Wang Teng” At this moment, a loud yell rang through the air.
A few figures

darted over.
They were the holy knights.

Their injuries had recovered completely, and their abilities rose by a huge level.

They were extremely confident and wanted to take revenge on Wang Teng.

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