Chapter 647: Kipling’s Confidence!

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On the other hand, Fara felt refreshed.

Kipling hada strong influence in the Holy Temple and always opposed the

Goddess and him.
It was rare to see him suffer.

The sudden arrival of Wang Teng had caused ripples in this seemingly calm

pool Kipling wanted to fish in troubled waters, but he pulled up an ugly and

hard rock instead and smashed his own feet.
He burned his own fingers.

Fara didn’t believe that with the pressure from Country Boar and Country Xia,

Kipling was still willing to take this risk and offend these two big countries

They weren’t afraid of Dan Taixuan or Darwan.
They were afraid of the

countries behind them

“Your Highness, are you going to permit their actions? Kipling was furious as

he tried to direct the blame to Alais.

Your Highness! Dan Taixuan and the others looked at Alais in surprise.

This was their first time seeing the Goddess of Mount Saint.
They were

extremely curious, but the black shawl covered Alais’s face, so they couldn’t see

the appearance of the noblest being on Mount Saint.

However, her eyes left a deep impression on their hearts.
They seemed like the

universe itself, endless and profound, leaving them amazed.

Great Sage Kipling, Ive already said that Wang Teng is my guest.
We were

rude to him first, so we can’t blame him,” Alais replied calmly.

Dan Taixuan and the others were shocked.
They gave Wang Teng a strange

The Goddess was still siding with him even after what he had done.

there something going on between them?

Wait! They suddenly recalled something.

On the night they arrived, Wang Teng said that he met a golden-haired beauty.


Dan Taixuan and the others looked at Alais’s hair color and linked them up.

Was this a coincidence?

Or was that lady he met the Goddess?

Wang Teng’s teammates could sense juicy gossip.
Their gaze turned weirder,

and they kept shifting their eyes between Wang Teng and Alais.

Alais sensed their gazes too.
She frowned slightly and felt puzzled in her heart.

Their gazes are so strange!

What are they thinking?

Wang Teng wasn’t as naive as Alais, so he immediately knew what they were

thinking when he saw their looks.

He felt speechless.

Are they bored? What on earth are they thinking? Is this the time for gossip?

Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and stopped their thoughts from going wild.

“But Your Highness, he killed two of our holy knights!” Kipling emphasized

once again.
He didn’t want to give up.

“Tm saddened by Margus and Karl’s death, but since they made a mistake, they

must bear the consequences,” Alais said.

Kipling’s face turned green.

You don’t feel the pain because theyre not under you, right?

He felt hatred.
The expression on his face kept changing, and he seemed to be


Finally, the hesitation on his face disappeared.
Lowering his head slightly, a

peal of low laughter came from his mouth.

Everyone frowned uncontrollably.

“Why is this old man laughing? It’s so scary,” Zhu Yushao whispered.

“Who knows? Maybe he went crazy because he couldn’t stand the stimulation,”

Wang Teng replied.

“You’re so sharp-tongued.
He offended you, so you wish that he would just go

crazy,” Zhu Yushao said speechlessly.

“What does it have to do with me? He’s the one laughing like a maniac.”

“Shut up!” at this moment, Kipling shouted at them angrily.

He slowly raised his head.
His eyes had become sinister, turming evil and

He looked at Wang Teng eerily.

Huh?Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He activated his Spiritual Sight and saw a

thick dark Force awakening in Kipling’s body.

“Be careful! There’s something strange about Kipling

He turned serious and immediately used voice transmission to warn Dan

Taixuan, Darwan, and the others.

At this moment, Alais and the others also noticed something amiss with

They stared at him.

“Great Sage Kipling, you!” Alais also sensed something.
Her expression

changed slightly.

“As expected of the Goddess who carries the legacy of Mount Saint.
Have you

seen through it?” Kipling sniggered.

“You accepted the invasion of the dark!” Alais said grimly.

“What?! Great Sage Fara looked at his opponent in disbelief.

You forced me!” Kipling kept his smile and stared at Alais and Fara without

any expressions.
His voice was icy.
“I came to Mount Saint when I was ten years

old and have spent countless years here.
I exhausted my energy for Mount

Saint and served the gods assiduously.
I gave my entire life to the Holy Temple,

but what did I get in the end?


The martial arts era arrived and the Holy Temple’s leader became the Goddess.

Generations of Goddess stepped on the holy stage, assuming a higher position

than me.
Why? Why are you the ones who possess this stupid holy physique?

“What a joke!

“Besides having the holy physique, you’ re a good-for-nothing.
You don’t know

how to govern the Holy Temple or develop and expand it.
You’re just a puppet!”

Kipling’s voice was monotonous.
It spread out gradually.
There wasn’t much

emotion in his voice as if he was just narrating an ordinary matter.

everyone else’s expression still changed tremendously.

This was blasphemy!

Kipling said that the Goddess was a good-for-nothing and called her a puppet.

This was treason!

“Kipling, you’re crazy.
Do you know what you’re saying?” Fara yelled.

“Tm not crazy.
Mediocre people like you only know how to bow down to the

Goddess, You won’t understand my great ambition!” Kipling sneered.

“You’re indeed crazy.
You accepted the invasion of the dark Force.

consciousness is already tainted.
You’re not you anymore,” Fara said grimly.

“Someone like you will never understand me!”

Kipling didn’t take his words to heart.
He shook his head and remained

Suddenly, he opened his arms as if he was hugging the sky.


The next instant, an extremely powerful aura erupted from his body, sweeping

through the surroundings.

“Tm me.
No one can change that!

The confident words spurted out of his mouth.

The wind howled about the Cancer Palace, blowing against Kipling’s white hair

and gown.

Everyone widened their eyes in astonishment.
Kipling’s white hair was turning

black at a frightening speed.
The wrinkles on his face were also disappearing,

and his skin gradually turmed smooth.
His muddy eyes glinted with a sinister

black light.
It was sharp and bright

He was turning younger!

Everyone stared at this scene in disbelief.

Within a few seconds, Kipling transformed from a white-haired old man into a

30 years old middle-aged man.

He even seemed a little handsome!

His aura was exceptional!

With his pitch-black and intense gaze, he would be lethally attractive to some

rich young ladies.

Everyone was at a loss for words!

“Oh my god, are you planning to be a gigolo?” A bewildered voice broke the

solemn atmosphere..

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