Chapter 645: Giving False Accounts

When Great Sage Fara suggested a confrontation with Arudis, Great Sage Kipling’s eyes lit up.
He smiled and replied, “I have no objections.”

“Very good.”

Great Sage Fara looked at him intently before speaking to a person beside him, “Bring Arudis here.”

“Yes!” The person received the order and left.

After some time, Arudis came.

At the same time, the other holy knights who hadn’t appeared yet also came to the scene upon learning that the Goddess was here.

“Your Highness!” The holy knights kneeled on one knee and bowed in respect.

“Suang, Sharjah… you’re here.
Please rise.” This time, there was a hint of intimacy in Alais’s voice.

A smile appeared at the edge of Great Sage Fara’s lips too.
He nodded at them.

The holy knights stood up and stood around Alais, protecting her in the center.
They took a few steps back and appeared extremely respectful.

Great Sage Kipling’s gaze turned sinister when he saw this scene.

The holy knights that just arrived looked at Edward and the remaining holy knights.
Their gaze shimmered, and a mocking smile appeared at the edge of their lips.

Edward and the remaining holy knights had received treatment from Alais, so their injuries were mostly healed.
However, the internal injuries were still present.
They looked weak and miserable.
When they saw Suang and the others, they felt embarrassed.

Wang Teng’s interest was piqued when he saw Kipling and Alais’s different teams.
It looked like Mount Saint was not one big and close family!

“Arudis, tell me, why did you fight with the Goddess’s guest?” Great Sage Fara looked at the holy knight of the Taurus Palace and asked.

“Great Sage Fara, I just wanted to have a duel with him,” Arudis said bitterly.

He never expected his actions to cause this entire series of events.
Some holy knights even lost their lives.

Arudis glanced at Wang Teng uncontrollably.
He was filled with regret and astonishment.
This fellow killed Margus and Karl and even defeated Edward and the other holy knights.

However, where did he get the balls to create trouble on Mount Saint? Wasn’t he afraid of the Holy Temple’s punishment?

“Are you speaking the truth?” Great Sage Fara frowned.
He probed further, “Did anyone instigate you to do this?”

Arudis was stunned.
He shook his head and replied, “No one instigated me.”

A strange smile appeared at the edge of Great Sage Kipling’s lips.

He didn’t incite Arudis.
This was all an accident.
He just made use of it.
It was impossible for them to find any evidence of his interference with Arudis.

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Great Sage Fara exchanged glances with Alais.
Then, he turned to Wang Teng and asked, “Young friend, you’re Wang Teng, right?”

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.
He wanted to see how they would solve this issue.

“Can you answer my question?” Great Sage Fara asked politely.


“Why did you kill Margus?”

“He wanted to kill me, so I killed him.” Wang Teng’s tone was indifferent.

“Oh, Margus wanted to kill you?”

“Of course.
Why would I kill him for no reason? Am I a serial killer?” Wang Teng replied angrily.

“What a joke.
Margus had no grudges against you.
Why would he want to kill you?” Great Sage Kipling turned to look at Fara.
“You heard him.
He killed Margus and showed no respect for his status.
Are you still going to help him?”

Great Sage Fara frowned.
This matter was a little tricky.

“Why don’t you ask Frose? He knows clearly whether Margus wanted to kill me or not,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

He wasn’t afraid of creating a scene.
Despite being the main lead of this issue, he appeared nonchalant and indifferent.
He didn’t seem worried about his situation and was extremely calm.

“Frose, what do you know?” Great Sage Fara’s eyes lit up.
He looked at Frose immediately.

“Erm…” Frose wanted to remain invisible, but Wang Teng had called him out.
He felt helpless.

He looked at Kipling and then at Fara and Alais.
He didn’t dare to provoke any of them.

Under Kipling and Fara’s stares, he felt pressured.
Cold sweat started to appear on his forehead.

“Frose, speak without any worry.
I’ll ensure your safety,” Great Sage Kipling glanced at him and said.

Frose gritted his teeth.
“After Wang Teng defeated Arudis and Karl, he went to the Cancer Palace.
Margus stopped him, and in turn, Wang Teng destroyed his death space.
That was why he wanted to kill Wang Teng.
I knew that this matter was going out of hand, so I hurriedly went back to the Holy Temple to seek reinforcements.
Sage Alif came with me and saw Wang Teng killing Margus.”

“He destroyed the legacy of the Cancer Palace!” Everyone was astounded.

They all had heard of the Cancer Palace’s death space.
Some of them had even experienced it before.
It was extremely hard to deal with.

Also, this was a legacy that had been passed down for many years.
It was a space of its own and extremely precious.
No wonder Margus wanted to kill Wang Teng when he destroyed it.

“He wanted to capture me using the death space, but his skills were inferior and I destroyed it.
You can’t blame me for that,” Wang Teng said innocently.

Everyone was speechless.

What do you mean by it’s not your fault!

If we don’t blame you, who do we blame?

Also, why are you acting so innocent? You destroyed Margus’s death space and killed him.
He’s the innocent one.

“Honestly, if y’all hadn’t stopped me, everything would have been fine.
Everyone would have been at peace,” Wang Teng said.

“Let’s not talk about Margus.
You killed Karl.
How do you explain that?” Kipling said.

“That’s not my fault either.
You have him to blame for that!” Wang Teng pointed at Alif.

“Me?!” Alif’s heart skipped a beat.
He felt a little guilty and shouted, “Your Highness, Great Sage Kipling, this young man is slandering me.
I saw him killing someone, so I wanted to catch him and bring him to the Holy Temple.
He didn’t agree and even killed Karl in his resistance.
You can’t believe his words.
He’s an evil man.”

“Me? An evil man?” Wang Teng sniggered.
“You didn’t say that you were going to bring me to the Holy Temple.
You used the Holy Temple to threaten me and wanted to punish me directly without finding out the truth.
Are you saying that I can’t resist and wash my neck for you?”

“Alif, is he telling the truth?” Great Sage Fara glared at him and asked with a stern expression.

“I’m innocent! I’m the sage of the Holy Temple and have always been fair and just.
I’d never do such a tyrannous act,” Alif shouted pitifully.

Frose, Edward, and the others went speechless.
They were shocked by Alif’s shamelessness..

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