Chapter 643: After Fighting The Big One, The Old One Came

“Stop hitting,” Alif muttered weakly.
His consciousness was slipping, and he couldn’t hold on much longer.

Wang Teng stopped abruptly when he heard Alif begging for mercy.
The brick stopped an inch above his forehead.

“Aren’t you very powerful? You can catch whoever you want to catch, right? Why are you admitting defeat now?”

“I… this is all a misunderstanding, misunderstanding!” Alif cried in disgrace and sorrow.
His voice was extremely weak.

“Is this really a misunderstanding?” Wang Teng mocked.
“I killed two holy knights and injured six of them.
Is that a misunderstanding too?”

“Yes, it’s all a misunderstanding!” Alif gritted his teeth and nodded.
He didn’t dare to object at all.
He was afraid of receiving more hits on his head if he offended Wang Teng again.

He had developed psychological trauma towards the brick, and it couldn’t be erased easily.
He felt fearful.

“You heard him.
This is all a misunderstanding.” Wang Teng smiled and looked at the holy knights lying on the ground.

The holy knights held onto each other and crawled up from the ground with difficulty.
They looked up at the sky.
When they heard what Wang Teng said, their faces turned green and white.

So… they were beaten for nothing?

They felt so exasperated that they wanted to vomit blood.
Especially when they felt the throbbing pain on their heads, they trembled in anger.

This fellow was brutal!

He beat them up so badly, yet he still dared to say that this was all a misunderstanding.
What the hell did he mean!

The holy knights wanted to curse.

“You could have said this earlier.” Wang Teng patted Alif’s shoulder in satisfaction.
Then, he added in a meaningful tone, “We can’t be too arrogant.
Keeping a low profile like me is the basic rule of survival.
If not, you will get beaten to death easily.”

“Yes, yes!” Alif nodded with tears in his eyes.
He was cursing in his heart, though.

Low profile?! Are you low profile?

You dared to kill the holy knights of Mount Saint and even beat up a sage.
Yet, you said that you are low profile?




But, he didn’t dare to say these words out loud…

At this moment, a sonic boom was heard from afar.

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Alif’s eyes lit up.
He looked in the direction of the peak.
Someone had finally arrived.

Wang Teng also turned in the direction of the sound.

Multiple rays of light flew down from the peak and turned into a few figures with outstanding auras.
These people were wearing the special clothes of the Holy Temple.
You could recognize them at a single glance.

Some of them were dressed similarly to Alif.
They were also sages.

All these people were surrounding a white-haired elder with a stern face.
He seemed to be their leader.

This person must have a special identity.

Wang Teng sneered in his heart.
After fighting the small figures, the big ones came.
After fighting the big ones, the old one appeared.

After reading the situation here, the expressions of the newcomers changed slightly.


They gasped in surprise.

The holy knights looked miserable.
Had it not been for their divine constellation armors, they would be unrecognizable.

What inhumane torture did they undergo to end up like this?







The people called their names with uncertainty.

The holy knights felt extremely embarrassed.
They wanted to dig a hole and bury themselves inside.
They had no face to greet these people.

The holy knights had never suffered such humiliation.

The others noticed their expressions and confirmed their guesses.

It was them!

“How did y’all end up like this?” one of the people asked in disbelief.

The holy knights felt a bundle of emotions, but they didn’t know what to say.

Were they supposed to tell them that they were beaten by the same person? How embarrassing would that be?

The white-haired elder turned to look at the badly bruised and swollen Alif when he saw this scene.
He opened his mouth and asked calmly, “Alif, you do the talking.”

“Great Sage!” Alif wanted to speak, but he didn’t dare to say anything because Wang Teng was beside him.
He could only look at the white-haired elder pitifully.

“Speak!” the white-haired elder glanced at Wang Teng and shouted sternly.

Wang Teng gave an ambiguous smile.

Alif saw his reaction and felt even more fearful.

“Since he’s asking, just say it.
Why are you making me look like a monster? Am I that kind of person?” Wang Teng said speechlessly.

No reply.

Alif, Edward, and the holy knights wanted to reply to him with a ‘yes.’

This brat was shameless!

Didn’t he know what kind of person he was?

The white-haired elder glanced at Wang Teng again after seeing everyone’s reaction.
His gaze turned cold.
“I didn’t ask you to speak.”

“Old man, my mouth is on my face.
Why do you care if I speak? Who do you think you are? A god?” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.

“How dare you!”

“How dare you talk to the Great Sage like this!”

Before the elder opened his mouth, the people around him shouted at him angrily.
Their expressions changed.

“Hmph.” Wang Teng snorted at them with a look of disdain.

“Young man, show some respect in your speech.
Didn’t the adults teach you to respect your elders?” A sinister look appeared in the elder’s eyes.

“My grandfather told me that I don’t have to show respect to old people who take advantage of their seniority.
Our Leader of Martial Arts and the three great commanders also said that if an elder is shameless enough to attack a junior, they don’t mind doing some exercises,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

He wasn’t making these claims out of nothing.
Before he left the country, they did speak to him.

He didn’t tell them earlier because he was afraid of the other party.
He just wanted to talk back to him.

The white-haired elder’s expression finally changed.

He didn’t know who Wang Teng’s grandfather was, but he for sure knew who the Leader of Martial Arts and the three great commanders were.

They were world-renowned figures!

Even he had to bow to them when he saw them.

This young man was speaking the truth; his words were worth contemplating.

However, he kept talking about elders.
He was obviously scolding him while pointing at the mulberry.

He had never been humiliated by anyone because of his high status.
Hence, he was furious.
He looked as though a fly had flown into his mouth.

“You killed my holy knights and even hit people on Mount Saint.
Even if the Leader of Martial Arts was here, we are in the right.” The elder took a deep breath and continued, “I will teach you a lesson on behalf of the Leader so that you know how to behave yourself.”

“Take him down!” He waved his hand and gave his order.

Wang Teng sighed.
Shaking his head, he said, “Why is there always someone who’s opinionated, distorts the truth, and so shameless.”

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard him abusing the Great Sage.

This fellow was asking for death!

Hatred swarmed in Alif’s heart.
He was elated.

The more arrogant Wang Teng was, the more the Great Sage wouldn’t let him go.
Once he was caught, he would definitely take revenge..

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