Chapter 642: Who Asked You To Be So Arrogant…

Golden droplets sprinkled down the sky…

Ferocious and invisible energy swept through the golden droplets and slammed right onto Fleta’s body.


Fresh blood spurted out of Fleta’s mouth.
He was thrown backward from the impact.
At the same time, clear cracking sounds came from his body.


He flew back for more than ten meters because of the violent force before crashing into the ground like a shooting star.

The ground had to bear the rest of the force as a deep hole emerged on it.


Fleta vomited another mouthful of blood.

Wang Teng straightened his arms slowly, which dangled beside his body.
He looked down with a composed expression.

Fleta’s face was white as it had lost all its blood.
He seemed dispirited and dejected.
He couldn’t accept this result!

The attack that contained his most powerful conscious was destroyed by Wang Teng with a single punch.

One punch.

Just one punch!

“How is this possible!” Fleta was in a daze.
The result was too hard to accept.

He was the holy knight of the Sagittarius Palace.
He was famous for being the most powerful marksman, but his strongest shot was destroyed by one punch!

This was a huge blow to his confidence.

On the other side, Alif and Frose, who were in the poison web, were thunderstruck.
They were at a loss for words after seeing the whole battle.

Especially Alif.
His expression was extremely ugly.
At the moment, fear was dominant in his eyes.

They lost!

Even Fleta lost!

None of the seven holy knights was Wang Teng’s match.
He had defeated them together.

How ironic was this?

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As if confirming his thoughts, Wang Teng said indifferently, “Holy knights are nothing more than this.”

There was disdain in his voice.


Edward, Blofledm, and Fleta hadn’t lost their consciousness yet.
Hearing his sarcastic words, they felt blood gushing into their heads.


What did he think the holy knights were? How dare he humiliate them so blatantly?

Wang Teng ignored their anger.
He stepped on the air and walked towards Alif and Frose.

Alif’s expression changed instantly.

“What do you want?” His gaze changed, and he stepped back continuously.


In his panic, he accidentally touched the poison web.
His skin got burned by the flame and was corroded by the poison.
A sudden pang of indescribable pain invaded his whole body.

Alif grunted in pain uncontrollably.

“You were so arrogant at the start.
You were so high and mighty as if you could control everything and even called the holy knights over to catch me.
What? Are you feeling scared now?” Wang Teng snorted.

“Wang Teng, don’t think that you can be impudent just because you defeated those holy knights.
They are the weakest.
The real formidable warriors haven’t come out yet.
The Holy Temple is not a place you can treat as your backyard.
You will receive your punishment if you dare to create trouble here!” Alif shouted angrily.

“Still acting tough?!”

Wang Teng’s expression turned cold.
With a single step, he covered more than ten meters, arriving directly in front of Alif.
He looked at him mockingly.
“You are in my hands now.
What should I do with you?”

“I’m the sage of the Holy Temple.
How dare you touch me!” Alif was nervous.
Cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

“Sage? What’s that?” Wang Teng snorted and took out his golden brick.

Alif felt the corners of his eyes trembling when he saw this.
He had seen some of the holy knights getting beaten into a pig’s head.
Would he follow in their footsteps?

Wang Teng’s nonchalant tone made him even more frustrated.

He was the sage of the Holy Temple.
He had a high status, higher than many others with only a few people above him.
Yet Wang Teng was asking him what that was?

“How dare you look down on the Holy Temple!” Alif was indignant.

“So much bullshit.” Wang Teng shook his head.
Alif was imprisoned by the poison web, so he had nowhere to hide.
He could only watch Wang Teng smash his golden brick on his head.

“Wang Teng!” Alif screamed in agony.
He was slapped on his forehead, right in the middle.

Bang, bang, bang!

Wang Teng’s hand moved as fast as lightning.
He slammed his brick down brutally on the forehead without stopping.

The dull thuds caused Frose’s cheeks to twitch continuously.
He was trembling with fear.

Alif’s head started swelling at a visible rate.
He was bruised and swollen, looking tragic to the extreme.

Wang Teng did have the guts to be ruthless.

This fellow was so irritating.
He acted all high and mighty at the start and treated him like a weakling that could be caught easily.
He even wanted to kill him.
Evil person!

What right did he have to be a sage?


“Ah…” Cries of pain escaped Alif’s throat.
His voice was bitter.
“Wang Teng, this is Mount Saint.
The Holy Temple will not let you go.”

“How brave! I respect you for being a real man!” Wang Teng remained indifferent.
He wasn’t frightened by his threats and got even more brutal.

He hammered his head again and again.

“I’ve been tolerating you for a long time.
You keep acting all arrogant.
Go on, continue your act…”

Bang, bang, bang!

“Continue your act.
Why aren’t you saying anything now?”

Bang, bang, bang!

In just a few moments, Alif’s head grew by one size.
No traces of his refined and noble appearance could be found anymore.
His eyes were only a tiny crack now.
Two lines of blood flowed down his nose, and his face was a mixture of green and red.

He felt dizzy and muddled.
His mind was in a whirl.

However, Wang Teng still didn’t think that this was enough.
He grabbed Alif’s arm and twisted it lightly, warping it into a braid.


His arm bones broke with a crisp sound.

“Ah!” Alif howled at the top of his lungs.
Shuddered, he regained his consciousness.
His mind was wide awake.

His eyes were filled with fear.


This fellow was a devil!

How could he be so cruel?

Frose had already shrunk into a corner.
Even though his skin was being burned and corroded by the scorching poison web, he didn’t dare to make a peep.
He was afraid that Wang Teng would notice him.

Bang, bang, bang!

Wang Teng raised his brick and continued smashing Alif’s head.
Anger boiled on his face as he questioned the sage.

“How did I provoke you? Tell me, how did I provoke you? Why did you target me? How dare you try and catch me? Who gave you the right to do that?

“Why are you so arrogant? Why? Tell me!”

Wang Teng’s shouts stunned Alif.
Others might think that he was the victim.
But anyone with eyes could tell that he was the person who was bullied the worst.

Alif’s eyes were spinning.
He started getting dizzy again.
He couldn’t hold on much longer.

Wang Teng repeated his actions and twisted his other arm.
Alif shuddered, waking up once again.

“Ah!” Alif roared in pain.
He felt so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood.

Why couldn’t he faint? Why?

He never imagined that he would find fainting to be a fortunate thing for him one day.
Being awake was too painful for the current him.

Bang, bang, bang…

“Stop, stop hitting,” Alif said weakly.
He couldn’t stand it anymore.
There was only fear and regret left in his heart.

He shouldn’t have provoked this devil!

Wang Teng wasn’t human.

He was too ruthless!

At this moment, this sage from the Holy Temple finally experienced the evil of the world.

Remaining conscious could be so painful!

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