Chapter 640: Beautiful People Are Meant To Be Hit!

Terrifying energy exploded and swarmed out!

Edward’s expression changed.
He was thrown out like a cannonball by the huge force.
Cracking sounds could be heard coming from within his body.
He seemed to have broken a few of his bones.


A mouthful of blood spilled out of his mouth.

Edward was in disbelief.
He didn’t expect Wang Teng’s punch to be so powerful.
Despite specializing in fist skills, he got defeated by Wang Teng’s punch.
His strongest fist skill was like a joke in front of that incomprehensible monster.

His fist skill couldn’t withstand one round against Wang Teng’s ordinary-looking punch!

In that instant, Edward had an illusion.
He felt that he was a three years old child waving his punches in front of an adult.




Edward had received a huge blow to his confidence.
He lost control of his emotions…

“Edward!” Yarrow and the others shouted.

“If you have time to worry about others, why don’t you worry about yourself first!” Wang Teng’s calm voice resounded in the sky.
He disappeared again.

The expressions on the holy knights changed.
But as holy knights, they had strong battle awareness, so they reacted immediately.

Yarrow was the holy knight of the Capricorn Palace.
He was stronger than Edward, and his battle skills were powerful too.
He held his battle sword and slashed it horizontally in the air.


A golden light cut through the sky, flying towards the empty right side at terrifying speed.
As the sword glow flew over, a loud explosion was heard.

Wang Teng appeared and punched his fist out, meeting the sword glow head-on.

Yarrow was flabbergasted.
He could feel his sword aura breaking down.
Wang Teng was as powerful as ever.

On the other side, Blofled had also acted.
Multiple gorgeous blood-red petals appeared out of nowhere.
They floated in the air, covering the area around Wang Teng.

“Blood-red Roses!” Even when Blofled attacked, his actions were beautiful.

As the rose petals swam in the air, Blofled raised his finger and tapped lightly.
Force flowed out of his body.

The petals suddenly encircled Wang Teng and spun around him.
They seemed to have turned into a sea of petals.
There was a terrifying whirlpool hidden in this sea.

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The petals turned into a whirlpool and spun violently.
No one could see their shapes anymore.
They had turned into a red sea, dazzling and dangerous.

“Poison Force!” Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered as he stood in the middle of the petals whirlpool.

Besides Demia, there was another member who possessed the rare poison Force among the holy knights.
Furthermore, this person was the extremely beautiful Blofled!

This was unexpected!

Blofled even had such a powerful poison battle technique.
Mind you, Wang Teng only had one poison Force scripture currently and zero battle techniques.

However, Demia and Blofled were different.
They had the backing of a strong legacy.
The tip of Mount Saint’s strong foundation was put on display once again.

These thoughts flashed past Wang Teng’s mind.
He looked at the enormous blood-red whirlpool and squinted.

These petals formed from poison Force were obviously poisonous.
If he touched them, the consequences would be ghastly.
Still, he wasn’t concerned.
He had the Demon Lotus Poison Body, so ordinary poison wouldn’t affect him.
Instead, it would just become nourishment for his physique.

“Go!” Blofled shouted.

The blood-red petal whirlpool spun in the sky and headed towards Wang Teng.


Wang Teng’s reaction was direct.
He released his fist.

Strength of Ultima!

The blood-red whirlpool paused for a moment in mid-air.
Then, it got pushed into the sky by a large force and broke down into red droplets, which rained down on the ground.


Blofled was astounded.
He felt a frightening power coming for him.
His face turned pale, and he vomited blood.

“Blofled, move!” Yarrow regained his senses.
He rushed over quickly and shouted.

He waved his battle sword, and sharp sword glows were formed.
They slashed towards Wang Teng like bolts of lightning.

Wang Teng swung his fist containing the Strength of Ultima.
A terrifying fist power destroyed the sharp sword glows instantly.

If something couldn’t be solved with one punch, hurl another punch!

Boom, boom, boom!

Yarrow’s sword glows couldn’t last long under Wang Teng’s frightening punches.
They disappeared without a trace.

Wang Teng moved closer and smashed his brick down under his opponent’s bewildered gaze.

Bang, bang, bang…

Dull thuds were heard once again.


At this moment, an extremely faint sound of the air compressing came from afar.

Wang Teng’s head turned numb.
He felt a strong sense of danger on his back.
There was even a slight pain at the spot where his heart was.

He moved his thoughts and released his spiritual power.

The Shooting Star Spiral turned into a ray of sharp light.
It darted towards the dazzling arrow that was flying towards his back at a high speed.


The two objects collided in mid-air.

The arrow was spinning.
Wang Teng controlled his Shooting Star Spiral so that it spun too.
The tip of these two sharp weapons rubbed against each other continuously, igniting sparks.
They were at a standstill.

At the same time, Wang Teng continued to swing his brick and brutally knocked Yarrow unconscious.
Then, he turned and looked into the distance.

In the sky some distance away, a figure was holding a large bow.
It was aimed at Wang Teng.

There were no arrows on the bow, but Force was congregating on it, gradually forming an arrow.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The person released his grip, and the arrow shot out.
It turned into a shooting star, zooming straight at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
Spiritual power flowed out from his forehead without stopping.
He controlled the Shooting Star Spiral and raised its speed to the maximum.
It intercepted the Force arrow.

Cling clang!

When the Shooting Star Spiral collided with the arrow, ear-piercing metallic sounds were heard.

After neutralizing the arrow’s threat, Wang Teng continued to fly towards Blofled.
He raised his fist, forcing the other party to retreat continuously.

“I can’t bear to hit his face!” Wang Teng muttered to himself as he attacked.

Blofled was speechless and frustrated.
This person didn’t care about his feelings at all.
What did he mean by he couldn’t bear to hit his face? Should he thank him for showing mercy or be glad that he was good-looking?

While his mind was wandering off, the brick in Wang Teng’s hand slammed down without any hesitation.

Blofled was flabbergasted.

Didn’t you say that you couldn’t bear to hit me? Why are you doing it?

You have no shame!

“No!” He struggled and stepped back.
He didn’t want his face to be ruined.

“Beautiful people are meant to be hit!” Wang Teng stepped forward and hammered the brick down.

Bang, bang, bang!

In the end, Blofled was bruised and swollen from the hitting.
His beautiful face had lost its radiance.
Deflated, he fell to the ground.

“You’re the last one!”

Wang Teng turned around.
He strode towards the last holy knight from the Sagittarius Palace..

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