Chapter 639: I’m A Good Person!

Bang, bang, bang…

Dull thuds echoed in the sky.
They sounded extremely conspicuous.

After all, this sound originated from the collision of a holy knight’s head with a brick.
It wasn’t due to two pieces of wood knocking against each other.

Yafel was in a daze!

She was elegant and refined, beautiful and noble.
Yet, someone was hammering a brick on her head?

She couldn’t believe that anyone would do this to her!

She never imagined that she would suffer such a treatment one day.

This was too much!



Wang Teng didn’t show any mercy to this beautiful lady.
Look at how smooth his actions were when he hammered her head.
Yafel’s beautiful small face got distorted instantly.

Her fair and crystal-clear skin turned red and started swelling.

Edward, Alif, and the others were stunned.
Wang Teng sure was ruthless.
He had the heart to hit a beauty like Yafel!

Didn’t he have any tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex?

What an insensitive man!

Of course, this thought only flashed through their mind.
When Wang Teng appeared, they immediately surrounded him.

At the same time, they wanted to save Yafel.

What a poor little thing!

It was tragic.
A beautiful lady like her got beaten into a pig’s head.
It was unbearable.

“Ah!” Yafel disregarded her image and started screaming.

Her mind was spinning from the beating.
She was stumbling, but she continued to struggle.
She wanted to break free from Wang Teng’s control.

However, Wang Teng stuck onto her like plaster.
The brick seemed glued to her head too.
Wherever she went, she would get hit.
None of the hits were missed.

“Ah… get off!”

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The ice-element Force surged out of Yafel’s body.
She started wrecking her surroundings without looking.
The ice Force turned into sharp ice thorns with a bone-curdling chill.
She fired them in all directions, hoping to push Wang Teng away.

“Last-ditch move.” Wang Teng scoffed as green flames danced around him.
Any ice thorns that got close were melted.
They couldn’t hurt him at all.

On the other hand, the other holy knights had to retreat due to the ice thorns.

“Damn it!” They were flaming in anger.

Alif used his palm as a sword and shattered the ice thorns with his golden sword glows.
He shouted, “Yafel, stop attacking aimlessly.
We can’t get close!”

Wang Teng laughed.
He felt that Yafel was an amazing support.

What a stupid teammate!

Yafel had already lost her cool.
After the reminder, she realized the stupid thing she did and stopped attacking.

Wang Teng took the chance to get closer and smashed the brick down again.

He had to admit that the helmets the holy knights wore did quite a good job.
If not, Yafel would have fainted a long time ago from his vicious hammering.

Yafel had persevered for a long time…

“Hurry!” Yafel shouted as she bore with the pain and humiliation.

After she said this, she couldn’t speak anymore.

Wang Teng appeared in front of her and smiled at her.
He slapped the golden brick on the front of her face.

In Yafel’s eyes, Wang Teng’s smile was no different from a devil’s.
But soon, that face was replaced by a golden brick.

The flat brick grew bigger in her eyes.

“Stop!” A furious shout came from behind Wang Teng.

Edward was the first to arrive.
He punched his fists out violently.

Lightning Lion Fist!


Lightning flickered behind him.
Purple bolts of lightning congregated into the outline of a lion.
It looked up and roared into the sky as the fist glow shot out.

Yafel was elated.

She was saved!

However, Wang Teng didn’t seem to have heard Edward.
He didn’t evade and the brick remained on track.
It landed as planned on her face.

Yafel was dumbfounded.

Was this fellow crazy?

He would rather get hit by Edward’s fists than give up on hitting her?

What grudges did they have? Why did he have to target her?

Yafel didn’t understand Wang Teng’s thoughts.
She felt that he was crazy.


All her thoughts melted into thin air as the brick came.
Yafel was slapped straight in the face.

Her head swung backward from the powerful impact.
Her neck was long and slender like an arrogant swan, but a line of blood shooting out of her nose besmirched her beauty.

Everything seemed to have slowed down.

The nose blood gleamed brightly under the sunlight like a precious art piece.

At this moment, Yafel’s gaze had turned hazy.
There were numerous questions in her mind, but they all turned into one word in the end.


On the other hand, Wang Teng felt amazing.
He felt that he had risen to another stage.

It feels good!

If he hadn’t hit her, his thoughts couldn’t have been straightened out.

Did he ever say that he wouldn’t hit a lady? Did he?

Even if he did, it didn’t matter in this situation.
There were only two kinds of people in the world.
During a battle, gender wasn’t important.
There were only friends and foes.

And the people in front of him were all foes!

As his enemies, they shouldn’t think they would receive special treatment as ladies.

Wang Teng understood Yafel’s confusion.
He said calmly, “Look, I’m a good person.
I hit you, but I won’t kill you.
So, next time, if you dare to say that I kill people like flies, I will hit you again!”

“Pfft!” Yafel was dumbfounded.
She felt so frustrated that she wanted to vomit blood.

She finally understood why Wang Teng targeted her.
This fellow chased after her fervently because of what she said earlier.
What kind of person was he?

She had never seen such a narrow-minded guy!

His mind was narrower than a needle!


At this moment, the fist behind him was only inches away.

Wang Teng remained unmoved, though.
A dazzling bolt of lightning struck his head along with the outline of a giant lion.

Filled with resentment, Yafel saw Wang Teng’s tall and lofty figure bathing in lightning.
He was like a god from heaven.

A hint of suspicion appeared in her heart… Could they even beat him?

Wang Teng ignored Yafel.
He looked expressionlessly at the outline of the lion.

Ancient God’s Body!

An occult golden symbol appeared on his forehead.
It wasn’t complicated, but it gave off a mysterious and holy aura.

The next instant, Wang Teng released his fist.

Strength of Ultima!


Wang Teng’s fist seemed ordinary and didn’t cause any impact.
It headed straight for the frightening lightning lion shadow.


The two fist auras collided.

Yarrow, Blofled, and the others stared at the center of the collision.
They were waiting to watch Wang Teng lose.

Edward’s Lightning Lion Fist was the strongest fist skill among the holy knights.
It contained the power of lightning and was extremely strong.
Its power was a sight to behold.

How could Wang Teng resist it?


An unexpected scene appeared.

The shadow of the lightning lion started cracking gradually after being hit by Wang Teng’s ordinary-looking punch..
It crumpled like dead leaves and broke into pieces!

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