Chapter 636: Grabbing Fate By The Throat!

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“Everyone, please help me catch this person!” Alif glanced at the seven holy knights that came and said to them in a low voice.

None of the holy knights spoke.
They sized up Wang Teng with a look of interest.

This fellow fought from the Taurus Palace to the Cancer Palace, beating all the three holy knights inside and even killing Margus.

“Karl, you have been defeated by him.
Why do you have the face to appear here?” one of the holy knights laughed and said.

“Demia!” Karl’s expression was ugly.
His words stabbed him in his heart and touched his sore spot.
Moreover, he spoke in front of everyone, embarrassing him greatly.

He appeared here because he felt regret.
He wanted to catch Wang Teng personally.
However, Demia’s words made him appear narrow-minded.
He felt humiliated.

“If you’re so strong, catch him personally,” Karl said with a black face.

“Hmph, do you think I’m as useless as you?” Demia snorted.

“You!” Karl was indignant.

Alif turned green in anger.
The holy knights either kept quiet or argued with each other.
No one cared about him, making him a little awkward.

Fortunately, at this moment, Edward from the Leo Palace said, “Alright, let’s not argue every time we meet.
Let’s catch him first.
Do you think we should let him run wild on Mount Saint?”

The others turned to look at Karl and Demia.

The indifferent gazes pressurized the duo.
They snorted and turned their heads away.
They stopped their useless quarrel.

Then, everyone looked at Wang Teng.
The holy knights scattered around Wang Teng without any exchanges of words, surrounding him in the middle.

Wang Teng remained calm.
He glanced around him and smirked.

Were they planning to attack him together?

How naive.

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His specialty was gang fights.

He had no trouble taking down an entire group of people.

“Who wants to go first?” Edward remained conceited.
He didn’t plan to attack Wang Teng together, so he asked everyone this question.

“Demia, why don’t you go first? Take him down alone.
Let Karl see how you do it?” Yarrow from the Capricorn Palace teased.

They laughed lightheartedly with indifference and arrogance on their faces.
It was as if they knew they could beat up Wang Teng however they wanted.

Even if Wang Teng had defeated three zodiac palaces and killed Margus from the Cancer Palace, they didn’t think that he could cause any trouble under their encirclement.

Mind you, the higher you went, the stronger the power of the holy knights of the palaces.
Besides Karl, the other six holy knights were all more powerful than Margus.

Every formidable warrior had their arrogance!

The stronger a person was, the more ego they had.

Unfortunately, they had met Wang Teng…

He remained nonchalant as he listened to their contemptuous tones.
His emotions weren’t affected.
“Stop arguing.
Just come together.”

One sentence was enough to turn everyone silent.

The seven holy knights stared at Wang Teng without blinking.
They seemed to have heard something unbelievable.

“You’re looking for death!”

The seven holy knights spoke one after another.
Their gazes were cold as they bellowed.

“Hahaha!” Wang Teng suddenly laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” Edward frowned.

“Because you’re so funny.” Wang Teng chuckled.
Suddenly, his expression turned eerie, and he shouted, “Since you’re so impatient, let me send you on your journey.”

In an instant, a frightening Force swarmed out of Wang Teng’s body.
Metal, wood, water, fire, earth…

The Forces of all five elements exploded together!

The different elements of the Forces seemed to have accumulated into a sea of Forces.
Waves towered and crashed into the shore.
At the same time, the Emerald Glazed Flame was released too.
It surrounded him and made him look like the emperor of flames.

The seven holy knights were flabbergasted.
Immediately, they felt that they had underestimated Wang Teng.
An ordinary martial warrior wouldn’t possess such a frightening Force.

However, Wang Teng didn’t give them any chance to think.
They didn’t see him moving, but a few sharp rays of light shot out from the flames around him.
They were covered with fire and left a trail of flames behind them as they flew towards the holy knights.

The rays of light came quickly and abruptly, reaching the holy knights in the blink of an eye.
They were aimed for their eyes or their hearts.
Without any exception, every single one targeted their vital points.

The seven holy knights squinted.
They hurriedly made their response.

Demia from the Scorpio Palace raised his finger, and a crimson ray of light shot out from his sharp fingernail.
It crashed into the ray of cold light.

Edward from the Leo Palace was the most direct.
His fist shimmered and multiple fist shadows appeared to block the sharp rays of light.

The other holy knights executed their own skills to block the attack.

Explosions rang continuously in the air.
Unfortunately, no one could hit those sharp rays of light.

The light rays seemed to have turned into agile snakes.
They twisted and turned in the air, drawing lines of flame in the sky as they crashed furiously around the seven holy knights.

Right then, an agonizing scream alarmed the others.

They turned their heads and noticed that Wang Teng had appeared in front of Karl.
He was grabbing his throat with one hand and raising his body.

Karl’s both arms had been penetrated.
Fresh blood dripped down.

“How dare you come again after I let you off once.
You’re courting death.” Wang Teng sneered.

His first target was Karl.
Wang Teng understood his skills the best, so it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with him as long as he knew what attacks to use.
He was going to kill him to serve as a warning to others!

If he didn’t show the others his skills, they might think that he was easy to bully.

Humiliation flashed past Karl’s eyes when he heard this.
However, Wang Teng was grabbing his throat, so he couldn’t move at all.

At this moment, he finally understood the difference between him and Wang Teng.

But how could this person be so strong?

Karl didn’t fathom it.
This was too unbelievable for him.
His face turned red, and he was about to suffocate to death.

“Release him!” Edward and the others shouted.
They wanted to help Karl, but they were blocked by the Shooting Star Spiral.

“Are you ordering me?” Wang Teng glanced at everyone and sneered.

Even at this moment, they hadn’t realized the situation and still dared to shout and order him around.
What a bunch of idiots!

“Release him.
If not, you will have to die today!” Demia said angrily.

Wang Teng smiled.
He looked at Karl and said, “Don’t blame me; blame them.
Look, is this something they should say? They are trying to harm you!”

Fear appeared in Karl’s eyes.
He struggled frantically, but it was all in vain.
Although he wanted to speak, he couldn’t make any sound because Wang Teng was grabbing his throat.

“Sad little thing.” Wang Teng looked at him struggling desperately.
He shook his head and exerted energy on his fingers.

A crisp sound was heard..
Everyone was staggered and filled with disbelief.

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