Chapter 634: You Have No Right!

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Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
After comprehending the Abyss Burial, he realized that this skill had its limit.
There were many restrictions too.

First, you needed extremely high space talent to cultivate this skill.
There was no chance for normal martial warriors to learn it otherwise.

Even if they learned it, they would only be able to use it a limited number of times.
The Origin of Soul was needed for every usage, and it wasn’t possible to increase the Origin of Soul through cultivation.

Once you executed the Abyss Burial too many times, no matter how powerful you were, your soul would be destroyed.

The souls in the death space weren’t obtained solely by Margus.
They were an accumulation of all the generations of the Cancer Palace holy knights.

Unfortunately, with the bug of the system, Wang Teng burned the fruits of the labor of all the generations of holy knights into ashes.

No wonder Margus hated him to the core and wanted to kill him.

This grudge was quite big!

Second, Abyss Burial could only be used on weaker opponents.
The greater the difference in ability, the higher the success rate.
If the abilities were equal, the chance of failing was high.

Margus was able to shake Wang Teng’s soul mainly because he took in the star power.
His ability had risen exponentially.
Also, he went all out and had exhausted his Origin of Soul to kill him.
He didn’t leave any escape path for himself.

A hint of confusion appeared in Wang Teng’s mind. That force that held my soul down, is it the system?

He could only think of this possibility.

Besides the system, nothing else could curb that invisible and unpredictable attack.

System, tell me, is it you? Wang Teng asked in his heart. If it’s you, give me some response.

We are so close.
Don’t be so quiet.
Come on, tell me.
I’ll be grateful.

Alright, you don’t have to admit it. Wang Teng felt helpless.
The system never made any sound.
He wondered if it could speak at all.

The moment this complaint arose in his heart, he felt his head turning numb, and a chill ran down his spine.

System, I was wrong! Wang Teng immediately admitted his mistake like a coward.

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“How arrogant.
You can kill whoever you want? Do you think you can step on Mount Saint’s face like this?” The golden-haired man was furious at getting ignored.

Wang Teng finally turned around and looked at him.
He said calmly, “Respect isn’t given by others.
You have to earn it.
Mount Saint’s actions have widened my perspective of the world.”

The golden-haired man didn’t know how to respond.
In the end, he said angrily, “Even if we haven’t treated you properly, you didn’t have to kill someone!”

“What were you doing when Margus wanted to kill me?” Wang Teng sneered.
“Is taking my life what you meant by not treating me properly? You are good at twisting the facts.”

The golden-haired man wasn’t Wang Teng’s match when it came to talking.
He was stuck and couldn’t find any reasons to refute.

He took a deep breath to calm down and continued, “I’m not going to waste time with you.
You killed one of our holy knights, so you must stay and receive our punishment.”

“Punishment? Hahaha!” Wang Teng laughed.
There was contempt on his face.
“I’m a martial warrior from Country Xia.
When is it your turn to punish me?”

His expression changed towards the end.
He said coldly, “You have no right!”

Frose and the golden-haired man’s expression changed entirely.

The golden-haired man finally remembered that Wang Teng was from Country Xia.
He had the support of a top nation!

Keeping his ability and talent in mind, Country Xia must definitely view him with importance.
With this background, even if they had the chance, they wouldn’t dare to punish Wang Teng easily.

The golden-haired man felt exasperated and humiliated.
He felt that his dignity was being trampled on by an outsider.
With his status, he had never suffered such humiliation.

I really can’t touch him? The golden-haired man felt helpless and frustrated.

No, this person killed Margus.
He must give Margus an answer.
If not, others will think that we are easy to bully.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind.
In the end, his gaze shimmered, and he said, “Frose, let’s take him down together!”

“Sage Alif!” Frose’s expression changed as he looked at the golden-haired man.
He didn’t expect Sage Alif to ignore Country Xia’s pressure and punish Wang Teng forcefully.

“Move!” Alif shouted.
The next instant, he vanished and appeared in mid-air.
He swung his battle sword down at Wang Teng.

A blue ray of sword light lit up the surroundings.

Everything seemed to have disappeared from the world and only this sword ray was left.
All the paths of the retreat were locked.
There was nowhere to hide.

A casual strike from this golden-haired man possessed such a power.
This was unbelievable.

“Very good.” Wang Teng laughed in anger.
This golden-haired man didn’t care who was in the wrong anymore.
He was firm on pinning the blame on him.

In an instant, the Force in his body surged out and soared into the sky.
A strong wind blew against Wang Teng’s clothes.
His black hair danced wildly in the air.

Wang Teng had an unruly expression on his face.
He glanced at the man from the corner of his eyes arrogantly.

“Let’s see if you have the ability to take me down!”

Bellowing in anger, he stepped on the ground, and a frightening force swept through the area.
Cracks appeared on the ground like spiderwebs.

He shot towards the sky like an arrow leaving its bow.

Mo Que swung up violently.
An exceptionally sharp golden light crashed into Alif’s blue sword light.

In an instant, the two sword lights clashed.

The two sharp blades collided, releasing sparks in the air.
The clang of metals resounded in the air.

Alif’s pupils constricted.
He felt a strong power pushing him in the opposite direction.
His hand started hurting from the impact, and even his bones were groaning.

Suddenly, a purple light flashed past his face.

“Shit!” Alif’s expression changed.
He retreated hurriedly.

A lightning spear came after him.
It flew toward him at the speed of light and appeared in front of him in an instant.

However, his ability shouldn’t be underestimated either.
Although the lightning spear came a little unexpectedly, he still managed to stop it with a wave of his sword and shattered it into pieces forcefully.

More lightning spears rushed towards him from other directions, surrounding him from all corners.

Alif struggled to cope with the onslaught of attacks.
Wang Teng was chasing him like a shadow.
When he released his fist, the fist glow shot out and energy exploded.
He punched continuously.

At the same time, the Emerald Glazed Flame turned into a rope under the control of his spiritual kinesis, trying to entangle Alif.

Some of the flames turned into arrows and rained down on him.

The moment Wang Teng attacked, it was like a storm!

Wang Teng’s attack was like a gale.
It was exceptionally violent and brutal.
There was no stopping it.

“Ah!” Alif was stunned by all the attacks.
He had been hit by many fire arrows and got injured instantly..
He roared like a wild beast uncontrollably.

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