Chapter 62: Untitled

Based on the introduction given by the video, the theory behind Gun Kungfu was a statistical model built and centered around a single person…

That was right.
Without any mistake, it was a statistical study!

If one wanted to learn Gun Kungfu, they needed to master their statistics first.
All the poor students had to move aside voluntarily.

Moving on with the main topic…

The trajectory of the bullets and the position of the enemy were both included In the statistical model.

Thus, if the Gun Kungfu was used flexibly, it would be possible to add all the blind spots around the user into the calculation.
The user could attack and defend at the same time.

It sounded a little complicated.
Simply put, martial arts plus gun skills and statistical study to calculate the best firing path!

Yep, that was right.

Wang Teng placed his hand on his chin and went into deep thought.
There was nothing wrong with it.
He just felt that Newton might want to rise from his grave~

Help! Someone, please press his grave down tightly.
Don’t let him get out!

This is quite a fantastic skill.

However, how am I supposed to increase the attribute for my Gun Kungfu? Wang Teng was confused.
He contemplated for a moment and felt that he could only find some opportunities in the future to try it out.

Since he had received the Gun Kungfu, naturally, he should use it.

Gun Kungfu, as the name implied, could only be executed with a gun.

Wang Teng did have a rune gun, but he had emptied it on the martial warrior on Mount Bao’an in the past.

I should go and buy some bullets.
But, from where?

“Master Lu!”

Wang Teng suddenly remembered this guy.
He took out his phone and wanted to contact the other party right away.
However, he realized that it was already very late at night, so he gave up.

It was indeed very late.
Wang Teng yawned uncontrollably.
He shook his head, turned off the lights, and went to sleep.

Before shutting his eyes, he glanced at his attributes panel.

His spirit had reached 55 points! It was an exponential increase.

The western suburb mental hospital was a good place.
If the patients inside were any friendlier, he wanted to stay there permanently!

The next day.

It was Monday, so Wang Teng got up very early.

He had hit the bed too late yesterday.
When he sat at the table for breakfast, he had dark eye circles around his eyes and kept yawning.

Li Xiumei and Wang Shengguo exchanged glances with one another and communicated using their eyes.

You do it.

Why don’t you say it?

Are you going to say it or not? If you don’t, I’ll clean the toilet bowl with your toothbrush!

Fine, fine, fine, I’ll say it.

The eye contact ended with Wang Shengguo as the loser.
He put down the spoon in his hand and coughed.

“Yes?” Wang Teng raised his head and looked at him curiously.

“Son, come, eat these two eggs.
They’re good for your body.” Li Xiumei passed two eggs to him with a caring look.


Wang Teng didn’t know how he took the eggs over.
As he stared at the two eggs in his hand, understanding suddenly dawned on him.
He was unable to explain this matter anymore.

That stupid man with curly hair!

You ruined my reputation in a single night!

When I see you again, I’ll bring him some alcohol~

I will pee in the alcohol and pour some laxatives inside… Yes, this is what I will do!

Wang Teng left the house as though he was running away from something.
He was unable to withstand the gazes of his parents anymore.
Wherever he went, he could feel the two pairs of eyes behind his back looking at him with concern.

Donghai No.
1 High School.

The tense atmosphere in school had reached a peak.
In only one week, the university entrance exam would be here.
All the students were frantically revising and doing papers.

Because of the reformation this year, most of the students taking part in the martial arts exam had burned their boats and were fighting with their backs to the river.

“Good morning, class monitor,” Wang Teng sat down on his seat and greeted Lin Chuhan.

The other party had arrived very early, just like always.

“Good morning,” Lin Chuhan raised her head and replied softly.

“I won’t disturb you.
Study well.” Ever since Wang Teng learned of Lin Chuhan’s family background, he had started to respect her even more.

A little girl like her had endured so much suffering, but she was still able to do the things normal people weren’t able to.
She deserved to be respected.

Although Lin Chuhan was surprised, she didn’t say anything.
She turned her head back and continued revising.

Time was really tight.
Whenever she was free, she would spare no effort in revising the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers.’ At the same time, she needed to practice too.
If not, she wouldn’t be able to pass the actual combat assessment.

The ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ was a fixed subject that would be included in the martial arts exam.
However, the actual combat assessment was still the most important segment.

Since they were practicing martial arts, their skill was naturally the most important!

Honestly, Lin Chuhan’s battle prowess wasn’t strong.
It was even a little weak.

As compared to other intermediate stage martial disciples, she was probably below average.

When he pushed Lin Chuhan against the wall in the past, Wang Teng was an advanced stage martial disciple.
At that time, he had noticed that her strength was weak, but he didn’t place much emphasis on it.
He thought that this was the standard of a normal person.

Now, thinking back, one of the reasons he felt this way was because he was too strong.
In comparison, Lin Chuhan seemed fragile.

The other reason was that he had just started practicing martial arts, so he didn’t know the difference between a normal person and a martial disciple.

Hence, he only learned that Lin Chuhan was an intermediate stage martial disciple much later.

I wonder if she can pass the martial arts exam successfully? Wang Teng glanced at Lin Chuhan worriedly.
If she didn’t, it would be a huge blow to her.

After all, she wasn’t taking part in the martial arts exam for herself.
It was for her father and younger sister.

However, Wang Teng knew that he should keep quiet at a time like this.

Rather than hurting her confidence, shouldn’t he give her support? There just might be a miracle, right?

Wang Teng threw this matter to the side and took out his phone.
He sent a message to Master Lu.

Wang Teng: Are you there?

Master Lu: Yes, dear.
I’m here (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~

Instant reply!

Wang Teng: Do you sell bullets in your shop?

Master Lu: Yes, we do.
What kind of caliber, material, and stats do you need for your bullet?

Wang Teng was stunned for two seconds.
Why were there so many different options when buying bullets?

Thus, he went online and searched for a picture of a gun that looked similar to his.
He sent it over.

Wang Teng: I need bullets for this gun.

Master Lu: Dear, you can use 6.5mm bullets for this gun.
What kind of material and attributes do you need?

Wang Teng: What kind of material and attributes are there?

The other party immediately sent two pictures over.
They were a table for the materials and the attributes of the gun, respectively.

There were all kinds of materials.
Wang Teng had never even heard of many of them, such as Ola alloy, Sapphire alloy, and many others.
The ppm, density, and other attributes were listed down beside the names of the materials.
They looked really amazing.

As for the price, some cost a few thousand while others were tagged at tens of thousands.
There were some that cost in six figures!

The other attribute list included the familiar attributes, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.
The effects of runes were included such that the attacking power of the bullets was stronger and more powerful.

But, most importantly, it was very expensive!

It was extremely expensive!

This evil merchant!

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