Chapter 627: I Have An Immature Idea

Wang Teng walked along the path that was rarely traversed.
He looked as if he was just taking a stroll after his meal.

But, the high priest, who was a few steps behind him, was walking on tenterhooks.
He was in despair.
He wanted to report this matter to the Holy Temple, but he couldn’t leave Wang Teng alone and go up by himself.

This would make Mount Saint appear extremely low class.
Hence, he could only follow Wang Teng obediently and walked up the stairs.

They had switched their positions.
In the past, he was the one leading the way, but now, Wang Teng was in front.

This fellow had reversed the position of the host and the guest!

Frose felt helpless.
After interacting with Wang Teng first-hand, he understood how hard this person was to deal with.
The guy’s temperament had shocked him.

From what he saw, Wang Teng’s arrogance came from deep within.
He wouldn’t allow anyone to step on it.
If anyone touched his bottom line, Arudis would be an example of that person’s ending.

Also, he was extremely decisive.
His actions were as fast as lightning, catching people off guard.

However, during normal times, he hid well and didn’t reveal any of his real personality.
He acted like a happy-go-lucky person who could have fun and fool around with ordinary people.

His personality was like a sharp sword hidden in its sheath.
Once someone stimulated him, the sword would release its dazzling sharp aura and hurt whoever provoked him.

This temperament wasn’t like a 20 years old young man at all…

Wang Teng didn’t know what Frose was thinking.
At this moment, he was wondering about the armor he saw.

When he saw Arudis putting on that armor just now, he couldn’t help but recall an anime from his past life.

The settings were similar, but there were some differences too.

Wang Teng suddenly thought of a saying.

There was a rumor that the inspiration for anime and movies came from some blurry images seen by the creator when they came into contact with the messages released during the collision of an alternate world and reality.
They added in their imaginations and kept filling in the gaps, along with some artistic modifications.
This was how the final product appeared in front of everyone.

So… a certain anime author felt the messages released by this world?

Wang Teng’s expression turned strange.
He found the notion outrageous, but it made some sense…

He shook his head.
There was no right answer for this, so he shouldn’t waste his time.

Coming back, based on what Arudis said, this divine constellation armor was worn by all generations of holy knights.

Who made these divine constellation armors?

Just now, he could faintly feel the mysterious and veiled relationship between the divine constellation armors and the 12 zodiac palaces.

From what he knew, the 12 zodiac palaces had existed for an extremely long time, their history dating back to a few thousand years.

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What did this mean?

This meant that the divine constellation armors might have existed for a few thousand years too.

But there was a paradox.

Before the Force invaded Earth, before the martial arts era started, how could this item, which belonged to martial warriors, appear?

Unless Mount Saint was the legacy of an ancient civilization!

The divine constellation armor was left by the ancient civilization too.

This was possible.
Mount Saint gave off a mysterious aura, so it was normal that it had some secrets.

Unfortunately, the divine constellation armors belonged to Mount Saint.
If he could take one or two back to study, there would definitely be huge gains.
As a master blacksmith, he might be able to discover some secrets from it.

He had seen how powerful the divine constellation armor was.
Arudis was only a low-tier general-stage martial warrior.
However, after wearing the divine constellation armor, his ability rose multiple times.

If he was able to learn the skill of creating this armor, he could go back to his country, gather some master-level disciples, and ask them to craft this battle armor.

In the future, the martial warriors in Country Xia could wear one each.
How powerful would they be!

What a pity!

Wang Teng shook his head uncontrollably.

Frose saw his expression and asked, “Why are you shaking your head?”

I had an immature thought,” Wang Teng glanced at him and replied calmly.

Frose didn’t think that Wang Teng would have the guts to lay his eyes on the divine constellation armors.
Since he didn’t want to say anything, he didn’t probe further.

After some time, the third Gemini Palace was in sight.

Frose wanted to show his token, but Wang Teng stopped him.
“No need.
When I said I want to fight my way up, I meant it.
It doesn’t matter if you show your token.”

Frose felt helpless.
He could only watch Wang Teng as he stepped into the Gemini Palace confidently.

The moment Wang Teng walked into the palace, he stopped, looking in front.

Someone was blocking him.

The other party was a tall and valiant man above 30 years old.
He had long hair, and his expression was calm and indifferent.
He looked like a high and mighty god.

This fellow is worse than the first two holy knights.
Look at his posture! Wang Teng complained in his heart.

At the same time, his attention landed on his opponent’s body.
He moved his gaze down slowly.

He noticed that the holy knight was already wearing golden armor.
He looked sacred and divine.

This armor was different from the one Arudis wore.
It was even stranger.
The armor had sharp edges with complicated patterns.
There were two faces on the two sides of the helmet, one angel and one devil.
They were like twins.

“I know your intention,” the holy knight of the Gemini Palace looked at Wang Teng and said calmly.

“That’s good.
I don’t have to waste time explaining.
Let’s fight,” Wang Teng released his Force and said.

Frose caught up with them and said to Karl using voice transmission, “Karl, try your best to stop him.”

He briefly explained what happened before.

“As expected, that idiot Arudis was defeated!” Karl nodded and stopped speaking.


The next instant, a powerful Force wave erupted from Karl’s body.

“This is my job.
If you want to pass, you must defeat me.”

The instant he finished speaking, Karl dashed towards Wang Teng.

Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.
He released his fist and received his opponent’s attack with a loud bang.

The two of them flashed around the palace, colliding, intertwining, and punching each other.
Their figures turned into lingering shadows.
It was impossible to tell which was the real person.

Frose watched their fight with his mouth agape.

Wang Teng was outrageously powerful!

Karl was in the top five among the holy knights.
Yet when Wang Teng fought with him, he wasn’t any weaker.


The two of them collided in mid-air and retreated.

Karl’s face turned grim.
He admitted that he had underestimated Wang Teng.
But, this thought was no longer present.

No wonder Arudis lost!

Even he had to be cautious when facing this opponent.

However, he was getting a little excited..
This was the thrill of meeting his match…

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