Chapter 624: The 12 Zodiac Palaces

The mountain might seem near, but it was, in fact, far away.
This saying seemed applicable here.

This phrase appeared in Wang Teng’s mind as he followed the high priest up the stairs.
He released a few wisps of spiritual power to uncover the secret of this mountain path.
After some time, he understood.

There were runes covering this path, just like the small town below.
They could extend space and elongate an extremely short path a few times up to a few hundred times.

There weren’t many people in this world who had a higher realm of spiritual power than Wang Teng.
As long as he wanted to hide, no one would discover it.
Even the high priest who was only a few steps away didn’t sense anything.

Wang Teng was very interested in this space extension rune.
He had gained space rune knowledge in the Darkland, but it wasn’t complete.
This space extension rune would be able to help him build up his rune mastery.

The mountain path wasn’t endless.
Half an hour later, they arrived at the first palace, the Aries Palace.

Wang Teng could faintly sense the powerful aura inside the palace even before he saw the person.

“Frose, why are you here?” A voice echoed out from the palace.

“I received an order to bring someone up,” the high priest, Frose, said.

With a wave of his hand, a silver-white light shot out from his long gown and flew into the Aries Palace.

There was silence for a few seconds.
Then, the voice was heard again.
“You can proceed.”

“Let’s go.” The high priest walked into the palace.

Wang Teng followed behind him and entered the palace.
He sized up his surroundings curiously.

The structure of this palace was extremely strange.
There were pillars on both sides, forming a long passageway in the middle.
You could continue heading up the mountain through this path.

Behind the pillars, it was pitch-black.
Nothing could be seen.

The holy knight in the palace wasn’t visible either.

However, this wasn’t a problem for Wang Teng.
He activated his Spiritual Sight and scanned the darkness.
Immediately, he saw a figure sitting cross-legged in the dark.

He was giving off a thick green light.
It was dazzling.

But Wang Teng only glanced at him for a second because his gaze was quickly attracted by the piles of attribute bubbles around the person.

There were so many of them!


The entire ground was filled with bubbles floating silently in the dark palace.

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Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
He didn’t expect such a large number of attribute bubbles to appear in the palace.
Soon, his astonishment was taken over by joy.

This was an unexpected gain.
He would be stupid not to take it.

He released his spiritual power silently and swept all the attribute bubbles over.
He picked every single one of them up.

Wood Force*65

Wood Force*80

Ultimate Stage Wood Talent*12

Spiritual Realm Spirit*45

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*60

After picking up the surprise present, Wang Teng couldn’t hide his smile anymore.

He received 3570 points of wood Force, 320 points of ultimate stage wood talent, 450 points of Spiritual Realm Spirit, and 478 points of Spiritual Realm Enlightenment.

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng suddenly shuddered.

This wood Force took a leap and reached the 11-star low-tier general stage.

Wood Force: 350/20000 (11-star)

Wang Teng’s expression was weird.

Did he just achieve a breakthrough?

All he did was follow the high priest up the mountain to see someone.
He didn’t plan on collecting attributes.

This result was a little unexpected!

He achieved his breakthrough so suddenly!

You couldn’t stop luck when it wanted to come.

Wang Teng felt emotional.
By now, he had already reached the end of the passageway with the high priest.

His breakthrough happened without any extra effort from him, so it didn’t cause any commotion.
No one would notice anything.

Although the person in the palace was paying attention to Wang Teng, he didn’t notice anything amiss either.

“For some reason, I think he saw me just now,” the person sitting in the dark muttered to himself softly, feeling a little shocked.

After Wang Teng and the high priest left, he closed his eyes and got back to cultivating.
Attribute bubbles started appearing in the palace again.

These attribute bubbles seemed to be bound by a certain force.
They could exist for a longer time…

Wang Teng followed the high priest and arrived at the second palace, the Taurus Palace.
He felt a little excited.

There were so many attribute bubbles in the first palace.
What about the next one?

Just thinking about it got him restless.

If he could raise all his Forces by a level after passing the 12 zodiac palaces, that would be amazing!

Half an hour later, they arrived outside the Taurus Palace.
The high priest threw the white light out again, and they were allowed to pass.

Wang Teng had already noticed that this white light was a token.
When they walked through the first palace, the holy knight from the Aries Palace had returned it to the high priest.

In the Taurus Palace, a lofty and bulky figure blocked the two of them.
He looked at Wang Teng with interest.

“The talent from Country Xia!” A strong voice came out of his mouth.

“Arudis, what are you doing?” The high priest frowned.

I heard that there was an extremely outstanding talent from Country Xia this time, so I came to take a look.” Arudis crossed his arms and smiled.

“Is this Mount Saint’s intention?” Wang Teng smiled and turned to look at the high priest.

“No, please don’t misunderstand.
This is Arudis’s own doing.
It’s got nothing to do with Mount Saint,” the high priest explained hurriedly.

Then, he turned and said to Arudis, “Arudis, he’s a guest of the goddess.
How dare you stop him!”

“Receive a punch from me and you can pass.” Arudis didn’t relent.

“How dare you!” shouted the high priest.

Wang Teng suddenly stretched his hand out and stopped him.
Smiling, he looked at Arudis.
“What if I don’t want to?”

“You can not pass,” Arudis replied.

“In that case, I’ll go back.
You can explain to the goddess yourself.” Wang Teng turned around and left immediately.

The corners of Arudis’s lips twitched.

Was he leaving just like that?

As a genius, shouldn’t he get angry when provoked?

Damn it, why wasn’t he going by the script?

“Wait!” Arudis shouted hurriedly when he saw Wang Teng walking further away.

However, Wang Teng continued walking as if he didn’t hear anything.
He had almost reached the entrance of the palace.

Arudis was agitated.
If Wang Teng left, all he could do was wait for the punishment by the higher authorities and lose his position as a holy knight.

He took a large step forward and vanished from the spot before reappearing in front of Wang Teng.

“Move!” Wang Teng released his fist expressionlessly.


An overwhelming fist aura rose into the air amidst the explosion.
Only this fist was left in Arudis’s vision.
Everything else had disappeared.

He was flabbergasted.
However, there was nothing he could say at this point.
He gritted his teeth and released the Force in his body.
He raised his fist and punched it.


When the two fists collided, Arudis flew back uncontrollably and vomited a mouthful of blood in mid-air..
He had fallen out of the Taurus Palace!

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