Chapter 621: Damn It, She’s Seducing Me!

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Everyone went down the mountain, but they didn’t leave the small town.
The sky was getting dark, so no one was in a hurry to leave.
They decided to stay one more night in this small town.

The host also prepared a sumptuous dinner banquet for them to allow them to interact with one another.
After the competition, everyone should sit down and have a nice chat.

This was Mount Saint’s idea too.

Interest was the most important thing for every country.
Smaller countries were willing to stick to larger ones for protection.
This was diplomacy for larger nations too.

The banquet started.
Lights lit up the hall brightly.
The decorations were extravagant, and countless delicious food and drinks were placed on the table.

Attendants dressed neatly in black coats and white shirts shuttled back and forth in the hall.

When Wang Teng and his team arrived, the hall was already lively.
Conversations and waves of laughter were heard continuously.

The arrival of Country Xia caused a short moment of silence.

The biggest winner of this event.

Everyone felt complicated, especially when they saw the young man’s indifferent face.
Many people’s emotions were ignited.

“Mister Wang Teng!” Darwan from Country Boar came over to welcome them.

“Eat and drink however you want and get a good sleep.
We will return to the country tomorrow,” Dan Taixuan led everyone forward as she spoke to them.

Darwan and the people from Country Boar were exceptionally enthusiastic.
Valeria kept pestering Wang Teng with a naive and pure smile on her face.

Wang Teng felt frustrated.
He didn’t understand why Valeria didn’t want to let him go.
Was it a mistake to be too outstanding? He didn’t intend to flirt!

Besides, this butterfly was a little too muscular.
He couldn’t handle it.

Wang Teng gave an awkward but polite smile.

Zhu Yushao and Ji Xiuming, who were standing beside him, were suppressing their laughter and shooting him looks of sympathy.

“Why don’t you just agree to her?” Zhu Yushao spoke to him using voice transmission.

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“… Go away!” Wang Teng was exasperated.
He turned and glared at those gloating fellows.

Fortunately, people from other countries came over and saved him.

Wang Teng had beaten almost every country during this exchange.
He overpowered all the other top talents.
No one could steal his limelight.

The countries on good terms with Country Xia came over for a chat.
Even those who didn’t have much interaction with their country came to show their faces.

The best regulator of a conversation was wine.
Everyone exchanged glasses and drank to their hearts’ content.

Wang Teng wasn’t worried.
With his physique, having some wine wouldn’t affect him.

These people came and left quickly, not staying for long.
They knew themselves well.
Based on their ability, they didn’t have the right to take up too much of Wang Teng and Country Xia’s time.

“How does it feel to be famous?” Zhu Yushao nudged Wang Teng and teased.

Wang Teng glanced at her and smiled.
You will never get to experience it.”

Zhu Yushao felt someone punching her heart.
She forgot that this fellow was a shameless and despicable person.
What was she thinking when she decided to tease him? There must be something wrong with her just now.

At this moment, another person walked over.

This time, there was only one person.

Zhu Yushao noticed her and was puzzled.
“Why is she here?”

This lady was Marsha from the White Eagle Nation.

The relationship between Country Xia and the White Eagle Nation was a little ambiguous, so why was she here?

Wang Teng didn’t understand either.
He touched his chin in deep thought.
Did she get fooled by his handsome appearance and wanted to experience a spectacular long-distance relationship?

Wang Teng glanced at her voluptuous figure and long legs.
Suddenly, he felt that he could consider this option, even though he was a little reluctant.
After all, it wasn’t good to reject others.

“Hey, she’s here.
Hurry up and wipe your saliva!” Zhu Yushao elbowed his thigh and whispered.

Wang Teng stretched his hand out unconsciously and wiped his mouth.

He reacted instantly and glared at Zhu Yushao.
In the end, he had fallen for her trick.

However, there was some truth in her words.
Marsha was already in front of him.
She seemed to know what he was thinking.
There was an ambiguous smile on her face as she looked at him.

“Cough, what’s the matter?” Wang Teng coughed awkwardly.
He kept a stern face as he asked in a seemingly serious tone.

“Are you going to let a lady stand and talk?” Marsha asked.

“There are many seats here.
You can choose one.” Wang Teng felt that this lady was picking a quarrel, so he rolled his eyes secretly.

Insensitive man! Marsha’s face turned black.
She glared at him and sat down, crossing her legs elegantly.

She didn’t wear her battle uniform tonight.
Instead, she was dressed in a beautiful black gown that showed off her curvy body.
Her lipstick was bright red, and a faint smell of perfume lingered in the air.
She looked amazing.

Wang Teng had to admit that this lady was extremely attractive!

When she crossed her legs, she revealed a section of her fair skin.
Qu Fei, Yan Bo, and Zhao Yuanwu immediately got attracted by the sight.
They swallowed their saliva involuntarily.

Even Mu Zhiguo and Ji Xiuming, who acted maturely most of the time, glanced at her secretly.
Their hearts were melting.

“Hmph, men.” Zhu Yushao looked at them in disdain.

Marsha lifted the glass of wine on the table beside her and said, “Congratulations on being the spotlight of this year’s exchange.”

Wang Teng’s expression was weird.
“Are you sure you’re here to congratulate me?”

“Is there a problem with that?” Marsha pretended that she didn’t know what he was saying.

“No, of course not.
As long as you’re happy.” Wang Teng squinted and smiled.

No matter what she was planning, he believed that with his vigilance, he wouldn’t fall into her traps.

Wang Teng raised his glass and touched hers.
He took a sip of wine and said, “Thank you.”

“Alright, have a fun time.
I won’t interrupt you anymore.” Marsha didn’t stay.
After drinking her wine, she got up to leave.

“You’re leaving already?” Qu Fei and the others asked in surprise.

Wang Teng was stunned too.
Was this lady really just here to congratulate him?

Did he misunderstand something?

She left without any hesitation.
Did this mean that she didn’t have any thoughts towards him?

Or was she playing cat and mouse?

There was no chance for Wang Teng to put his flirting skills to use.
This lady wasn’t acting according to the script.
How should he get her?

He squinted and snorted in his heart.
He decided to use the ultimate move—do nothing.

At this moment, the pretty back suddenly stopped.
Marsha turned around and winked at Wang Teng, her tongue sliding through her lips.
“We will meet again.”

Damn it, she’s seducing me!

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