Chapter 61: Gun Kungfu!


Wang Teng looked at the item in his hand in surprise.
At the same time, he had doubts in his heart.

“This is a gift for you.
What you want is inside,” the man with curly hair said.

“You’re embarrassing me, to be honest.
This is the first time we met, yet you are giving me a gift.”

Although his mouth refused, Wang Teng’s hands still stuffed the USB into his pants pocket without any hesitation.

“You can take it as payment for the cigarette.
Ha~” The man with curly hair yawned and lay down.
He waved his hand at Wang Teng.
“You can leave.
I want to sleep.
Remember to turn off the light for me.”

Wang Teng threw a last glance at the other party.
Then, he put on his mask and turned off the lights.
He walked out and left.

Once Wang Teng stepped out, the man with curly hair suddenly jumped up from the bed and pasted his face on the door’s glass.
He looked for a long time.

“Do you think he has left?” he muttered to himself.

“He should have left!”

He confirmed that Wang Teng was already gone.

Suddenly, he laughed like crazy.
He laughed until he bent forward and backward.
He then fell to the ground and started rolling around in laughter.
Tears and mucus dripped down his face.

“This is so interesting.
This is so interesting.
That fellow actually believed me.
Hahahaha… I’m dying from laughter.”

Wang Teng lowered his head and headed down the stairs.
Suddenly, a sound was heard behind him.

“Hey, you, wait for a moment.”

Wang Teng’s heart dropped.
Was there staff on duty at this time? When he came up, he didn’t see anyone!

All kinds of ways to tackle the situation appeared in his mind.
If he got caught, he could only…

Footsteps sounded behind him.
That person was getting closer.
Wang Teng turned around and saw a thirty years old man walking towards him.
He was wearing a long white coat.

“Aren’t you stationed downstairs? Why did you come up?” He looked at Wang Teng sternly.

“Oh, I heard a commotion upstairs and thought that something happened.
Hence, I came up to take a look,” Wang Teng spouted nonsense without batting an eye.

The man’s expression softened a little when he heard this explanation.
But, immediately after that, he asked with curiosity, “Why are you wearing a mask in the middle of the night?”

“I have bad breath.
If I don’t wear a mask, it will affect other people…”

Before Wang Teng could finish speaking, a loud siren suddenly rang throughout the entire mental hospital.

“A patient ran out!”

A shout came from downstairs.

The man’s expression changed.
He pushed Wang Teng away and dashed down.
As he ran, he took off the white gown he was wearing and laughed loudly.
“Come and catch me.
Come and catch me…”

Wang Teng: …

This mental hospital is too scary!

I should hurry up and go home!

Using the commotion as his cover-up, Wang Teng climbed the wall and left the mental hospital.
He drove his car home.

It was deep into the night when he reached home.

Wang Teng took a bath and went back to his bedroom.
He took out the USB and plugged it into his computer.
When he opened it, he found a single video in the folder.

“Do they use video tutorials to learn martial arts secret scriptures in this era now?” Wang Teng was slightly shocked.

He clicked on the video!

Instantly, an ambiguous sound came from his speakers.
It was enough to make his ears turn red.

It was quite loud too!

“F**k!” Wang Teng instantly became frantic.
He grabbed his mouse and clicked on the screen.
Normally, he was able to stop a video with one click, but now, he couldn’t hit the pause button no matter how hard he tried.

In his haste, he forcefully shut down his computer.

The room finally turned quiet.

Wang Teng didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.
His parents’ room was not far away.
He was afraid that they would have heard the noise just now.


That’s good; that’s good.
I don’t think I woke them up. Wang Teng heaved a huge sigh of relief.

I was fooled!

Now, he finally had the time to think about this matter properly.
He thought of the man with curly hair.
He seemed to have been fooled by the man’s appearance…

I shouldn’t have trusted him!

I must have been blinded by greed.
How can I trust a mental patient?! Wang Teng gave a bitter smile.


The video wasn’t that bad.
When the scene flashed past his eyes just now, he realized that the female lead was quite pretty.
Her figure was good and her skin was fair.
Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Why don’t I take a look again?

Just one look!

Wang Teng comforted himself and looked for his earphones.
Then, he turned on his computer again and clicked on the video… Hehehe!

Only the computer screen was lit up in the dark room.

The entire room was very quiet, and only sinister peals of laughter occasionally sounded.
It was a little eerie.

Not bad, not bad at all.
The storyline is attractive, and the female lead is pretty.
However, her voice is really loud.
She’s just having a massage.
Why does she need to scream so loudly? It gave me a huge fright!

Wang Teng finished the video with a critical look.

However, just as he was about to turn off his computer and go to sleep, he realized that the progress bar was only at the halfway mark.

Wang Teng shifted the mouse away and allowed the video to continue playing.

After a few seconds, the scene shifted.

Wang Teng’s expression underwent a huge change.
In an instant, his sleepiness disappeared, and he stared at the computer screen without blinking his eyes.

Half an hour later, the video had finished playing.
Wang Teng closed his eyes and pondered for some time.
When he reopened his eyes, he gave a dry smile.

How tricky! I almost missed the information at the back!

I’m so lucky!

He felt a little fortunate.

Speaking of this, he still had to thank the female lead.
The whole reason he watched the video was that the female lead was pretty.

If not, he would have thrown the USB away, and the information at the back wouldn’t have the chance to be seen by him.

He opened his attributes panel.

Enlightenment: 93

Spirit: 55

Talent: Beginner stage fire talent (11/300) Beginner stage ice talent (13/300), Beginner stage earth talent (12/300), Spiritual Sight (beginner stage 1.4/10), Demon lotus poison body (15/10000)

Force: 64/100 Fire (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

8/100 Ice (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

7/100 Earth (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

30/100 Poison (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

Scripture: Red Flame Scripture (foundation 20/100), Deep Ice Scripture (foundation 12/100), Earth Loess Skill ‘Earth Element Shield’ (foundation 15/100)

Battle Techniques: Basic battle techniques (presence enlightenment for fist, sword, blade, footwork), Basic Stick Skill (perfected), Gun Kungfu (foundation 1/10), Fire Kirin Sword Skill (foundation 43/100), Phantom Ice Fist (foundation 13/100)

Knowledge: Basic Subjects (full marks), ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ (80 points)

Overall Battle Power: 221

Blank Attribute: 0

In the battle techniques column, his Gun Skill had changed to Gun Kungfu!

However, he was still at the foundation stage.
Furthermore, the attribute points needed to level up were now displayed behind the skill.
Earlier, Gun Skill didn’t have the attribute points displayed behind it, just like the other basic battle techniques.

—The system had been looking down on that skill!

Thus, based on how the system worked, Gun Kungfu was undoubtedly more advanced than Gun Skill.

Wang Teng had never heard of Gun Kungfu in the past, but there was information about it in the second half of the video.

The theory of Gun Kungfu came about due to the integration of martial arts and technology.

Ever since rune guns were born, the martial warriors on Earth went through many rounds of tests and innovation before creating this Gun Kungfu.
It was powerful enough to make people tremble in fear!

Tremble in fear!

This phrase wasn’t an exaggeration.
It had actually happened before.

In theory, Gun Kungfu was an amazing ability that incorporated body strength, gun skill, and sword skill into one whole.

Many martial warriors specialized in rune guns.
At the same time, they also practiced Gun Kungfu.
The combination of these two skills was extremely formidable.
It could be said to be terrifying!

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