Chapter 618: Gang Fight! Mobbed?

A commotion erupted after Wang Teng finished speaking.
He was challenging all the top talents from various countries!

Was he looking down on them or was he thinking too highly of himself?

Everyone was exceptionally angry.

A talent would have arrogance.
It was alright if Wang Teng wanted to defeat them one by one, but he wanted to fight them together and humiliate them.

This young man was way in over his head.

The talents from the other nations were indignant.
They stared at Wang Teng and started discussing in low voices.

On Country Boar’s side, Valeria was laughing as her eyes sparkled with excitement.
“Yes, that’s the way to go.
Beat them up!”

Darwan was speechless.
“My young lady, aren’t you afraid of creating more trouble?”

Shennai Tongji, Shuen, and the martial warriors who fought with Wang Teng before remained indifferent.
This had nothing to do with them.
They didn’t need to act.

They weren’t included in Wang Teng’s challenge.

Zhu Yushao, Mu Zhiguo, and the other martial warriors from Country Xia exchanged glances with one another.
They thought that Wang Teng was going to challenge the martial warriors one by one.
How did this become a gang fight?

This fellow never played by the book!

Wasn’t he afraid of getting mobbed?

There were so many talented martial warriors here.
Just the thought of them ganging up on one guy was frightening enough.
How did he have the courage to say that?

Even Ji Xiuming and Luo Cheng were astounded.
Their gazes flickered.
They had full respect for Wang Teng.

He did something they didn’t dare to do.

Challenging all top martial warriors from various countries sounded crazy but exciting.

On the other hand, Dan Taixuan was stunned.
This wasn’t her intention. This fellow is creating trouble again!

If you want to die, you don’t have to go this way.

Damn it, they were supposed to have a spectacular ending, but if Wang Teng got mobbed by the other martial warriors, they would have to leave this place dejectedly, just like the White Eagle Nation.

Dan Taixuan’s expression turned ugly.
She couldn’t curse him out loud, so she did it in her heart repeatedly.

She hoped that the other countries had some ego and would disagree with his outrageous request.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as she hoped…

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The martial warriors from the various countries stood up one after another and said, “We need to discuss.”

The high priest looked at Wang Teng and reminded him, “It’s not too late to take back your words.”

“It’s alright.
I never eat my words.” Wang Teng shook his head, saying nonchalantly, “But you should hurry.
Don’t waste my time.”

The high priest stopped persuading him.
Reminding him was his last ounce of kindness.
He looked at the other martial warriors and said, “You have five minutes.”

The martial warriors were elated.

The martial warriors from the nations that Wang Teng hadn’t challenged gathered together and discussed in hushed voices.

They even glanced at Wang Teng occasionally.
Their gazes were anything but friendly.

Wang Teng remained calm.
If a gaze could kill people, he would have died many times over.
He was used to these situations.

An outstanding person would always get targeted.

If the martial warriors knew what he was thinking, they might just drown him with their spits.

To hell with being targeted.
He was the one targeting them!

Dan Taixuan seemed worried.
It looked like the martial warriors wanted to attack Wang Teng together.

This was normal, though.
Wang Teng was in the limelight.
They couldn’t beat him alone, so they could only attack together.

Besides, Wang Teng had suggested this personally.
If they didn’t accept it, it would be a waste of his effort.

Five minutes passed quickly.
The martial warriors arrived at their decision.

“Wang Teng is extremely strong.
We aren’t his match if we fight him one by one.
However, we still want to experience the power of Country Xia’s top talent, so we choose to attack together,” a martial warrior from Country Spade stepped out and said.


Shuen and Gerald looked at them in contempt, scoffing at their actions.
Why look for excuses when they wanted to mob him?

Everyone knew what they were doing: seeking excuses for their despicable act!

The high priest looked at Wang Teng.
He didn’t comment.
He understood that Wang Teng was firm in his decision to challenge all the martial warriors, so he said, “Alright.
But, one country can only send one martial warrior!”

“Of course.” The martial warrior from Country Spade nodded instantly.

Sending one martial warrior for each country was the limit.
If a country sent two or more, they would be throwing their reputation away.

After receiving the acknowledgment, many martial warriors stepped into the arena.
There were quite a number of them.

The high priest felt his head spinning at this sight.
For so many years, this was the first time such a scene had appeared during the exchange.

Wang Teng had broken the norms of this exchange event with his first appearance.

More than 20 martial warriors surrounded Wang Teng.

These martial warriors came from Country Bat, some Country Spade, Country Raf… But, some countries didn’t participate.
There was nothing glamorous about winning this match.
However, if you got defeated, it would be highly embarrassing.

Some countries still remained logical.

Wang Teng glanced at the wolves around him indifferently while snickering in his heart.
His scheme had worked.

The competition was coming to an end.
If he didn’t grab this chance to collect more attributes, it would be a waste of this exchange event.

“Start!” the high priest said.


Immediately, all the martial warriors released their Force and closed in on Wang Teng.

They were holding all kinds of weapons.
Battle blades, swords, battleaxes… there were too many of them.
Their Forces were different too.

Many different colors exploded in the arena, and these Force glows engulfed Wang Teng.

The martial warriors from Country Xia felt anxious for Wang Teng.
They stared intently at the arena.

Suddenly, amidst the dazzling lights, a figure soared into the sky and turned into a rainbow.

Multiple people were chasing after him.
Some slashed their blades and swords, releasing sword and blade glows towards this figure.
At the same time, more people appeared in front of him and blocked his path.

Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change.
He moved his body and turned into rays of lingering shadows.

Wind soul conscious!

He had turned into a gust of wind.
No one could predict his movements, and all the attacks behind him landed in the air.

Among the martial warriors in front, a martial warrior from Country Raf clenched his battleaxes and chopped them down.
Two thick and heavy yellow glows shot towards Wang Teng.

A golden object appeared in Wang Teng’s hand.
He lifted his brick and hit the yellow glows.


To his astonishment, the martial warrior from Country Raf realized that Wang Teng had shattered his attack.
His face was filled with disbelief, and his eyes were wide open.

At this moment, Wang Teng disappeared and rushed in between a few martial warriors.

He took care of the martial warrior who threw his axes at him first.
He swung his brick out and smacked the guy right in the face..

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