Chapter 617: Fire Essence Scripture*1!

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When Agliro collapsed, the illusion in the arena disappeared without a trace.

Wang Teng also gradually appeared.
He stood beside Agliro and looked down at him with sympathy in his eyes.

What a poor and sad handsome young man!

A person with no face value was invincible!

To others, Wang Teng was such a guy.

Fortes suddenly felt fortunate.
He had also lost to Wang Teng, he felt that Agliro was worse off than him.
Could it be that Wang Teng was more violent towards martial warriors with higher talent?

He didn’t get beaten up so badly because he wasn’t talented enough.

Fortes was enlightened.
He suddenly felt that he understood the crux of the problem.
So, should he be happy or sad?

Beside him, Shuen, who had woken up, touched his head uncontrollably.
Good, good, there weren’t any bumps on his head.

He didn’t receive the special attention of the brick!

Yoke’s face turned black when he saw his team’s expressions.
He felt exasperated.

Marsha noticed their expressions too.
She glanced at Wang Teng.
Suddenly, she felt an attractive aura around this young man from Country Xia.

He had used his brick to make these talented martial warriors fearful of him.
Wang Teng was honestly… quite interesting.

Although he was a little evil, it was nothing in front of his overpowering abilities.
Everyone would only see how powerful he was!

Shennai Tongji was staring at him with wide eyes.
“I didn’t know you could use Spiritual Illusion like this!”

Wang Teng had opened a new path for her to explore.
Whether this path led to heaven or hell depended on the person.

A strange glint appeared in Shennai Tongji’s eyes.
Shanben Quan, who was sitting beside her, felt a chill down his spine.
He glanced at her and felt that something about her had changed.

In the Large Eagle Nation’s direction, Gerald’s eyelids were jumping uncontrollably.
What on earth was Wang Teng? How could he be so ruthless?

At first, he wanted to have a duel with this talent from Country Xia, but now, that thought had vanished from his mind.
He didn’t even want to think about it.

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Arnold looked at Gerald’s expression in satisfaction.

Important things must be emphasized thrice!

The high priest saw that Agliro couldn’t get up, so he announced the results.
“Wang Teng from Country Xia has won!”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng remained indifferent.
No emotions could be seen on his face.
It was as if defeating Agliro was an insignificant matter.

He was putting on an act!

The high priest felt his teeth hurting and turned his head away.
What he didn’t see wouldn’t hurt him.

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles on the ground.

Constellation Force (Fire)*52

Emperor Realm Enlightenment*40

Emperor Realm Enlightenment*36

Ultimate Stage Fire Talent*50

Wang Teng gasped softly as the attribute bubbles merged into his body.
He was surprised.

Agliro’s spirit and enlightenment were in the Emperor Realm!

What Wang Teng didn’t know was, his unexpected actions had ignited the devil inside Agliro’s heart.
His mentality exploded, and his spirit suffered an impact.
That was why he dropped some Emperor Realm Spirit and Enlightenment attributes.

If not, based on his spirit and enlightenment realm, he would never drop Emperor Realm attributes.

Wang Teng counted his gains.
He had received 125 points of Emperor Realm Spirit and 106 points of Emperor Realm Enlightenment.

Enlightenment: 212/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Spirit: 243/3000 (Imperial Realm)

His spirit and enlightenment rose a little again.

Next, he looked at his surprise gain—ultimate stage fire talent!

Wang Teng had five ultimate stage talents now: wood, water, wind, lightning, ice.
Adding this new one in, he had six in total.

Oh my, he was getting more and more outstanding!

Wang Teng felt that his talents were going to break out of his body at any moment.
He couldn’t hide them anymore.
This was so troublesome.

Honestly, he just wanted to get some constellation Force so that he could study the constellation conversion scripture.
He didn’t think there would be so many attribute bubbles.

Wang Teng counted his spoils again.
In this match, he had gained more than 200 points of constellation Force.

Constellation Force (Fire): 353

Wang Teng glanced at the number on his attributes panel.
He sensed the fire energy in his body once again and felt that his efforts were worth it.

This was how you got more attributes!

If not, how could he raise his realm quickly?

The path to becoming stronger was filled with blood and tears.
Wang Teng understood this deeply, and he was slowly starting to accept this cruel reality.

Agliro was brought down by his companions.
Those martial warriors stared at Wang Teng with a complicated expression.
They seemed afraid yet furious at the same time.
However, they didn’t dare to display it directly.

Hmph, the hatred of weaklings!

Wang Teng didn’t take it to heart.
He was wearing a strange look on his face.
When Agliro was carried away, an attribute bubble appeared below his body.

Was he lying on that bubble just now?

Attribute bubbles can be laid on?

Wang Teng complained in his heart, but this was the truth.

One attribute bubble floated above the ground, looking lonely and sad.
Wang Teng took pity on it and picked it up reluctantly.

Wang Teng was dumbstruck.

And it was an ancient scripture from Country Inka!

As the attribute bubble merged into his body, an outline of a person appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

The person sat cross-legged on the ground, with bright lines and shining dots appearing on his body.
Force flowed along these lines as a flame appeared above this person.

The constellation Force conversion method! Wang Teng regained his composure quickly.
His gaze turned sharp and bright.

He saw a hint of how he could convert his Force into constellation Force on this ancient scripture from Country Inka.

Many thoughts went through his mind.
Ideas fired out and merged with one another.
Finally, they unified into one thought.

Wang Teng grabbed this thought, and a smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

The constellation scripture could be expected soon!

Excited, he wanted to create this scripture immediately.
However, he knew that this wasn’t the right time.
He could only suppress his restlessness.

“Wang Teng, the match has ended.
You can leave now,” the high priest opened his mouth and said to Wang Teng.

“No hurry.
I want to continue challenging others,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Are you sure?” The high priest frowned.
“This exchange is a fair event.
We will provide martial warriors with resting time after each match.
However, if you volunteer to continue, no one will stop you.”

“Since I came down, I don’t plan to go back up until I’ve challenged all the top talents from the various nations.” Wang Teng scanned the arena and smiled.
“So, everyone, do you plan to come one by one or attack together?”

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