Chapter 615: Venerable, Come And Play~

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Wang Teng was never afraid of close combat.
He had multiple strong physiques, like the Leiting Physique, Ancient God’s Body, and many other powerful scriptures.
At his stage, no other martial warriors were his match.

This was why he could jump ranks and fight with world-class talents like Agliro and Shuen without being at a disadvantage.

There was nothing to doubt about his power!

Agliro flew a long distance back from Wang Teng’s kick.
After stopping, his gaze turned serious.
He could still feel the dull pain on his arm because of the strength of that kick just now.
Even his bones were impacted by the kick.

If he hadn’t used his Force to protect his bones, if his Force hadn’t absorbed most of the strength invading his body, his bones might have broken on the spot.

Agliro flicked his sleeve.
Using offense as a form of defense, he stepped on the ground.

The ground shattered as cracks spread out from the center.

A strong force spread out.
Agliro had disappeared.
He was charging towards Wang Teng.

Crimson flames erupted from his body and engulfed him.
Wherever he went, there was a long trail of flames behind him.
It looked like a fire dragon.

Scorching heat swept through the arena.

Wang Teng felt the searing air boring down on him from afar.
The hot wind blew past his cheeks.

Agliro appeared in an instant.
He released his fist and attacked Wang Teng’s head.

The flaming fists were extremely powerful.
The air around them exploded, and heatwaves were seen spreading through the air from the center, flowing out into their surroundings.

An ordinary martial warrior would get injured if these flames touched their bodies.
After all, Agliro’s flame wasn’t an ordinary fire Force.
It was the constellation Force, many times more powerful than the ordinary fire Force.

However, these flames were unable to hurt Wang Teng.
Not only did he possess the fire element constellation Force, but he also had the Emerald Glazed Flame protecting him.
It was impossible to harm him with flames.

A ball of emerald flame flowed out of his body and bathed his entire body in flames.
Extending his fist, he welcomed Agliro’s attack.

Frightening force surged out.

Eight Level Devil Scripture!

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Wang Teng activated these two scriptures simultaneously.
Pitch black patterns covered his entire body while flashes of lightning sparked on his skin.
However, all these changes were hidden behind the flames, so no one noticed them.

He used his self-created Five-element Fist and threw out all five fist consciouses one after the other.
It was a dazzling sight.

“What fist skill is this?” Agliro was flabbergasted.
The incoming punch was extremely difficult to deal with as it kept changing and was hard to predict.

Also, he noticed that when Wang Teng first executed this fist skill, he wasn’t proficient.
But as the battle continued, he got more and more experienced in his execution.
His fist skill became smoother, and there was no pausing in between.

Wang Teng was using him to practice his fist skill!

Realizing his intentions, Agliro’s expression turned ugly.
Even with his many years of discipline, he couldn’t help but be angry.
This fellow was atrocious!

Wang Teng saw his expression and knew that he had seen through his plans.

This was a little awkward.

It was like a person getting caught by the husband when he was dating his wife.
At a moment like this, the man would look straight at the husband…

Normally, the husband would want to kill this person.

Agliro’s actions proved his point.
His attacks became more ferocious as he hammered Wang Teng furiously.
He was yearning to beat him to death.

He turned extremely fierce!

“Wow, don’t get so excited.
Let’s talk properly.
This is all a misunderstanding.
You’re thinking too much,” Wang Teng patted his chest and shouted hurriedly as he evaded the sharp slash by Agliro.

Agliro felt his lips twitching.
He kept quiet and continued attacking Wang Teng.

They fought from the ground to the sky.
Balls of Force glows kept colliding, and explosions resounded in the arena.

After some time, they finally separated.
Wang Teng appeared in the distance.

With his eyes shimmering, an evil smile appeared at the edge of his lips.
At the same time, a strange glow appeared in his eyes.
Spiritual power surged out and enveloped the area where Agliro was at.

“Why did Wang Teng suddenly stop?”

Many people were puzzled.
They didn’t know what Wang Teng’s plan was.

But after some time, they saw an incredible scene.

A huge change occurred in the arena below.
The arena suddenly turned into a bathing pool.
Steam flowed up the air, and many half-naked ladies were frolicking in the pool.

Most of the martial warriors at this place had never seen such a seductive scene before.
Two lines of blood flowed down their noses.

This was so indecent, but they couldn’t shift their gazes away…

The young men sitting in the spectators’ stand, such as Ji Xiuming, Luo Cheng, and Mu Zhiguo, hurriedly wiped their noses.

They were cursing Wang Teng!

How dare he create this frightening scene during a competition.
Where was his dignity!

They suddenly felt bad for Agliro.
He was extremely unlucky to meet Wang Teng, a person who never went by the book.

“He’s using seduction! This is outrageous!” Qu Fei said.

As his countryman, I look down on him.
Unscrupulous!” Yan Bo nodded in agreement.

“I feel ashamed to be associated with him!” Ji Xiuming and Mu Zhiguo said.

They used their hands to cover their eyes as they spoke.
However, the gap between their fingers was enough to stuff an egg.

“Do you dare to close your fingers when you say that?” Zhu Yushao looked at them in disdain.

At the very least, Wang Teng was much more frank, but these young men were criticizing him while staring at the scene with wide eyes.
Where was their integrity?

“Tongji, how does he know your Spiritual Illusion?” Shanben Quan exclaimed in astonishment.

Shennai Tongji looked at the illusion below, which covered the entire arena.
In the end, a bitter smile appeared on her face.

Wang Teng was much stronger than her.

How strong must his spiritual power be to create this illusion that spanned the entire arena? She didn’t dare to think further.
Only bewilderment was left in her eyes.

He was so young.
How was this possible?

In the arena, Agliro was surrounded by numerous beauties.
He discovered that he was standing on a platform in the middle of the bathing pool.
The beauties crawled out from the water and tangled around him like water snakes.

“Venerable, come and play~”

Agliro glanced around him in surprise.
Right away, he knew that this was an illusion.
He wanted to search for a loophole, so he stepped on the surface of the water and dashed around the place.
However, soon, he realized that no matter how hard he struggled, he was moving in circles.

The beauties continued to gather around him.
They hugged his legs and moaned, “Venerable, come and play together~”

“Demons, stop this impudence!” Agliro shouted, glaring at them furiously.

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