Chapter 612: Enough To Defeat You!

“No!” Shuen screamed.
His face was pale as he stood amidst the bolts of lightning, with the purple blade glow slashing down on him.
However, his roar was overlapped by a huge explosion.


Lightning struck down and slammed on his body.

Flashes of lightning danced crazily in the sky.
Sparks flew everywhere and silver-purple glows covered up the entire area where the two martial warriors were.

Everyone squinted as they watched the battle reach the climax, not daring to blink.


Suddenly, a figure fell from the glaring ball of light.
It was headed straight for the ground.


Along with a dull thud, the figure smashed into the ground.
A bolt of lightning struck him thereafter and pushed the person a long distance away.

Cracks had started to appear on the hard stage.
There were even burnt marks at the edges of the cracks.

The coliseum turned eerily silent!

Shuen lost!

When Wang Teng’s lightning Force entered the brigadier general stage, many people had predicted this ending.
Still, witnessing the scene personally, the feeling was entirely different.

Also, that attack from Wang Teng seemed outrageously powerful.

If they didn’t see it first-hand, they might have suspected that Wang Teng wasn’t at the brigadier general stage.
Instead, he had advanced to the low-tier general stage.

This was unbelievable!

What breed of monster was he?

Yoke’s face turned black like the bottom of the pan.
He looked at Shuen, who was lying on the ground in a miserable state.
The muscles on his face twitched uncontrollably.

Marsha, Fortes, and the others were silent.

In the sky, the bolts of lightning dispersed, revealing Wang Teng’s figure.

The lightning Force on his body dissipated slowly, leaving only some sparks dancing between his hair.
There was lightning flashing in his eyes.
He looked down at Shuen, his gaze as calm as ever.
It was as if he had just done something small and unimportant, something that wasn’t defeating a talent from a big nation.

Marsha and the others looked at him.
For some reason, they felt fear creeping up their hearts.

Fortes’s face turned green when he remembered how he had provoked Wang Teng in the past.
If he knew this young man was a devil, he wouldn’t have been so irritating!

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Please don’t look for me, please don’t look for me! Fortes kept praying to his God in his heart…

Although Shuen was badly injured, he didn’t lose consciousness.
He crawled up with difficulty and stared indignantly at Wang Teng.
He was unwilling to admit defeat.

He was a genius.
How could he lose!

Wang Teng lowered his head and looked at him.
He said indifferently, “Even if I have just advanced to the brigadier general stage, it’s enough to defeat you!”


Anger burned in his heart when Shuen heard this.
He vomited a mouthful of blood.
For a genius like him, this kind of defeat was a great blow.

Furthermore, he met this irritating man, Wang Teng.
Not only did he defeat him, but he also stabbed him with his sharp words.

Wang Teng didn’t plan to stimulate him, though.
He just wanted to put on an act.
A good start must be followed by a good ending!

After all, Shuen had worked so hard to cooperate with him.
It would be inappropriate of him not to express some gratitude.

“Cough.” The high priest couldn’t stand it anymore.
He hurriedly opened his mouth.
“Country Xia has won!”

The instant the result came out, the people from Country Xia regained their senses.
A huge cheer erupted.

The competition to emerge as the more powerful nation between the White Eagle Nation and Country Xia had always been fierce.

In the current era, martial warriors represented the hard power of a certain nation to a large extent.
This exchange event was an avenue for martial warriors from different nations to compete against one another.

In the past, Country Xia lost most of the time and only had a few wins.
They hadn’t beaten the White Eagle Nation in three years.

Wang Teng’s victory allowed Country Xia to vent their frustrations over the past few years.

Dan Taixuan glanced in the White Eagle Nation’s direction.
When she saw Yoke’s black face, she smiled uncontrollably.
She had always found it a regret to lose to the martial warriors from the White Eagle Nation.
Today, Wang Teng helped her fulfill her wish.

This was worth celebrating!

If this piece of news spread back to their nation, all the martial warriors in their country would be overjoyed.

The match ended.
No matter how unwilling they were, the result couldn’t be changed.
Yoke stepped into the arena.

This time, he didn’t exchange words with Wang Teng.
He held Shuen silently and walked down the arena.

Wang Teng looked at their back views.
Although Yoke hid it well, he still caught the sinister glint in his eyes.

This fellow must be furious!

He laughed secretly in his heart.
Then, he retracted his gaze and swept the attribute bubbles scattered in the arena over with his spiritual power.

Lightning Force*220

Leiting Battle Conscious*165

Lightning Force*180

Lightning Force*280

Ultimate Stage Lightning Talent*50

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*60

Spiritual Realm Spirit*85

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
This was a good haul!

As expected of a talent.
Look at what he dropped.
There were Spiritual Realm Spirit and Enlightenment, ultimate stage lightning talent, Leiting Battle Conscious…

Wang Teng’s lightning talent was already at the ultimate stage.
With the additional 50 points, his lightning talent jumped a little.

Ultimate Stage Lightning Talent: 1050/5000

He had 120 points of Leiting Battle Conscious already.
Adding 165 more points to it, he had 285 in total.

Leiting Battle Conscious: 285/1000 (first-level)

During the battle with Shuen, Wang Teng had used this Leiting Battle Conscious, so he knew its advantages.
In summary, when he used it, he was the king of all the lightning nearby.
it was able to increase the attacking power of his lightning attacks to a certain degree.

The Leiting Battle Conscious played its part in the last attack he had used to defeat Shuen.

The remaining bubbles were lightning Force attributes.
He had picked up some during the battle, and it helped him step into the brigadier general stage.
Now, he had gained 680 additional points.

A new stream of lightning Force merged with the lightning Force in his body, calming the restless Forces in his body gradually.

Lightning Force: 820/10000 (10-star)

Wang Teng was satisfied.

One of his Forces grew to the brigadier general stage after he fought one match.
If it was possible, he hoped to have more good chances like this.

He returned to the spectators’ stand, welcomed by his excited companions.

“Amazing!” Zhu Yushao punched his chest forcefully.
She laughed and said, “This time, the martial warriors from the White Eagle Nation won’t dare to tease us anymore.”

“We’re fortunate to have you.
If not, we wouldn’t have been able to beat Shuen,” Mu Zhiguo lamented.

“I feel embarrassed by all your compliments!” Wang Teng chuckled.

Everyone rolled their eyes. How could you feel embarrassed with that thick skin of yours? Do you believe what you’ve said?

“You have made contributions to the country,” Dan Taixuan glanced at him and said.

“Is there a reward?” Wang Teng’s eyes shone.

“You have the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft already.
What other rewards do you want?” Dan Taixuan replied angrily.

“Queen Phoenix Battlecraft!” The team recalled the promise made by the three great commanders before they left the country.
As long as Wang Teng defeated the talents from the other nations, they would reward him with a Queen Phoenix Battlecraft.
At that time, no one believed it.

Yet, Wang Teng had defeated the ultimate talent from the White Eagle Nation, and there weren’t many martial warriors from other countries who could be his opponent.
Hence, it seemed highly likely that he would get the Queen Phoenix Battlecraft..

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