Chapter 60: God Says…

Wang Teng hurriedly shook off the image in his mind.
That image was so beautiful that he didn’t dare to think about it.
He would rather forsake the spirit attribute than see that kind of image.

He would grow a sty in his eye!

He closed the door and continued to look for the next god-like marksmanship patient.

Whether the person earlier is still lying on the ground or not has nothing to do with me~

207, 208…

The next room was 209.
However, when he went past room 208, the lights inside were on.

Wang Teng suddenly saw a familiar person—the nurse with a big face!

Why was she in the ward?

Wang Teng was puzzled.
Could it be that…

She was actually a patient who sneaked out in the day and pretended to be a nurse at the front desk?

He had chatted with a mental patient for such a long time!

Wang Teng suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable.
The entire mental hospital seemed to be engulfed in an evil aura.
It was slowly and silently enshrouding him.

How unlucky of me!

He cursed silently.
Wang Teng didn’t have any desire to investigate this matter further, so he came to room 209 and opened the door.
He walked in directly.

“Pew, pew, pew…” A man was firing in the air in the room.

“Who are you? Did my platoon leader ask you to reinforce me?” he asked Wang Teng excitedly the moment he saw him.

Wang Teng looked at the ground filled with attribute bubbles and picked them up silently.




They were all Spirit attributes, without a single Gun Skill attribute anywhere in sight.
It looked like this was a fake God of Guns.

However, his guess seemed to be right.

Mental patients indeed dropped Spirit attributes.
The person who thought of this setting must be a genius!

Wang Teng took a glance at the ceiling.
He was speechless.

“Hey, why aren’t you replying to me? Could it be that… you’re a spy?” The man’s face was filled with suspicion when he noticed Wang Teng’s silence.
He pretended to raise a gun and aimed it at Wang Teng.
It looked as if he would fire and kill Wang Teng if he answered wrongly.

That was right, kill him…

This drama king!

Looking at the man’s expression and the number of Spirit attribute bubbles he had dropped, this person must be incurably sick.

There was nothing to reply to a patient who was already hopeless.
Wang Teng ended the conversation with a karate chop.

“Sigh, why is it so hard to find a person?” Wang Teng closed the door and sighed.

Let’s continue!

He went to the third floor next.

The first to the third floor were filled with all kinds of weird patients.
Many of them weren’t asleep.

Most of the lights in the rooms were lit up.
There were different dramas in each room.
Wang Teng was caught between laughter and tears, but he also felt a chill in the depths of his heart.

So many attribute bubbles!

Wang Teng was at a loss of what to do when he saw so many attribute bubbles.
Once again, he opened a door casually.

He saw a patient squatting on the ground.
There were many attribute bubbles scattered around him.

“Time to eat medicine! Time to eat medicine!” Wang Teng shouted.

“Don’t disturb me.” A faint voice resounded in the room.
The person continued squatting in the corner without moving.

Wang Teng walked over.

He picked up the attributes!




“Why are you squatting here?” Wang Teng was extremely curious.
He couldn’t help but ask the man.

“Because I’m a pile of cow dung!” The faint voice sounded again.


“Why are you a pile of cow dung? Why can’t you be pig dung or sheep dung?” Wang Teng continued.

“Because fresh flowers would only stick on a pile of cow dung (a saying which means a beauty marrying an ugly husband)!”

“…That makes sense!”

Wang Teng picked up the attributes and turned around to leave.
He had no common topic with this pile of cow dung. Goodbye, I hope to never see you again.

Then, he continued looking at the rooms one by one.

He finally understood what people meant when they said that there were all sorts of mental patients.

The man in front of him was one such example.

“Do you know who I am?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m the creator of the world.
God says there must be light, so the world has light.
God says there must be air in water…”

“Did God tell you that you should eat your medicine?”

This was a man who failed at writing online novels.
He wanted to become a god.
To improve the reading experience of his readers, he decided to immerse himself in the role to write the book.
This was a bad move.

Then, there was no more story after that.

Now, he could be his god in this mental hospital.
He wasn’t a popular writer earning millions every year.
Marrying wealthy young ladies had nothing to do with him anymore.


A patient with fetishism.
He was hugging a pillow with an anime beauty on it.
He kept rubbing against the pillow while licking it.
He was even chatting crazily with the beautiful anime character.

Japan owes you an anime beauty.

Amen, I hope that the sun will protect you.


My horizons have truly been broadened!

Wang Teng lamented to himself.
Finally, he arrived outside the door of the last candidate.

If this wasn’t the real God of Guns, he was definitely fooled by the short hair man in the morning.

Although I discovered a place to collect spirit attributes because of this, I was still fooled.
I won’t bear with it!

He opened the door!

There was a man sitting at the side of the bed in the room.
He had long black hair, a good imitation of the instant noodle hairstyle.
His beard was untrimmed, and his gaze was melancholy.
His expression seemed heavy-hearted.


This was an extremely handsome and charismatic man.

As compared to the other mental patients, this man appeared too normal, so normal that he didn’t seem to belong here.

However, Wang Teng raised his vigilance to an all-time high.

The more normal a mental patient seemed, the more dangerous he was… right?

“Hello,” Wang Teng asked cautiously.

“Hello.” The man raised his head.
His voice was hoarse, but for some reason, one could hear the warmth and gentleness in his tone.

He sized up Wang Teng.
“You are not a staff here.”

“I came to…”

“I know.
However, don’t tell me.
I might go crazy.
I can’t control myself.” He seemed to know what Wang Teng wanted to say.
Before Wang Teng could finish speaking, he stopped him.

Don’t tell you what? Brother, can you give some hints? If not, how am I supposed to guess? Wang Teng was dumbstruck.

In the end, he didn’t say anything.
But, he already knew that this was the man he was looking for.

The thing that couldn’t be mentioned… If it wasn’t guns, it should be the woman he loved.

This is a little hard to settle.
If I can’t even say it, what else can I do? This man is no different from a normal person if his illness doesn’t flare up.
I can’t trick him.

Wang Teng could sense that this man wasn’t an ordinary person.
At least when he was facing him, he felt a sense of danger.

If he treated this man like how he had treated the other patients, he would probably die a terrible death.

“It looks like you made a futile trip today!” The man smiled and asked, “Do you have a cigarette?”

Wang Teng was slightly stunned.

This change of topic was so sudden that he almost sprained his back.

He took out his cigarette pack and passed it to the other party.
He then let out a long breath.
“Sigh, it’s been a little disappointing but not a futile trip.”

The man lit up a cigarette and passed the packet back to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was feeling frustrated, so he lit one up too.
The two of them started smoking in the ward.

“Not bad.
You’ve become a martial warrior at such a young age,” the man suddenly said.

Wang Teng was stunned.

“How can you tell?”

“Feeling, as well as Force.”

“Are you a martial warrior too?”

The man smiled and didn’t say anything.
He remained quiet until he finished smoking his cigarette.

“It’s a pity that there isn’t any alcohol.
I haven’t drunk alcohol in a long time,” said the man finally.

“If you want, I can bring some for you in the future.” Wang Teng got up and prepared to leave.


Wang Teng turned around and saw the man throwing something at him.
He caught it in a hurry.

“What is this?”

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