Chapter 609: Wang Teng VS Shuen!

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Physical Essence!

This was a new attribute bubble.

Wang Teng was surprised.
He didn’t think that these two strength-type martial warriors would drop a new attribute during their battle.

As these attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng immediately felt a warm stream flowing through his limbs and meridians.
It nourished his physical body and turned into a part of him.

Wang Teng clenched his fists.
He felt a certain change in his physical body, similar to when he received a new physique.
It was a physical change.

This attribute could strengthen his physical body!

Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered, and he started pondering.
This physical essence seemed not bad!

If he could pick up a large number of physical essence attributes, his physical body would be strong enough without activating any special physique.

Wang Teng possessed five special physiques now, Eight Arms Devil Physique, Heart Of Zhongyan, Ice Cocoon Physique, Demon Lotus Poison Body, and the Ancient God’s Body.

Every physique had its uniqueness and uses.
But in the end, the most important thing was his foundation.
Coincidentally, this physical essence could improve his physical foundation.


Wang Teng immediately understood the importance of this physical essence.
His eyes turned bright like stars when he looked at Valeria and Menkalaf again.

Boss, don’t leave! Fight a little while longer!

Valeria was walking towards the spectators’ stand.
When she glanced in Country Xia’s direction unconsciously, she saw Wang Teng’s ‘intense’ gaze and was stunned.
Then, her depressed emotions from drawing with Menkalaf disappeared in an instant.

As expected, Wang Teng was worried about her!

He finally saw her pros!

They would have a future.

Valeria’s eye lit up, and she nodded at Wang Teng.

Now it was his turn to be stunned.
That look from Valeria was so strange.
Did she misunderstand something?

But he didn’t do anything.
How could there be a misunderstanding?

Wang Teng had a bad premonition.
His eyebrows jumped around furiously, making him hurriedly push them down.

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There were a few attribute bubbles left in the arena.
They were disappearing, so Wang Teng quickly picked them up without thinking too much.

Metal Force*560

Earth Force*620

Physical Essence*35

Physical Essence*46

His eyes shimmered when he picked up the physical essence attribute.

At this moment, someone from the White Eagle Nation came down.
The martial warriors all turned serious when they saw this person.
It was Shuen!

“He came down!”

“I wonder which country he will challenge?”

“Well, what do you think? There are only a few choices.”

“That’s right.
But which one do you think he’ll choose?”

“Country Inka? Country Xia?”

A discussion erupted in the coliseum.
Wang Teng looked at the ordinary-looking young man with interest.

He had more lightning Force attributes to pick! Great!

Lightning Force: 7200/9000 (9-star)

He only needed 1800 points of lightning Force to reach the brigadier general stage.
He hoped that Shuen would work harder!

At this moment, Shuen entered the arena under everyone’s gaze.
He scanned the coliseum to choose his opponent.
Wherever he looked, people would shrink their necks.

Everyone knew how powerful he was from his battle with Gerald just now.
Many martial warriors knew that they weren’t his match, so they didn’t want to fight with him.

Fortunately, Shuen’s gaze didn’t pause on them.
He looked past them and finally stopped in Country Xia’s direction.

“I would like to challenge Country Xia!” A calm voice came from his mouth.

Mu Zhiguo, Zhu Yushao, and the others were astounded.
Shuen was challenging them!

Wang Teng was stunned too.
He was just thinking of getting more attribute bubbles from Shuen, but in the blink of an eye, this person came to find them.

Dan Taixuan looked at Mu Zhiguo and Wang Teng.
“Which one of you wants to do it?”

Everyone understood that among them, only Mu Zhiguo and Wang Teng could put up a fight with Shuen.

Mu Zhiguo’s expression changed many times.
In the end, he said with a bitter smile, “I’m afraid I’m not his match.”

“Let me do it.” Wang Teng stood up with a smile at the edge of his lips.

“Shuen is a lightning element martial warrior.
Can you beat him?” Zhu Yushao asked.

“I’ll have to fight to know that,” Wang Teng said nonchalantly.

Dan Taixuan was extremely confident in Wang Teng.
She nodded and said, “I’ll leave him to you.
Don’t think of coming back if you lose.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!” Wang Teng waved his hand and walked into the arena confidently.

Mu Zhiguo looked at Wang Teng’s back and had a sudden thought.
Was that sentence directed at him?

He was enlightened.
He had lost his confidence because of his defeat to Agliro in the past.
Hence, when facing someone like Shuen, he unconsciously started to think that he wasn’t his match.

But who could predict the future without a fight?

You need to fight to know the result.

Flames of motivation burned in Mu Zhiguo’s eyes.
His morale was boosted, and his eyes shimmered brightly.

Wang Teng came in front of Shuen and looked at him calmly.

When the other martial warriors noticed that it was Wang Teng, they got interested.
Would this young man, who was a martial warrior and a divine spirit master, be able to beat this top talent from the White Eagle Nation?

Many people were curious.
They looked at the two people in the arena.

“Let’s start!” the high priest looked at them and said calmly.


The moment he finished, an aura rose from Shuen’s body, and his battle conscious engulfed the air.
He held his spear in his hand with lightning Force enveloped around it.
His ordinary-looking face seemed handsome and outstanding right now.

Wang Teng stood at the same spot lazily.
His aura was reserved, and his expression remained composed.
He wasn’t affected in the slightest.

Shuen squinted when he saw this scene.

This Wang Teng wasn’t simple!

He didn’t waste any time.
Stepping on the ground, he turned into a bolt of lightning.
He slashed through the air and stabbed his battle spear out.


Thunder roared in the sky.
Shuen soared down like a bolt of lightning and went straight for Wang Teng.

“So powerful!”

“As expected of a lightning element martial warrior.
Shuen’s ability is astonishing!” Darwan said with a grim expression.

“I believe that Wang Teng will win!” Valeria looked at the figure in the arena.

“Valeria, do you really like him?” Darwan asked with a strange expression.

He thought that Valeria went to confess her feelings to Wang Teng because he had the same interest as her.
To him, this was just a joke between two youngsters.

Looking at her gaze now, he felt that his thoughts might be too simple.

“Why can’t I?” Valeria asked him back.

“You can.
But your identity…” Darwan didn’t continue..
There was a hint of worry in his eyes.

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