Chapter 607: You’ll Get Used To It After A Few Times

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Many people were dumbfounded when Shennai Tongji admitted defeat so directly, including the high priest.
However, he maintained his composure on the surface, expressing that he had seen through everything and wasn’t affected at all.

He couldn’t help but remember Hilson’s miserable state.
Why wasn’t that idiot as smart and decisive as Shennai Tongji?

This resentment made Hilson shudder.
He looked around him and felt that things weren’t so simple.
Where did that sudden bad feeling come from?

The high priest had already retracted his gaze and resumed his poised appearance.
No one could tell that he was thinking ill of Hilson.

“Since Shennai Tongji has admitted defeat, Country Xia has won this match!” The high priest announced the result.

Everyone finally regained their senses from the shock they had received after Shennai Tongji admitted defeat.
They looked at Wang Teng in surprise.

This fellow was astonishing!

He was a talented martial warrior!

And a talented divine spirit master!

The combination of the two made him the genius among the geniuses.
Besides his evil personality, this young man from Country Xia mustn’t be underestimated.

In the coliseum, Shennai Tongji looked at Wang Teng after she admitted defeat and said, “You’re very strong.
I hope that I will have a chance to fight with you again after I grasp the Hellspawn skill left by the Yin-Yang family.”

Hellspawn?! Wang Teng’s eyes lit up instantly.

Competition wasn’t important.
The main thing was the attribute bubbles!

He was familiar with Hellspawn.
He had seen this skill in many novels in his past life.
It was a good skill.
If Shennai Tongji learned it, he would be able to get it from her.

He had already taken attribute bubbles from her once, so taking a few more wasn’t a problem.
She’d get used to it after a few times.

Wang Teng’s eyes were frighteningly bright.
He stared straight at Shennai Tongji and nodded.
“No problem, no problem.
You must come and challenge me next time.
I’ll be waiting!”

“?” Shennai Tongji felt her head turning numb from his enthusiastic gaze.

What was wrong with this fellow?

Why was he always using weird gazes to look at people?

She could feel that he didn’t have feelings towards her.
She wasn’t narcissistic.
She knew that was one of the best beauties in her country, but this fellow’s gaze wasn’t as simple as just taking a fancy to her.

He looked as though he wanted to skin and eat her alive.

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Scary, scary!

Shennai Tongji’s heart pounded furiously.
She hurriedly turned around and left the arena.
She wanted to get away from this dangerous fellow immediately.

Wang Teng: …

Why did she seem afraid of him?

Was he so scary?

Wang Teng didn’t have a clear understanding of himself at all.
He swept all the attribute bubbles over and collected them.

Emperor Realm Spirit*20

Emperor Realm Spirit*15

Emperor Realm Enlightenment*12

Emperor Realm Spirit*10

Spiritual Illusion*240

Poison Force*95

Poison Force*105

Poison Force*120

Wang Teng’s expression turned strange when he saw the few hundred points of poison Force.
It looked like Shennai Tongji had tried her best to use her poison Force.
But it didn’t cause any damage to him.

Was he a little atrocious?

If he knew that she had worked so hard, he would have given her more chances.
If not, he might stimulate her.

Wang Teng reflected on his actions.
Then, he glanced at the poison Force attributes on his attributes panel…

Poison Force: 4570/5000 (7-star)

His attitude changed in an instant.

Although Shennai Tongji’s poison Force hadn’t reached the general stage, she still contributed a few hundred points of poison Force.
It was the same as those general-stage martial warriors.

He looked at the spirit attributes.
As expected of a divine spirit master, the number of spirit attributes Shennai Tongji gave him exceeded the combined total of the general-stage martial warriors.

She gave many points of enlightenment too, and they were all at the Emperor Realm.
This was more than many other martial warriors.
The total amount was sizable.

Spirit: 226/3000 (Imperial Realm)

Enlightenment: 195/3000 (Imperial Realm)

The last attribute was the Spiritual Illusion.
There were 240 points of it.
Wang Teng went from the well-versed stage to the small achievement stage.

Spiritual Illusion: 150/500 (small achievement)

Wang Teng eyes glowed brightly.
This Spiritual Illusion would have more uses in his hands than Shennai Tongji.

With his spirit cultivation and his various element Forces, his boundary of executing the Spiritual Illusion would be wider and it would be harder to see through his illusions.
The power of his attacks would be greater than Shennai Tongji too.

Since she used the Forces in her surroundings to feed her attacks, their power was limited.
However, with a wave of his hand, Wang Teng’s attack might be as strong as a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior’s attack.


If he was focused on the battle, the attacks he released might be as strong as general-stage martial warriors.

As the saying went, divine spirit masters relied on talent.
The higher the talent, the higher the limit.
Wang Teng didn’t even know where his limit was.

Sensing the gains he had received this time as he walked back to the spectators’ stand, he thought of something.

He wasn’t afraid of his opponent being too strong.
He was afraid they would be too weak.
The stronger his opponent, the more attribute bubbles he could collect.
Besides, stronger martial warriors could last longer in a fight!

They could bear more torture and drop more attribute bubbles.

Even if they started bleeding from the torture, it was alright.
This was the advantage of being a formidable warrior!

Wang Teng walked back to the spectators’ stand with this piece of enlightenment.

Zhu Yushao and the others gathered around him and watched him as if he were a strange animal.
All they lacked were some fruits and snacks.

Wang Teng was rendered speechless, feeling that he was being humiliated.
He shouted, “This is outrageous!”

Everyone laughed awkwardly.

Zhu Yushao sniggered and said, “You’re too astonishing.
We didn’t even know that you were a divine spirit master!”

“You didn’t ask!” Wang Teng retorted.

So it’s our fault?

Everyone lost their words.

“Anyway, what stage are you at?” Qu Fei asked curiously.

“Do you want to know?” Wang Teng asked him back.

They nodded in unplanned unison.
Even Ren Qingcang and Ji Xiuming looked over.
They were curious how high Wang Teng had climbed.

Dan Taixuan glanced at Wang Teng secretly.
She realized that she had never understood him clearly.
All along, the ability he executed was just a portion of his true power.

Every time she thought that he had touched his limits, he would refresh everyone’s understanding of him.

This fellow… was like a bottomless pit!

Although they couldn’t see through him, they still wanted to probe further.

“If you want to know…” Wang Teng glanced around him and sniggered.
“I’m not telling you.”

Everyone: …

This b*tch!

Everyone thought that he was going to say the answer, but he fooled them in the end.
It was frustrating.

While they were bickering with Wang Teng, another match started in the arena below.

The person who came out this time was Valeria of Country Boar!

She looked around the coliseum and stopped in a certain direction.
That was where Ancient Country Fire was…

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