Chapter 603: Leiting Battle Conscious!

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Wind soul conscious!

Wang Teng was stunned.
Then, the happiness in his eyes grew more evident.

He thought that gaining the wind and lightning Force was good enough since he was an easily satisfied child.
He didn’t expect his ‘sheeps’ to give him more surprises!

They dropped a wind element conscious attribute!

As the wind soul conscious merged into his body, the related memories appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.
There was a sea with wind that raged the surface of the sea, creating fierce and frightening waves.

A figure stood roaming in the violent storm, floating left and right like rootless grass.
It seemed as if he would be torn apart by the gale and swallowed by the waves at any moment.
Yet every time he fell into the sea, he would fly out again, charging forward amidst the rain and storm and fighting for enlightenment in such an adverse situation.

From stumbling and falling at the start to getting used to the storm and welcoming it like a sea swallow, it gradually became light and nimble.

Once the image stopped moving, Wang Teng felt enlightened.
After fully absorbing the attribute bubble, a green glow appeared in his eyes uncontrollably.

A breeze caressed his body, lifting everyone’s hair up.

“Huh?” Dan Taixuan and the others were martial warriors, so they immediately noticed the difference.

Following the source of the movement, they turned to look at Wang Teng.
They saw the glimmer that was disappearing gradually in his eyes, and it left them stunned.

“Did you… achieve enlightenment again?” Dan Taixuan asked with uncertainty.

“A little, a little.” Wang Teng waved his hands as he tried to push their attention away.

Everyone was speechless.

A little? If they weren’t close to him and felt that strange breeze just now, they would have believed him.

However, their attention was on the match, so they didn’t probe further.
They shifted their gazes back to the sky.

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief.
He would have a tough time explaining it to them if they asked.

He had picked up 130 points of lightning Force and 115 points of wind Force a moment ago.
He was now sensing the two Forces in his body.

He nodded in satisfaction before looking into the arena again.

As the duel grew more and more intense, more and more attribute bubbles were dropped.

Wang Teng turned into a hardworking farmer, swinging his rack and digging up the fruits of other people’s labor.
It was nervous and exciting.

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“They’re too fast.
I can’t see them clearly,” Zhu Yushao suddenly said.
There was perspiration on her forehead.

Qu Fei and Yan Bo seemed to find it strenuous too.
Unable to keep up with their speed, they felt helpless.

“Gerald is at the losing end,” Wang Teng said calmly.

“What?” Everyone was surprised.

Based on their observation, the two people in the arena were equally matched.
Why was Gerald at the losing end?

“Gerald is good at speed.
His attacks are not weak, but that depends on his opponent.
Shuen is a lightning element martial warrior.
In front of his lightning attacking skills, Gerald’s attacks will be destroyed soon,” Wang Teng analyzed.

Zhu Yushao and the others understood.
They thought about it carefully and realized that Gerald didn’t gain an upper hand when his attacks collided with Shuen’s lightning power.
They were destroyed every time.
Wang Teng was right.

Gerald used his exceptional speed to fight with Shuen, so it gave people an illusion that he was of equal strength.

Of course, Shuen wasn’t slow either.
But compared to Gerald who had the wind soul conscious, he was a little slower.

“This fellow…” They looked at Wang Teng with respect.

When they were still struggling on the surface, Wang Teng had already looked past it and saw the essence.
Not everyone had such sharp eyesight.

They didn’t know that Wang Teng’s battle awareness had already reached the 9-star level.
Adding in his experience, he could tell many things at a single glance.


Suddenly, changes occurred to the battle in the arena.

A figure fell from the sky, its body covered with a thick green glow.
A purple lightning bolt struck down on the body without any mercy.

The two lights were like two shooting stars moving at extremely high speed.


The purple bolt of lightning caught up with the green ball of light in front.
It stabbed right into the ball of light like a lightning spear.

Arnold stood up abruptly with a grim expression.
He clenched his fists tightly and stared intently at the two lights in the arena.


The ball of light smashed onto the ground, throwing dust into the air.
Cracks spread out on the ground.
If even the sturdy ground of the coliseum was not let off, you could tell how powerful that attack was.

The martial warriors from the other countries held their breaths as they looked in the arena.
They waited for the final result.

After some time, the dust dissipated, and the arena was cleared.

Gerald was lying on the ground with a shallow hole below him.
The cracks spread out like spiderwebs.

Shuen stood in front of him with his battle spear.
His face was calm.

The sharp tip of the spear was pointed at Gerald’s neck, sparks of electricity flashing on it.

“I lost, cough…” Gerald moved his lips with difficulty.
While speaking, he suddenly coughed violently before vomiting a mouthful of blood.

Shuen kept his long spear after Gerald admitted defeat.
He walked towards the spectators’ stand.

The high priest announced the results.

Everyone sighed.
To them, Gerald was already very powerful, but he still lost to Shuen.

Wang Teng glanced at Shuen’s back intently.
Then, he picked up the attribute bubbles scattered on the ground.

Lightning Force*150

Lightning Force*240

Lightning Force*330

Leiting Battle Conscious*120

Spiritual Realm Spirit*205

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*180

Wind Force*510

Wind Force*420

Wind Soul Conscious*275

Spiritual Realm Spirit*136

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*170

Divine Wind Scripture*65

Wang Teng was amazed.

Oh my god!

What a huge number of attribute bubbles!

He had received 720 points of lightning Force and 930 points of wind Force.
This was a huge gain considering he didn’t kill these two people.

Then, there were 341 points of Spiritual Realm Spirit and 350 points of Spiritual Realm Enlightenment.

Unfortuantely, most of these talents had Spiritual Realm Spirit and Enlightenment.
These were nothing to Wang Teng.

Then, there were 275 points of wind soul conscious.
Adding it to the 10 points he gained before, he had 285 points now.

Wind Soul Conscious: 285/1000 (first-level)

What surprised him was, besides wind soul conscious, he also gained another conscious attribute—Leiting Battle Conscious.

As these attribute bubbles merged into his body.
a figure appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.
The figure was fighting with the bolts of lightning in the sky, lonely yet powerful.
It slowly gathered a frightening battle conscious.

The image came to an end as the figure stabbed his spear into the sky, clashing with a bolt of lightning.


Amidst the explosion, the figure stood there without moving.
The bolts of lightning around him made him appear magnificent and eye-catching.

“Leiting battle conscious!” Wang Teng muttered to himself..
A sharp glint appeared in his eyes.

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