Chapter 602: Let Surprises Rain On Me!

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The battle of aura between formidable warriors wasn’t just about winning.
They might seem to be competing with each other, but they were actually looking for a chance to attack.

The person who revealed a loophole during this battle would give his opponent an opportunity to welcome him with a round of ferocious attacks.
At their stage, every mistake was fatal.

The ability of low-tier general-stage martial warriors was at the peak of the pyramid on Earth.
Every single attack from them was life-threatening.
They mustn’t be underestimated.

The coliseum was silent.
No one attacked first.
They were both staring at each other with their daggers drawn.

This was the calmness before an imminent storm.

The spectators held their breaths and stared at the two people below without blinking.

Wang Teng touched his chin and clicked his tongue.
“Look at the intense gaze they’re giving each other.
People might wonder how long they are going to continue looking at each other.”

Everyone: …

The people around him were watching the match seriously, but when they heard his words, their stern expressions collapsed.

Intense gaze?!

They were having a decent and normal battle, yet Wang Teng managed to make the atmosphere awkward.

What weird things were going through this bastard’s mind?

However, after Wang Teng said it, they felt that there was honestly something going on between Gerald and Shuen…

“Don’t you think so too?” Wang Teng’s eyes lit up when he saw their expressions.

The expressions of other martial warriors immediately changed.
The thought had only flashed through their minds for a split second, but Wang Teng still noticed it.
Did this fellow have eyes as sharp as an eagle!

But it was his fault.
If he didn’t mention it, they wouldn’t think in that direction.

They were all pure and naive people.
They wouldn’t have such indecent thoughts.
Hence, it was Wang Teng’s fault.

Wang Teng took all the blame.

“Shut up!” Dan Taixuan shouted.
She turned angry from embarrassment.

Wang Teng felt a strong sense of contempt in her voice.
He pouted and muttered, “What is this? Women are so strange.”

“Do you dare to say that again?” Dan Taixuan had sharp ears.
She glared at Wang Teng as she snorted.

Zhu Yushao, Ji Xiuming, and the others gloated at him.
What a bold young man who dared to say everything.

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Didn’t he know that women were narrow-minded?

“Why won’t I dare to do it? Who’s afraid of you?” Wang Teng glared at her and said in a righteous tone, “What did I say just now? Oh right, I said that you are as beautiful as the goddess in the sky and your beauty is unparalleled in this universe.
You are an exceptionally outstanding lady!”

“Pfft!” Ren Qingcang spat out the mouth of water he had just drunk.
This was the most shameless person he had ever seen!

Ren Qingcang suddenly understood why he had lost against him.
He also knew why Wang Teng was so powerful and miles ahead of his peers.

It was because he was… shameless!

Their ancestors were right to say that a person with no ego was invincible!

Ji Xiuming and the others were bewildered and stared at Wang Teng with strange gazes.
Suddenly, they felt a sense of respect towards him.

They would never be able to learn the skill of throwing away their ego whenever they needed to.

Luo Cheng even gave him a thumbs up secretly at the side.


Dan Taixuan gave him an ambiguous smile.
She knew that this brat was talking nonsense, but she still felt happy.

“You’re sensible.” Dan Taixuan glanced at him and sat down lazily.


At this moment, a loud explosion occurred in the arena.

Gerald and Shuen had started fighting.
They collided violently with each other in the sky.
In an instant, the roar of thunder and the shrill cry of a gale inundated the arena.

Lightning Force!

Wind Force!

Wang Teng suddenly smiled with his eyes.
Happiness filled up his heart.
These two martial warriors were lightning element and wind element martial warriors!

Good riddance, as expected of the talents of the two big countries!

Mutated element martial warriors were rare.
Ever since Wang Teng became a martial warrior, he had only met a few mutated element martial warriors.

However, in this global exchange event, he saw an ice element martial warrior, a divine spirit master, and now, lightning element and wind element martial warriors.

Let surprises rain on me! Wang Teng felt like shouting to the sky.

In the sky, Gerald seemed to have turned into a flash of green light.
His body was light and agile like a spirit in the wind.
It was hard to capture his position.

But whenever he attacked, he turned into an extremely sharp green light blade, flying through the sky and splitting it, creating clear marks in the air.

Shuen from the White Eagle Nation was powerful too.
Bathed in bolts of lightning, he shuttled through the sky with a lightning long pike in his hand.
They were engaged in an intense fight.

Silver lightning sparks flew everywhere whenever they collided, along with the strong gale.
With them in the center, the area around them became a battlefield soaked in violent Forces.

The commotion caused by their duel was astonishing, leaving the other martial warriors flabbergasted.

But they continued looking at the sky, unwilling to miss any details.

“They’re so powerful,” Zhao Yuanwu muttered.
He was astounded by the scene and couldn’t control himself.

Luo Cheng, Ji Xiuming, and the other martial warriors were shocked too.
They realized that there was a huge gap between them and these real top-tier talents.

However, they were still young.
In the next global exchange event, they might be able to reach that height.
They could be even stronger!

“I didn’t expect both talents from the Large Eagle Nation and the White Eagle Nation to be mutated element martial warriors,” Mu Zhiguo said grimly.

“They have reached a profound stage in their respective elements.
They are very powerful,” Dan Taixuan said, her gaze flickering.

Ren Qingcang blinked and clenched his fist in frustration.
He was also a lightning element martial warrior, but he was far weaker than Shuen.
The other party might just defeat him with a single hand.

If it was Wang Teng, what would happen?

He glanced at the young man, only to realize that he was watching the fight between those two martial warriors with excitement and happiness.

What the hell?

What was with that happy look?

Why are you happy when they are so powerful?

Even with Ren Qingcang’s strong mindset, he couldn’t help but lament.
Honestly, he couldn’t grasp Wang Teng’s thoughts.

This fellow was unique!

He would never imagine that Wang Teng was elated because Gerald and Shuen kept dropping attribute bubbles during their fight.

Green and purple bubbles fell from the sky one by one and floated on the ground of the coliseum.

Another harvest!

Lightning Force*50

Lightning Force*30

Wind Force*45

Wind Force*25

Wind Soul Conscious*10

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