Chapter 601: I’m Damn Outstanding!


Wang Teng suddenly sighted.

He already knew who would win without watching the match.

Agliro was powerful.
With the constellation Force, he was invincible among his peers.
He could even jump stages and defeat someone with a higher cultivation realm than him.

Well, unless his battle ability was too weak.
But Country Inka wouldn’t allow such a martial warrior to embarrass their country.

Hence, Mu Zhiguo would definitely lose.

Dan Taixuan and the others felt their hearts dropping when they heard Wang Teng’s sigh.
He wouldn’t make this reaction for nothing.

Right then, the light and dust in the coliseum finally dispersed.

Everyone looked over hurriedly.
Mu Zhiguo was half-kneeling in the arena, and he was in a miserable state.
His entire body was slightly burnt.

Agliro was floating in mid-air with his palms together.
There were no expressions on his face.


Mu Zhiguo looked up at Agliro and vomited a mouthful of fresh blood.

He pulled himself up with difficulty and stumbled.
He only managed to stabilize his body by stabbing his blade on the ground.

“Admit defeat,” Wang Teng stood up and said.

Mu Zhiguo gritted his teeth, his gaze stubborn.

“As the leader, my decision is final.
We admit defeat,” Wang Teng walked into the arena and spoke in a calm tone.

The high priest looked at him in astonishment.
He nodded and said, “Country Inka wins!”

Unwillingness flashed past Mu Zhiguo’s eyes.

“Don’t worry.
You only lost one match.
Leave the rest to me.” Wang Teng looked at Agliro intently.
Then, he lifted Mu Zhiguo up and brought him down the arena.

The other martial warriors came forward to console Mu Zhiguo after seeing his expression.

“Senior…” The words got stuck in Luo Cheng’s throat.
He didn’t know what to say.
He might be the only one that understood Mu Zhiguo’s current emotions.

“I’m fine.
You don’t have to do this,” Mu Zhiguo shook his head and said.

“Alright, alright, we just lost a match.
Do y’all have to be so solemn? You look as if you have lost a teammate.
Don’t worry, we can win it back next time,” Wang Teng said nonchalantly.

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Everyone knew that he was comforting them, but they still rolled their eyes uncontrollably.

His tone was so irritating.

Why couldn’t he say something positive? What did he mean by losing a teammate? Was he cursing them?

“Tsk, how ungrateful.” Wang Teng shook his head and sat down.
He took out his snacks and munched on them indifferently.

For a moment, the only noise left was the sound of him chewing.
Everyone felt their eyebrows jumping.
They wished that they could press him on the ground and beat him up.

How infuriating!

While they were worried about the match, he was eating his food heartlessly.

Ignoring them, Wang Teng counted his gains silently.

Fire Force*680

Constellation Force (Fire)*65

Metal Force*750

Metal Blade Conscious*350

Metal Blade Conscious*290

Wang Teng was overjoyed.
As expected, the guy dropped the constellation Force.
Moreover, it belonged to the fire element, which he possessed.

Constellation Force (Fire): 87

Wang Teng had picked up 22 points of the fire element constellation Force in the underground laboratory in Capital Xia.
Adding the 65 points now, he had 87 points in total.

He felt that he had more fire element constellation Force to use.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t found a scripture to convert his normal Force to constellation Force.
If he could convert all his Forces into constellation Forces, his ability would rise exponentially.

As for the Ancient God’s Body, it was useless.
The scripture was no doubt amazing, but it could only strengthen his physical body.
It couldn’t help in cultivating his Forces.

It was hopeless to search for inspiration from the Ancient God’s Body.

Besides the constellation Force, he also gained normal Forces.

Wang Teng looked at the 680 points of fire Force in deep thought.
Obviously, Agliro hadn’t grasped the usage of the constellation Force entirely.
Only part of the Force in his body was the constellation Force, with the rest being ordinary fire Force.

Next, he glanced at the 750 points of metal Force.
The attribute bubbles dropped by a low-tier general-stage martial warrior were higher in value compared to the ones dropped by brigadier general-stage martial warriors.

Finally, there was the metal blade conscious!

The blade conscious Mu Zhiguo had executed during the match was impressive.
Although he lost to Agliro, it wasn’t because of his stage and ability.
He lost due to the difference in the ‘quality’ of the Force.

Metal blade conscious was still a powerful conscious!

Metal blade conscious: 340/5000 (fifth-level)

Wang Teng already possessed metal blade conscious and was at the fourth level.
With another 640 points, he successfully reached the fifth level.

The stronger his blade conscious was, the more advantage it would bring to Wang Teng.

The more sword and blade conscious he instilled into his sword-blade firestorm, the stronger it would be.

Thinking about it carefully, Wang Teng started to admire himself.
How could he create such a powerful battle technique so easily and casually?

Sigh, I’m damn outstanding!

Wang Teng suddenly realized that whether it was blade conscious, sword conscious, or fist conscious, he was merging them unconsciously.

Even his Force too.

Was this his path?

Wang Teng touched his chin in deep thought.
He felt that he had discovered something remarkable.

Anyway, picking up attributes without doing anything felt amazing!

After Country Inka and Country Xia’s match, the martial warriors from the other nations got restless.

Gerald from the Large Eagle Nation suddenly stood up and stretched his back.
He said to Arnold, “My bones are itching from watching the duels.
Let me play with the White Eagle Nation.”

“Don’t be careless,” Arnold reminded him.

“I know, I know.” Gerald waved his hand and walked into the coliseum.

Everyone got interested when they saw the Large Eagle Nation participating.

Gerald scanned the surroundings and stopped in the White Eagle Nation’s direction.
He opened his mouth slowly, “Large Eagle Nation, Gerald.
I will like to challenge… White Eagle Nation!”

Why is everyone challenging us!

Yoke’s face turned black.
He was exasperated.

“But, Large Eagle Nation… how predictable!” Yoke sneered.
He turned to the young man behind him.
“Shuen, it’s your turn.”

Shuen glanced at Gerald.
He stood up and walked straight into the arena.

“The White Eagle Nation is sending an unfamiliar face.
I’ve never seen him fight before.”

“Is this the trump card they have been hiding?”

“The Large Eagle Nation might have sent their most powerful martial warrior too.
I can sense that this man’s aura is at the low-tier general stage!”

The martial warriors from the different nations chatted softly.
They were highly anticipating this match.

“Shuen!” At this moment, Shuen had arrived in front of Gerald.
He spoke in an indifferent tone.

A white knight sword appeared in Gerald’s hand.
He pointed it at the ground as he looked straight at his opponent.
His presence rose immediately.

Shuen’s expression changed slightly as an invisible aura exploded from his body.


These two auras collided in the air.
The atmosphere tensed up in an instant..

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