Chapter 600: I Can’t Lose!

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Wang Teng suddenly had high expectations for the duel.

Constellation Force!

He wondered if this martial warrior from Country Inka was able to drop some different attribute bubbles.
Fortunately, he knew that there would definitely be constellation Force.

While he was wondering about the potential gains, Mu Zhiguo and Agliro had started fighting in the arena below.
Their bodies collided.

They represented their countries and their honor.
It was a direct match with no nonsense.


The blade glow by Mu Zhiguo lashed down on Agliro’s head.

Agliro’s gaze didn’t change.
With a wave of his hand, a ray of red light flashed in front, shattering the blade glow immediately.
At the same time, Mu Zhiguo had already arrived in front of Agliro.
He punched his fist at him.


When they exchanged punches, red and golden light emitted out from them, bringing along a powerful force with it.
It swept through the arena.

Then in a split second, they separated.

Mu Zhiguo and Agliro retreated a few meters back and stared at each other sternly.

Mu Zhiguo lowered his eyelids slightly.
He could still feel the remnants of the scorching heat on his fists.
Even the Force in his body seemed to be burning.

This fire Force was stronger than a normal martial warrior’s.

It looked like Wang Teng was right.
Agliro was different.
It would be hard to deal with him!


Agliro didn’t give him too much time to think.
He tapped his feet on the ground and charged towards Mu Zhiguo like a ray of red light.


At the same time, cracks appeared on the ground where he was standing at.
This was the power of a tap of his feet.

Mu Zhiguo turned serious.
He rose into the air and dived down, slashing his blade at Agliro below him.


The clash of metals resounded in the sky.

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Agliro stood on the ground, his knees slightly bent.
However, he had managed to block Mu Zhiguo’s attack forcefully with his bare hands.

Noticing that his attack had failed, Mu Zhiguo soared into the sky again.
Agliro followed behind him closely.

They turned into two balls of light as they crashed into each other intensely in the sky.

Force explosions echoed continuously in the coliseum while the residual Force in the sky swept to the ground.
The power was frightening.

“These two martial warriors are very strong,” Gerald from the Large Eagle Nation said slowly.
A fighting spirit was burning in his eyes.

“Both of them have reached the low-tier general stage.
They must be the strongest martial warrior from their country.” Arnold hesitated for a moment before he continued, “However, I’m very curious of Wang Teng’s identity.
I feel that he’s not as simple as he seems.”

“Is it possible that Mu Zhiguo isn’t the strongest martial warrior? It might be another person!” Gerald said with twinkling eyes.

“Are you saying… it’s Wang Teng?!” Arnold pondered for a few seconds.
Then, he shook his head.
“But he’s too young.
I’m already shocked that he could defeat Hilson.
It will be hard to believe that he’s on par with people like you.”

“You’re not the only one.
I don’t dare to believe it either!” Gerald said.

On the White Eagle Nation’s side, Yoke said to a young man, “Shuen, can you defeat them?”

Marsha and Fortes looked at the young man involuntarily.

After a night of rest, Fortes had regained consciousness.
They used a large number of expensive healing medicine to treat the injuries on his body.
Only his face remained a little swollen.
They couldn’t erase the wounds completely.

Fortes would become furious whenever he remembered how his handsome face was beaten up so badly.
When he heard that the talent chosen by the Holy Temple had received the same treatment, he heaved a sigh of relief.

At least he wasn’t the only one.

It was better to get embarrassed together.

However, the other martial warrior from the White Eagle Nation wasn’t as lucky.
Kune was still unconscious after the stimulation from Shennai Tongji’s illusion.
It would be hard for him to resume his human form.

Yoke flew him back overnight for emergency treatment.
He might be able to save his life.

The young man whom Yoke was talking to looked extremely ordinary.
His nose bridge was high, and there were two white lines on his face.
Hearing Yoke’s question, he replied coldly, “I don’t know.”

Yoke felt helpless.
He had nowhere to vent his frustration, so he stopped talking to the young man.

Marsha and Fortes were afraid of this young man too.
They didn’t chat with him when they noticed he didn’t want to speak.

This young man’s status seemed a little special among the team.

The martial warriors from the other nations were watching the match attentively as they measured their distance from the two contestants on the stage.

Boom, boom, boom!

In the sky above the coliseum, two balls of lights collided fervently.
However, one of them was at a disadvantage.

When Mu Zhiguo crashed into Agliro once again, he flew backward uncontrollably.
He swung his blade beside him and stepped in mid-air, making use of the resistance in the air to force himself to stop.

Blood dripped down the corners of his lips.
He stared grimly at Agliro, who was a distance away.
Suddenly, his vision blurred.
Memories flashed through his mind.

In his flashback, there was a group of four people going on a mission.
Mu Zhiguo was one of them.

They shuttled through a forest quickly, helping one another along the way as they rushed in a certain direction.

The image changed.
They arrived at a relic site and got in a fight with other martial warriors.
They seemed to be fighting over something.

Suddenly, two of them landed in danger.
Mu Zhiguo gave up the mission target he was fighting for and reinforced them…

In the end, he came back with his heavily injured teammates.

A middle-aged man in military uniform stood in front of him with a look of disappointment.
He sighed and left…

The flashback ended with that sigh.
These thoughts only occurred for a split second.
Mu Zhiguo quickly regained his senses, and his gaze turned resolute.

“I can’t lose!”

He clutched the battle blade in his hand tightly.
His competitiveness was flaming.
Golden Force shot through the clouds as a sharp bade conscious spun around him.

Rays of golden blade glows danced crazily in the air, intertwining with one another before finally gathering into a large golden blade.

Mu Zhiguo widened his eyes and held his battle blade with both hands.
He swung it down in extreme anger.

The golden ray cut through the sky, pressing the air around it and forming shrill sounds of abrasion and loud explosions.
Sharp blade conscious swept the sky.
It was glaring to the eye.




Angry howls seemed to echo in the air, followed by the slash of the blade conscious.

Agliro raised his head.
With his gaze still calm, he placed his palms together and the flames around him grew bigger.
They turned into a divine-looking giant flame beast.

The giant beast roared fiercely and charged towards the golden blade glow above its head.


The two Forces collided, releasing an earth-shattering explosion.
Red and golden lights lit up half the sky, concealing the situation with its blinding glow.

No one could see who won or lost..

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