Chapter 599: The Surprise Appearance Of Constellation Force!

The people from Country Boar didn’t leave, especially after Dan Taixuan’s enthusiasm.
She urged them to stay and have dinner with them.

They had another friendly round of conversation.

The two nations had a good relationship, at least on the surface, so the dinner was harmonious.
Nothing unsightly happened.

On the dining table, Darwan asked, “What do you think of the White Eagle Nation’s gene martial warriors?”

Everyone from Country Xia paused.

“What do you think?” Dan Taixuan threw the question back at him.

Darwan didn’t mind, though.
If he wanted to know Country Xia’s opinion, he needed to show some sincerity.
He smiled and replied, “Although there are some benefits, the flaws are also apparent.
After they mutate, they will get influenced by the beast’s consciousness.
This will harm themselves and their opponents.”

“After they get affected by the beast’s consciousness, they will get stronger,” Dan Taixuan said.

“But without their consciousness guiding the mutation, their attacks become aimless, and they are no different from wild beasts.
It’s not hard to deal with them,” Wang Teng interrupted.

“I forgot that you fought with them.” Darwan looked at Wang Teng intently.

If it was honestly as simple as what he said, they wouldn’t need to be scared of the White Eagle Nation’s gene martial warriors.
Although Wang Teng could defeat them easily, it didn’t mean other martial warriors could.

“Your country is studying gene mutation too, right?” Dan Taixuan suddenly asked in a meaningful tone.

Darwan’s gaze froze.
Then, he smiled and said, “Why are you talking about us? Aren’t you doing it too?”

The atmosphere on the dining table tensed up.
Almost immediately after that, Darwan and Dan Taixuan laughed out loud.
They dropped the topic as if it had never been brought up.
The atmosphere turned harmonious again.

“I will not give up,” Valeria said to Wang Teng earnestly before she left.

Wang Teng had a headache.
This stubborn person was fixed on getting him.

Dan Taixuan grabbed his shoulder and sniggered.
“Not bad, little brother.
You are so fortunate.
We are only halfway through the event, but you’ve already gotten a beauty.
What an honor you have brought to our country.”

“Go away.
You call this fortunate? Bringing honor to the country?” Wang Teng pushed her hand away furiously.
He walked up the stairs and ignored her.

Everyone laughed behind him.

Zhu Yushao teased, “Of course you’re lucky.
Miss Valeria has an angelic face.
I’ve never seen such an exquisite face in my life.”

“An angelic face but a devilish body.
I’m afraid that my small body can’t handle her!” Wang Teng said in frustration.

“That’s why you need to invest first.
Figures can change.
As long as she doesn’t exercise her muscles in the future, her figure will return to normal.
It will be a great investment for you at that time.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain,” Zhu Yushao analyzed.

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“Haha, I don’t have the time to play this cultivation game.” Wang Teng scoffed.

“You don’t understand how lucky you are.
You will regret it in the future.” Dan Taixuan nudged him.

“Go away.” Wang Teng was exasperated and indignant.

The next day, everyone gathered at the coliseum again.

The moment Country Boar saw the people from Country Xia, Valeria shouted and waved at them as if they had a close relationship.

Wang Teng forced himself to nod his head as a reply.

When the martial warriors from the other nations saw this, they wondered if Country Boar and Country Xia had joined hands.

The high priest came down from the peak and noticed this scene.
His eyes shimmered.

As the largest martial warrior organization in this continent, the Holy Temple paid close attention to all the big nations in the world.
Were Country Boar and Country Xia sending some signals?

Both Country Boar and Country Xia would never expect the entire world to think too much about two youngsters’ actions.
What on earth was going on in their minds?

“The duels continue.
Who’s willing to be the first?” the high priest asked.

The coliseum turned quiet.
Suddenly, in Country Inka’s direction, a young monk walked out and entered the arena.

He was wearing a red gown, with the top half of his body naked.
He wasn’t bald.
A short layer of hair had grown on his head.
His expression was solemn and calm.
He turned to Country Xia and placed his palms together.

“I will like to challenge Country Xia.

The coliseum became silent again.

Qu Fei and the others turned serious.
They looked at each other.

“Who wants to go?” Dan Taixuan asked.

“This is probably the most powerful martial warrior from Country Inka,” Wang Teng said in surprise.
He glanced at the martial warrior.

“The most powerful martial warrior!” Everyone was dumbfounded.

“That’s right.
He has reached the low-tier general stage, and there’s a strange aura around him.” Wang Teng frowned.

Low-tier general-stage!

Qu Fei and Yan Bo immediately gave up the thought of going out.

They were only at the brigadier general stage.
Agliro was the strongest trump card of Country Inka.
They had no chance of winning if they went up to accept his challenge.

All in all, none of the exceptionally talented martial warriors should be looked down upon.

“In that case, let me do it,” Mu Zhiguo stood up and said.

Wang Teng and Dan Taixuan looked at each other and nodded.

“Be careful.”

Mu Zhiguo nodded at them and entered the arena.

“Country Xia, Mu Zhiguo.” Mu Zhiguo bowed at Agliro.

“Please!” Agliro returned the bow calmly.

The instant they finished speaking, two powerful auras rose abruptly in the arena.
Both sides had started their battle.

This was a battle between low-tier general-stage martial warriors, so all the nations paid high attention to this match.
They looked down sternly.

Wang Teng turned serious too.
Despite chewing a barbecued octopus leg, his gaze was focused on the arena.


The next moment, two Forces exploded.

Mu Zhiguo was bathed in golden Force.
With a battle blade in his hand, he slashed out a ray of blade glow, aiming it at the Country Inka martial warrior opposite him.

Agliro’s weapon was a strange metal rod.
His expression was calm as dark-red Force glows appeared around his body.
Scorching heat burned his surroundings.

This is? Wang Teng’s gaze froze.
Waves of astonishment crashed into his heart.

Constellation Force!

There was no mistake.

The Force this monk was using was constellation Force.

Although this constellation Force felt like a mixture and wasn’t as pure as the true constellation Force, it was still this Force.

The leader of martial arts in their country had searched high and low for this Force, but he couldn’t get it.

How could Wang Teng not be flabbergasted?

Is it an ancient skill from Country Inka? Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He remembered what Dan Taixuan once told him.

Country Inka had a long history of martial arts.
They seemed to have some secret scriptures that outsiders didn’t know..
Was this related to the appearance of constellation Force?

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