Chapter 595 Dawei Tianlong, Go!

Hilson’s heart pounded furiously.
A layer of ice congregated on the long spear in his hand once again, turning it into a giant ice spear as he welcomed Wang Teng’s attack.

He didn’t dare to let Wang Teng’s fist land on his body again.
His organs had almost flown out from the punch just now.

Was there a monster hiding in this fellow’s body? How could this body, which didn’t seem muscular, contain so much strength?

Of all of the martial warriors he had met in the past, no one surpassed Wang Teng in terms of strength.


Wang Teng didn’t even glance at the ice spear.
He punched it without thinking.

Anything that blocks my path will be smashed into pieces.
This is my ninja path… wait, I mean, this is my martial arts path!

The ice spear cracked once again, and ice flakes flew everywhere.

Wang Teng turned into a ray of light and flashed through the ice flakes in the air.
He went straight for Hilson’s body.

Boom, boom, boom!

He lashed his fists out, gifting his opponent’s body with his flames.

Hilson was like a sandbag as his body swung to and fro in the air.
He had no chance of retaliating.

Anyone who saw this scene would feel pity for


How tragic!

Gerald from the Large Eagle Nation felt his eyes twitching.
He was shocked by Wang Teng’s direct and rough attacking methods.

First, the brick, and now, his fist… Thinking back on it, this Wang Teng was a violent man!

Valeria from Country Boar was elated.
Her eyes were shining, and the muscles on her body were dancing.
She said to the person beside her, “Darwan, I think I found my true love.
This is my charming prince!”

“It’s prince charming!” The leader of Country Boar called Darwan felt speechless.
Then, he exclaimed in surprise, “You have feelings for him?”

“Only a man like him deserves to be my partner, right?” the King Kong barbie flexed her muscles and said.

“The outstanding men in our nation will be sad,” Darwan said dejectedly.

“Hmph, they can’t even win against me.
What right do they have to be my man? In their dreams,” Valeria said with contempt.
Then, she stared lovingly at Wang Teng.
This was how frightening this fierce nation was!

In the colosseum, Wang Teng, who was focused on beating his opponent, suddenly shuddered.
He felt an evil intention swimming around him.

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What happened?

He had a bad feeling.

Wang Teng’s spiritual power was powerful, so he could danger beforehand.
He felt that danger had laid its eyes on him.

This is a good chance! Hilson grabbed the chance when Wang Teng lost his concentration and retreated in a hurry.

A large part of his ice armor had cracked, and several ice plates were hanging on his body.
His handsome and glorious appearance was gone while his face was bruised and swollen.
He was in a bad state.

“Huh, he ran away.” Wang Teng stared at him, his gaze turning dangerous.
The prey was already in his hands.
How could he let him run away?

Hilson panted heavily.
His expression was ugly and grim.
Wang Teng’s ability exceeded his expectation, but it wasn’t appropriate for him to admit defeat.

He had just joined the Holy Temple and was at the peak of his life.
If he admitted defeat so easily, his impression in the high priest’s eyes would drop.

Hence, he gritted his teeth firmly.
His gaze turned resolute as he activated his Ice Cocoon Physique to its maximum.
He released all the ice Force in his body.


A bone-piercing chill spread in the arena.
The air seemed frozen, with layers of frost appearing.
Snow started floating down the sky.

The Force cultivation of a brigadier general-stage martial warrior was extremely powerful.
In addition, he possessed a special physique, so the commotion he caused was naturally huge.

Wang Teng glanced at him in astonishment.
He wanted to attack, but he stopped midway.

How could he get more attribute bubbles from this guy? Wait for him to release his full strength and squeeze him until he had nothing more.
This was the correct method!

No one knew what Wang Teng was thinking.
They were staring at the sky above the colosseum with shimmering eyes.

“Wang Teng seems confident,” Gerald said with interest.

“Hilson is strong.
His special physique makes him very powerful.
But, he couldn’t do anything in Wang Teng’s hands,” Arnold said.

“Wang Teng is strong, and his speed is unbelievable.
Hilson is being suppressed in these areas,” Gerald said after some contemplation.

“Continue watching.
Hilson might go all out now.
What happens now will affect the result of this battle.
If Wang Teng can’t withstand the attack, all his efforts will be in vain.” Arnold nodded and looked up at the sky.

“Tongji, who do you think will win?” Shanben Quan always asked Shennai Tongji when he couldn’t make a decision.
This was no exception.

“Wang Teng,” Shennai Tongji replied.

“Oh, are you very certain?” Shanben Quan asked in surprise.

“I can’t see through him, but I can see through Hilson,” Shennai Tongji replied.

“That Wang Teng is really mysterious!” Shanben Quan was astounded.

In the spectators’ stand, Zhu Yushao was watching the battle attentively.
She said, “Hilson’s ice Force has a strange power in it.
We mustn’t underestimate the attack this time.
Can Wang Teng block it?”

“Don’t worry, this is just a warm-up.
Wang Teng hasn’t taken it seriously until now.” Dan Taixuan shook her head and spoke in a helpless tone.

The others were flabbergasted.
Hilson had activated his special physique, but Dan Taixuan was telling them that Wang Teng was just warming up.

Was she serious?

Everyone was in disbelief.
They felt that Dan Taixuan was just exaggerating.

“Anyway, none of us know which stage Wang Teng is at, right?” Qu Fei asked.

“In terms of cultivation level, he’s at the brigadier general stage.
However, I’m not sure about his true battle power,” Dan Taixuan shook her head and replied.

“Brigadier general stage!”

“Brigadier general stage before 20 years old!”

“And his battle power might be higher!”

They glanced at one another.
No words could express their emotions.

Did Wang Teng start cultivating when he was in his mother’s womb?

The ice Force in the sky was getting thicker.
It gathered above Hilson’s head, forming rays of ice glows.
They covered the entire sky.

Looking at it was enough to turn everyone’s head numb.
Who could withstand this powerful attack from all directions?

Hilson found it a little strenuous when he used this skill.
Although his face was pale, his gaze was chilly.
He shouted, “Ice Arrow Rain!”

In an instant, the ice rays dropped and flew towards Wang Teng from all directions.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Continuous sounds of explosions rang through the coliseum.
The martial warriors inside became serious.

This momentum was intense and terrifying!

Wang Teng looked at the ice arrows that had arrived in front of him in a split second.
His gaze became firm, and a scorching heat escaped from his body.

Green flames swarm out, forming a life-like giant green dragon in the sky.

“Dawei Tianlong, go!”[1]

Though Wang Teng was shouting like an idiot, his presence was domineering.
Green flames blossomed around him like a lotus, making him look like a deity descending on earth, holy and immortal.

After he shouted, the green dragon roared towards the sky and flew towards the endless rain of ice.

Flames spurted out from the giant dragon’s mouth, submerging all the ice glows.


Instantly, the ice glows shattered.
This terrifying attack was destroyed by Wang Teng’s flames.


The green giant dragon hovered in the air above Hilson.
Looking magnificent, it lowered its head and stared at Hilson as.

Hilson was dumbfounded.
He was in a daze.
He stared absentmindedly at the green dragon above him as he felt the scorching heat.
His body was drenched in sweat.

The other martial warriors were astounded too.
Their eyes flickered violently as they watched this scene.

Wang Teng was very strong!

For the first time, the high priest turned solemn.
He looked at Wang Teng meaningfully.

“Country Xia.” The high priest muttered to himself.
“What an unbelievable ancient country.

“But what does Dawei Tianlong mean? Is it the name of the move or an incantation?”

He felt a little puzzled as he wondered about this.

In the spectators’ stand, Dan Taixuan was feeling speechless.
Her head turned numb, and she felt goosebumps all over her body.

Dawei Tianlong?!

Wang Teng, why don’t you kill yourself…

Dan Taixuan felt that she was going to go crazy soon.
She had received a huge stimulation and couldn’t look at Wang Teng straight in the face anymore.
She wished that she could grab him and beat him up furiously until he didn’t dare to say such things again.

[1] This phrase comes from a Chinese movie where the priest chants this phrase when catching a demon.

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