Chapter 594 He’s An Actor!

Spear glow shot into the air, soaring towards him with a cold aura.

In response, Wang Teng punched his fist out without a change in expression.
It was a simple punch.
He didn’t employ any battle techniques, just using pure strength.


When the fist and the spear glow collided, the ice formed by the spear cracked with a bang.
It turned into ice shavings floating in the air.

Hilson felt the violent strength coming from his opponent.
His expression changed slightly, and he took half a step back.

He was at a disadvantage in the first exchange.

Wang Teng’s ability was as simple as it looked.

Hilson turned serious and activated his Ice Cocoon Physique without any hesitation.
Ice Force surged out of his body and gathered into an ice armor around him.

The leader of Country Snow was stunned.

The other martial warriors from other nations were surprised too.
They started discussing in low voices.

“Hilson used his special physique so early in the match.
It looks like Wang Teng is giving him a huge pressure.”

“Wang Teng isn’t a normal martial warrior.
He seems very strong.”

“He was playing when he used the brick as his weapon, right? Is he showing his true strength now?”

“Anyway, have you noticed how young Wang Teng is!”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

That was when they realized that Wang Teng seemed much younger than most of the martial warriors present.
Almost all of them were around 25 when they entered the brigadier general stage.
Even the younger ones would only be one or two years younger.

However, they didn’t know if Wang Teng was even 20 years old yet.

Gerald and Valeria’s expressions started to change a little.

“Tongji, this talent from Country Xia seems younger than you.” Shanben Quan said to Tongji beside him.

“Yes.” Surprisingly, Shennai Tongji didn’t refute.
She nodded with a grim expression.

“Country Xia is an interesting place.
Unfortunately…” Shanben Quan seemed a little forlorn as he sighed.

Although he didn’t continue his sentence, Shennai Tongji understood what he meant.

Ever since the new era started, Country Neon chose to follow the White Eagle Nation.
Hence, their relationship with Country Xia was a little stiff.
They weren’t on friendly terms.

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If they had chosen to follow Country Xia at the start, the situation might have been different now.

In the colosseum, Wang Teng was elated when he saw Hilson’s change.
He could collect more attribute bubbles.

Ice Cocoon Physique*10

Ice Cocoon Physique*8

Ice Force*112

Wang Teng sensed the changes in his body.
His eyes were filled with motherly love as he looked at Hilson again.
Besides having a slightly scheming heart, this man was a good person!

Beep, a good man card.

Hilson glared at Wang Teng emotionlessly with his ice-blue eyes.
He didn’t know that he was given a good man card by his opponent.

“You’re very strong, but I won’t lose.” His expression was firm and his gaze resolute.

Wang Teng remained composed.
Being confident was good, but you needed to know who you were facing!

This fellow was still too young!

Hilson raised his eyebrows when he saw the calm expression on Wang Teng’s face.
His opponent wasn’t stimulated by his words at all.
It seemed as if he was looking down on him.
A tinge of anger rose in his heart uncontrollably.


The ice Force in his body surged out.
He stopped talking nonsense and congregated his ice Force on his long spear, forming a thick layer of ice.
He stabbed his spear out.

Ice spear conscious!

“Let me see if you can destroy my spear with your fist.”

Hilson screamed in anger.
His body seemed to have crossed through space as he arrived in front of Wang Teng in an instant.


Wang Teng remained calm and raised his head.
The spear glow grew bigger and bigger in his pupils.
He only raised his fist slowly when the spear was directly in front of him.

It was a serious punch!

Crimson red flames enveloped his fist as it collided with the ice on the spear.

Once again, Wang Teng used his physical body to take the ice spear attack from Hilson.

A real man must be bold!

Disbelief flashed past Hilson’s eyes.
He didn’t expect Wang Teng to use his fist to resist his attack.

Was this fellow so confident?


Wang Teng’s fist aura collided into the spear glow, and a loud explosion occurred.
Force swept through the entire arena, blowing dust into the air.

Everyone squinted as they looked at the stage.

Suddenly, right in the center of the collision, a soft crack was heard.

Hilson’s expression changed.
His pupils constricted, and he was thunderstruck.
How is this possible?

Cracks had appeared on the ice around his spear.
They grew bigger, and ice blocks started dropping.


During a certain moment, the ice shattered completely.
Opposite him, a scorching and powerful fist was roaring towards him.

Hilson shook his body and forcefully dispersed the fist aura.
This was only the residual force, so it wasn’t enough to break the defense of his ice armor.

He heaved a sigh of relief uncontrollably.

However, his happiness didn’t last long.
Wang Teng suddenly disappeared on the spot and dashed towards him like a ray of light.

Hilson’s expression changed.
He soared into the sky and evaded Wang Teng’s attack.

He had experienced Wang Teng’s frightening fist force, so he was wary of it.
He didn’t want to face it head-on.
But he could never expect how fast Wang Teng could be.

As long as he wanted, his opponent wouldn’t be able to escape.

The next moment, Wang Teng appeared directly in front of Hilson.
An evil smile was pasted on his face.
He looked like a gangster teasing a beautiful lady.

“Don’t run.
Do you know what’s give-and-take? Have a taste of my fist too.”

The second he finished, he threw his fist at his opponent.

Hilson’s expression changed completely.
He couldn’t react to the fast punch and was hit in the stomach.


When the punch landed, his body curled up like a prawn.
His eyes popped out as the terrifying strength released itself entirely on his body.


He was thrown back like a rocket.
He only managed to stop after flying out for more than ten meters.

“Cough!” Hilson was coughing violently, and blood dripped down the edge of his lips.
He wiped it away and scoffed.
“You can’t break my ice armor!”

“Oh really?” Wang Teng smiled gently.

A crisp and clear crack sounded in his ears as if it was pre-planned.

Hilson’s pupils constricted.
He lowered his head and took a look, only to notice a crack appearing on the ice armor in front of his chest.

“Your turtle shell is a little weak.
My punch was so gentle,” Wang Teng said.

Hilson’s face turned black.

What do you mean by turtle shell!

His armor was so handsome, but this fellow said that it was a turtle shell! What kind of eyesight was that!

However, it was a fact that he had cracked his ice armor.
This fellow’s strength was frightening

As for his claim of a gentle punch, Hilson didn’t believe him at all.
Since he had broken his ice armor, he must have used his full force.

This fellow was an actor!

“Come, come, let me give you a few more punches.” Wang Teng didn’t care about Hilson’s expression.
He disappeared again and hurled himself at his opponent.

“Again!” Hilson’s face turned green.

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