Chapter 593 Spiritual Illusion!

The bear was afraid of bees!

It was weird to see such a scene during the exchange event.

The martial warriors from all over the world fell into a strange silence as they watched Kune being chased by bees in the colosseum.

Yoke’s mouth twitched as he thought about finding a hole and burying himself in it

It was too embarrassing!


Why was the White Eagle Nation the laughingstock in this year’s exchange event?

Had he known, he wouldn’t have become the leader of the team to only be ridiculed.

Yoke was overwhelmed with regret.
However, this was something that he had fought for, and it was too late to say anything else.

Over at Country Xia’s spectators’ stand, everyone was having a good laugh.

“The White Eagle Nation is suffering a huge setback this time.” Yan Bo snickered.

“That was hilarious.
Using bees to deal with that bear,” Zhao Yuanwu said.

“Shennai Tongji is quite smart to have thought of that.” Qu Fei shook his head and smiled.

“She looks very difficult to deal with.” Zhu Yushao commented.

“That’s right.
She’s not easy to deal with.” Everyone nodded in agreement with a serious expression on their faces.


In the colosseum, Kune was powerless and couldn’t resist anymore.
He was rolling all over the ground, but he couldn’t get rid of the bees.
He kept howling miserably.

Soon, the cries stopped.
Kune had passed out.

Shennai Tongji appeared, and the bees vanished.
However, Kune’s face was covered with bumps as if he had really been stung by bees.

It was unreal and puzzling.

Everyone saw this scene and became solemn.

The high priest immediately announced Country Neon’s victory.

However, Country Neon’s Shanben Quan couldn’t feel happy at all.
That was because Yoke was glaring at him fiercely with a dark expression.

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Shanben Quan shivered and felt bitterness in his heart.

Don’t look at me; it really isn’t my fault…

When Shennai Tongji returned to the spectators’ stand, Shanben Quan gave her a resentful look.
He suppressed his anger and asked, “Tongji, why did you do that?”

“Do what?” Shennai Tongji looked at him innocently.

“You…” Shanben Quan felt powerless and said with a sad face, “My little princess, the White Eagle Nation is not a country we can afford to provoke.”

“Oh.” Shennai Tongji nodded.

Shanben Quan: …

Oh, and then?

Say something.
What’s with that ‘oh? What do you mean?

Shanben Quan was going crazy, but there was nothing he could do to Shennai Tongji.
All he could do was to hide away in a corner and draw circles.

Country Xia’s spectators’ stand.

Wang Teng’s gaze swept downwards, and he collected the attribute bubbles in the colosseum using his spiritual power.

Earth Force*345

Origin Of Life*12

Emperor Realm Spirit*50

Spiritual Illusion*20

Poison Force*125

Wang Teng’s eyes flickered slightly when he saw what he had collected.

There were 345 points of earth Force.
Sure enough, a brigadier general-stage martial warrior dropped quite a lot of attribute bubbles.

Of course, the 12 points of Origin Of Life were the most important.
There were more points compared to what the previous White Eagle Nation martial warriors had dropped.

At this time, he wanted to ask how many years Kune could live.

Unlucky child.

At best, when other people fought, they would bleed and get injured.
If it was serious, they would die.
However, Kune was different.
Mutating meant that he would lose his life.

The gene martial warriors were nothing but the same.
The drawbacks were too great!

Of course, Wang Teng hoped that more gene martial warriors would appear.
It would be beneficial to him anyway.

Next was 50 points of Emperor Realm Spirit, which was somewhat beyond his expectations.
It was incredible for Shennai Tongji to have attained such a level of spirit.

Was she cheating too?

He didn’t know what her age was, but she looked young.
If she was the same age as Wang Teng, it would be amazing.

The remaining attribute bubbles surprised Wang Teng again.

Spiritual Illusion and poison Force!

Spiritual Illusion was a spiritual ability.
It must be the same ability that Shennai Tongji used in the previous match.

Wang Teng’s eyes flickered as he digested the memories in his mind.
He had already mastered the spiritual ability.

Spiritual Illusion: 10/100 (well-versed)

20 points of spiritual illusion allowed him to break through the foundation state and achieve some proficiency.

Now, he had mastered two spiritual skills, Spirit Penetration and Spiritual Illusion.
He had more tricks up his sleeve.

Finally, it was the poison Force!

Till now, Wang Teng had only seen the poison Force on Lin Chuxia; Shennai Tongji was the second person to have it.

However, Shennai Tongji’s poison talent obviously couldn’t be compared with Lin Chuxia’s.
Lin Chuxia had the Demon Lotus Poison Body, and with her talent, it would be extremely rare for someone to match up to her.

At this time, Wang Teng couldn’t help but look in the direction of Country Neon.
No matter what, Shennai Tongji should not be underestimated.

The next moment, a smile appeared on his face.
The exchange event was getting more and more interesting.

Shennai Tongji seemed to have sensed Wang Teng’s gaze and turned to look in his direction.

However, Wang Teng had already retracted his gaze and was walking towards the colosseum.

“Wang Teng will like to challenge Hilson of Country Snow!” Wang Teng looked towards Country Snow’s spectators’ stand.

At this moment, the expressions of everyone in Country Snow changed.

Hilson’s expression was even uglier as he looked at Wang Teng.
It was like he had stepped on a pile of dung.

This bastard must have done it on purpose!

He had defeated a Country Xia martial warrior and attained glory by stepping on them.
Now Wang Teng specially came over to challenge him.

But there was nothing he could do.
Since he had shown his talents in the exchange event, there would be many challengers waiting to test him.

He could either stand and walk till the end or be defeated and left behind.
There was no other possibility.

The high priest looked at Hilson and nodded at him.

Hilson knew that it was unavoidable.
He had just joined the Holy Temple.
If he avoided the battle, he would not only embarrass himself but also taint the reputation of the Holy Temple.
The consequences would greater than anything else.

“Hmph!” Hilson scoffed.

A challenge it shall be.
He might be able to beat Wang Teng

Everyone was reluctant to a have match against Wang Teng.
They were worried that he would humiliate them with his brick.

However, he didn’t believe that Wang Teng would do such a thing to a member of the Holy Temple.
“Wang Teng, please!” Wang Teng giggled as he saw Hilson coming towards him.

Hilson looked constipated.
What are you laughing at! That smile gave him a creepy feeling


He didn’t say anything unnecessary.
After speaking his name, he grabbed his spear, pointing it at Wang Teng.

“Come, let’s have a good fight!”

“A good fight?” Wang Teng laughed.
“I’m afraid you won’t have a chance once I make a move!”

“How dare you!”

This bastard didn’t take him seriously.

Hilson’s face was filled with rage as he stepped forward.
The spear stabbed out and shot across the sky, striking directly at Wang Teng’s vital points.

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